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Self-Empowerment - To Do More & Be More!

At DMM.HeHe, our mindset regarding everything we do is 'Do more, Be More.' We're a multi-disciplinary team of young professionals from a diverse background, who approach every day as a fresh start. Our hallmark is being perpetually energetic and having a can-do attitude, no matter what a situation may be. In this article, you are going to learn how you can do more and be more. While we know our beans, we retain an open-mindedness and are always willing to learn. In this post, I myself will explain in great detail how achievement is made and sustained on a personal level. The views represented are mine, however their premise are relatable to anyone striving for success. I'm going to break down how you can use yourself, to overcome hurdles and prosper. So let's begin.

To begin with, you have to know that success is entirely subjective. What is successful for me, may not be successful for you and vice versa. Success is what you think of it and regardless of how it may appear to others, if you will be fulfilled when you reach it, you are successful all the way. So, always bear in mind success is what you think of it as. That goal you're reaching for - that's your success and all that success really is.

Before you begin the journey to success, you have to know what it is really and to do that, you have to brainstorm. Take a notebook and a pen and go somewhere you can hear nothing but your thoughts - clearly. This is important because in this exercise, the thing that gets you all the answers is your thought process. So, no distractions, no interruptions, nobody talking to you, nothing to divert your attention.
In this place, make sure you're comfortable. When you're comfortable, it's easier to connect to your intuition. And as you will read later, your intuition is a huge part in your accomplishment of all success in your life.

Once you're comfortable, go down memory lane and interview yourself about what you truly loved as a child and what you strongly disliked, too. Why? Because when we were children, we were the closest to our genuine selves. There's a reason why there's a saying about 'the child in you'. Children are the purest form of humanity and are very attuned to their intuition. What you loved as a child, is your calling. What you loved as a child is where your talent lies. What you loved as a child is where you will prosper if you work hard in it. What you loved as a child is what you'll not give up on, when things get tough - simply because you love it so much and resonate most with in your life. Resonance is a crucial identifier of your love in what you do. When you do something and it feels right inside and you feel you are one with it, then that is your calling. Resonance is an identification of the activity you love.

When you've identified what you loved as a child, ask yourself why you loved it. Answer this question in great detail. You can never be too detailed, the more detailed you are, the more you're unravelling about your true self. All these answers, please write them down into your notebook. Do so in your handwriting! This is imperative because everything you write down in your handwriting goes straight into your mind and stays there for life. You will later learn about the significance of your mind in self-empowerment. When you've written down these answers, go to the other part of the interview and ask yourself what you hated, yes, hated, as a child. Hate is a powerful emotion that stems from many reasons and the more you can identify them, in anything you may hate, the more you can paint a full and accurate picture of who you are. Knowing who you are in detail, enables you to use yourself in the best way possible to achieve what you want, the best way. This is called leverage. Write down what you didn't like as a child. Everything - be honest to yourself, there are no wrong answers as long as you're honest. It counts for finding out what you loved as a child, too.

When you've listed the dislikes up, investigate every point and find out why you disliked them. Again, be specific and go into as great a detail as you can. No one will see your notebook, this is a publication just for your conscious mind. You see, we go through everything consciously, but the conscious mind doesn't process all that is at any given moment. Our subconsciousness does that. And the majority of our personal truth is stored in our subconscious mind. Remembering our childhood is a way of accessing your subconscious mind, because kids use a great deal of it naturally, much more than adults. So, by getting information from your subconscious mind, you're reminding your conscious mind of information it has forgotten or never even processed. The journal you're creating is a tool to tell your conscious mind who you really are and where/what your calling is. When you've completed this exercise, your conscious mind will fully accept all of your findings, even if in your adult mindset, you see several criticisms in different points. That doesn't matter. It's what adults do. We live to x-ray everything and find loopholes. No matter how many objections you may raise with your findings, though, the universal truth behind your reflection cannot be shaken - it remains true for all time.

This exercise, finding out what you loved and hated as a child - and why, should be done at your own time and pace. Don't rush yourself. When it's done, take a break and clear your mind. When you've relaxed for some time, doing other things, go back to your quiet place and repeat the exercise. It may seem arduous, but trust me, it's worth it. You may not find any groundbreaking new insights about yourself, that's not really the point. It's assumed that when you first did the exercise honestly, you got all the groundbreaking insights you need to know about yourself. What you may find, though, is more details, however subtle they may appear. Keep these details and add them to your answers. As said before, they add to a fuller picture of who you are and when you know who you truly are, you can be your own high performance coach, no matter what you're facing. In self-empowerment, this is crucial! It's what enables you to go on when no one supports you!
Once you've gone over the questions a few times over, potentially finding details from new angles, dwell on it and take it in, again in your time. Reading your journal, that's written in your handwriting is like holding up a mirror to your conscious mind. In fact, it's essentially you holding a mirror to yourself, that shows you who you truly are, deep down inside. It's an activity to show yourself the real you.

Now that you've documented your personality, you can go to the next step in using yourself to do what you want to do: your intuition.

