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Superfluous Walk On Eggshells

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'Wow... you look amazing!!'
She smiles, seemingly having forgiven the occasional jerk. Or maybe she's just in love.
She holds a gold clutch bag, wearing golden hoop earrings and a gold bracelet.
'... you look drop dead gorgeous! Like waay outta my league!'
'I always am.'
She locks her front door and looks him straight in the eye. Like, expectantly and somewhat with frustration.
'Oh, um... so we can take your ride, but I can drive if you want?'
She stares at him a bit, opens her bag and hands him her car keys.
'K... I'll get a car soon, you know? I'm just, I need to plan a few things first, then'
'Seriously? If you're gonna start with this neuroticism, I might as well stay at home. I deal with enough insecurity with people at work.'
'... sorry Tyra, let's go... please.'
She looks at him confrontationally, then rides shotgun.
Steve enters the C Class and they drive to the movies.

Two and a half hours later, outside Century Cinema...
'Why are sequels always so much crappier than originals?'
'Haa! 'Cuz they're not meant to be alive. Half of the movies alive are screwed because Hollywood only cares about money. I mean look at The Fast & The Furious.'
'Oh my God! That has to be like the dumbest franchise ever made!'
'Exactly! And the first part was actually a good flick. Like proper gritty and genuinely high-octane. Now it's just a teenagers' joke.'
'Yeah well, that's who they're targeting. Generation X stopped watching a long time ago.'
'True and that's the way it goes. There's hardly a franchise that gets better with time. Rarely do sequels live up to expectation.'
'But wait a minute! The Dark Knight was the best from the Nolan trilogy! And it looks like Infinity War is gonna be la bomba, too, 'cuz they're killing another of their superheroes.'
'Can't believe they're actually doing it! I am SO looking forward to it!'
'Yeah, so what now, entertainer?'
'We go to Monaco!!'
'Seriously? Babe... that Karaoke thing sounded fun then but I didn't dress up to look nice for an abuse of alcohol.'
'OK... so where do you wanna go?'
She looks around Kigali City Tower, then grabs his hand and walks.
'You know the car-free zone?'
'Yeah, that's where all the Wifi is.'
'Huh... yeah well there's a nice café there.'
'Coolio. I'm glad we're on the same page.'
She glances at him and smirks.

10 minutes later, at the café, they start conversing over a cappuccino, an espresso and lasagna.
'I'm so not gonna fall asleep tonight!'
'Maybe you won't have to.'
He looks at her surprised.
'See, babe, that's what I don't get. You give me these cues and when I follow up on them, I'm the bad guy. It's like you wanna go there but beef me for taking you up on it.'
'... I see. Because you like your girls easy.'
'No, that's not it!'
'Of course it is. If I followed through with you - and gave it up... would you respect me?'
'Uh... well... now that you put it like that...'
'I think you're a fool if you don't appreciate how much I'm puttin' myself out there for you. I could care less if I'm frustrating you - a woman is not supposed to be staking herself out... unless she's in love - which you obviously know nothing about!'
She gets up but Steve grabs her hand, then gets up, pulls her close and replies,
'Hey - if you're upset, I screwed up again but if you're goin', I'm goin'! I'm not leavin' you on your own, especially when you're angry. You're right, I really do have a lot to learn but I'm not letting my girl go - ever!'
She looks at him critically, then breaks out his grip and leaves the café, walking to the parking lot. Steve, silently, follows her. 
They get to her car and she opens the driver's door. She gets in and closes the door. Steve stands a bit away from the car, his heart sunken. Fearing the worst, he hesitates, when suddenly
She honks twice and coerces Steve to leap to the door and hop in.
'Men!', Tyra angrily exclaims as she drives out the lot and back home.

15 minutes later. Tyra's place.
'Look, I know you're making an effort to keep the flame burnin' between us but you so need to work on your mannerisms! Your immature behavior is seriously pissing me off!'
'Sure... fine.'
He sits on the sofa, Tyra feeds the cat. Then joins Steve on the couch.
She checks her email on her phone.
'Have a look at this. I actually bought you a gift a movie nerd like you will enjoy, for being so sweet with the dress. Then the colossal prick came out.'
He looks at the order confirmation and sees a purchase of Toshiba Hard Drive from Tomorrow's Accessories.
'Um... sure thing... thanks.'

She looks at him for a while, noticing how uncomfortable he's getting.
'You know, that's your problem! Whenever you're dealing with people... you always think negatively!'
'... yeah - it's hard, babe.'
'You already scored with me! I mean, how more obvious can I make it? I'm into you! I think it's cute that you're still trying but this negative thinking has to stop!!'
'... you're right... I will!'
She stares at him again, provocatively.
'... this time I'm not gonna mess this up!', he quietly says as he leans to towards her and gives her a smooch...
... and for the first time since he blew it... 
... she smiles!

- Steve Rawgurrs
Construction Worker, Kigali

- Tyra Banx
Library Administrator, Kigali

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Superfluous Walk On Eggshells


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