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On Another Level

'Aaah, it's been hardcore slugging out these international joint agreement paperworks for the complex. You'd think they'd conclude it all in the beginning, before the building was built, but nah... anything to get more redtape and administrative tasks to flex a little bit. Anyway, the place is 90% complete and 70% filled. 80% of the tenants are moving in and will open on our day of inauguration. We'll get a couple of VIPs, some Nigerian superstars and continental coverage. See Enn Enn is running a Skype interview with me next week. The boys have been paid, the suppliers and contractors are now working 50% more to close all gaps and loopholes in the project. I'd like to get them a very special gift, but not now. But I want to know I'll get it later.'
'What do wanna get?'
'High end watches. The best. 9 of my team have been exceptional throughout the project and I want them to know that.'
'Alright, let's check out Kigali Discounts and raid the place.'
'Dude, I don't wanna buy cheap stuff. I'm talking high quality here!'
'Relax, they got something for everyone. Budgets stuff if you're feelin' the pinch and stunner selections when you wanna splurge.'

'Pam, did I ever I say I love you?'
'You just did!'
'A'ight, show me these hot shot watches.'
'OK, here's my favourite. It's a dope watch from Hublot. It's called Big Bang Sang Bleu and it looks awesome!'

'My, my! It really does. How many are left?'
'3. We can add them to your wishlist.'
'Cool... done. Next up, 2 watches left of another Hublot model. It's called Big Bang King Power Tourbillion.'

'It's OK. I personally prefer the previous one.'
'So do I.'
'I'll take it, though.'
'Cool. Added.'
'OK, what's left?'
'I think they got a couple of Rollies. Let's have a look.'
'Ooh, Rollies are always good!'
'There - Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea. Looks good!'

'Indeed. And a gold watch, too. Add 'em up! All of them.'
'Good man. OK, lemme give Steve a call and tell him we'll take 'em next week.'
'Steve...? My Steve??'
'Haha - nah, the guy who runs it is called Steve. At least that's what it says on his True Caller.'
'I see. Cool. Thanks,... by the way.'
'Don't mention it. Aaand... done! He'll try his best. It's unlikely someone else will purchase them, but it is possible. However, by the time we pay, we'll be able to do it online from their site. They accept both Visa & MasterCard.'
'I'm on Visa. Dopeness redefined. I'm so gonna spread the word about these HeHe guys! They're powering the Rwandan ecommerce industry the way it needs to be. Proper professional!'
'Yup and they're just gettin' started. They're running an innovative business model, combining retail trade with the Internet. They call it retail on demand.'
'So we can buy what we want, when we want and where we want.'
'For starters, in Kigali only but they're quickly expanding. What I love the most is that I don't have to do anything ever again. With HeHe, I let the market come to me!'
'Can't beat that! Let's go to a lounge and enjoy the Heroes Day timeout. Merlot or Chardonnay?'
'I'm a Merlot chick. Let's go to a nice restaurant while we're at it.'
'Even better! Shall we?'
She grabs his arm.
'Bien sur, monsieur!'
They kiss, walk to the bus stop outside Kigali Heights and board one of those new buses to a classy restaurant.

- Donald Chump
Real Estate Flipper, Kigali
(Sidney's Half Brother)

- Pamela Andurrsen
Coffee Shop Owner, Kigali

Let the market come to YOU - when you

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On Another Level


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