Your intuition is your true voice. The person you really are, speaks to you through your intuition. Now, we all have bad thoughts that can compel us to do bad things or make bad decisions and sometimes it may be hard distinguish the two, but at the end of the day, your intuition never misleads you. Ever! If you have problems distinguishing between good and bad thoughts, do the exercise above, in part, by going to a quiet place where you can be undisturbed. In this place, clear your mind and simply rest. Don't think about anything, at first. Just focus on breathing. Take deep breaths and just chill. Take as long as you need to unwind and not have a billion thoughts in your mind anymore. After some time, all you'll have in your mind is one voice. This thought process will be dominant. And by paying attention to it, you'll see it doesn't give you negative advice in any way at all. No vengeance, no revenge, no tit for tat, no negativity in any way. This voice is your intuition. This voice is your real you speaking to you in your conscious mind.

OK, so we know how to identify our intuition at any time. Let's break intuition down for you to understand its extreme significance to self-empowerment.

From a religious point of view, your intuition is the medium through which God speaks to you. In the days of the Old Testament, humans were talked to directly by God - they heard Him audibly. Ever since the New Testament, we as humans are talked to by God, continuously through our intuition. The Holy Bible, for example, says God talks to us through our hearts. Our hearts in this context refers to our intuition. In this article, I will use the terms heart, mind, intuition, soul and subconsciousness interchangeably. This means, I will give these words the same meaning, to keep things easy. As you research more about these on your own, you will see there are actually differences  between them, however they're all interrelated and, at this point, you don't need to know about them in such great detail. You can still empower yourself, by yourself, through yourself, by thinking of the heart, the mind, the soul, the intuition and the subconsciousness as the same thing.
Now, the intuition is our direct link to God, religiously speaking. When God made us, He gave us a piece of Himself, in every single one of us, in every human who ever lived and in every human who will ever live. This piece of Him, is our soul, our intuition etc. We are therefore perpetually connected to God no matter what. So when we consult our intuition, we are essentially asking God directly for the answer to our query. Because God is perfect, the answer He gives us, through our intuition, is the right one. No matter what we try to solve or achieve, our intuition always gives us the right answer and guides us. Therefore, our intuition is the second keystone to become what we want to be, through ourselves. No matter what you seek, always ask your intuition. It's a conversation with God Himself.

From a scientific perspective, our intuition is our mind. In science, God doesn't exist. All that exists is a universal oneness. In science, we were created by the universe, as was everything else. Our mind is in our brain. When you take a snapshot of our brain, the neural networks within, look exactly the same in pattern as what you see when you take a snapshot of outer space in the universe itself. Whether it's the Hubble telescope or any satellite or monitoring device in space, when you take a picture of space and zoom in hard - the pattern of what you see, is identical to your brain's neural network. In scientific terms, this is proof that we really were created by the universe. We are a creation of the power of the universe.

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In creation, what you create, bears attributes of yourself. You cannot create without revealing yourself in your creation. Therefore, we can see the universe's tag in ourselves when we compare ourselves to it, when we compare our constitution to its own. For these reasons, the intuition is essentially the universe, inside our minds. The raw creative and problem solving power the universe has, is also present in our mind and intuition. So when we consult our intuition, we are actually asking the universe and its infinite power, about how to deal with whatever issue we're dealing with. The universe is perfect and makes no mistakes. Ever. Therefore, what we derive from our intuition is always right and on point. Our intuition is our supernatural help in anything and everything we go through in life. It is our eternal guide that knows everything, can lead us through anything and enables us to achieve anything we put our mind to. Your intuition is one part of your superpower. Let's go to the other half.

The other half of your superpower is your subconsciousness. To put things into context, the subconscious mind is 30,000 more powerful than your conscious mind. Your conscious mind itself, is extremely powerful on its own: with your conscious mind you can compute and process great complexities with relative ease and effectiveness. If you were a computer, metaphorically speaking, your conscious mind is your Graphical User Interface (GUI) and your subconscious mind is your operating system. The great thing about the subconsciousness, though, is that it never forgets anything, ever. Unlike computer hard drives, the subconsciousness can never be corrupted. It acknowledges and processes thousands of bits of information per second and saves them and the results of their analysis, for life.
Your subconsciousness is your actual superpower. Your intuition is the access to it. Remember, because both are related to each other, they're both directly connected to God or the universe, however you choose. By using your subconsciousness, consciously, you unleash your superpower into your ordinary life. This is how you do it.

Before I begin, it must be said that society the way it conditions us all, prevents us from discovering our super-humanity. There are many reasons for this, which at this point are not relevant to go into, but it's pertinent that you shed the conditioning you've been given from your community and society, when it comes to your self-empowerment. You have to understand that no one is genius - we are all gifted! No one is talented - we all have (hidden, latent) superpowers. The only difference between 'us' and 'them' is that 'they' have discovered how to unravel their superpower and use it in their reality... you haven't... yet!

Today, we as humans use a maximum of 5% of our entire brain capacity. Look at what has been created with that. Granted, some things were created with more than that, but the origin of that creative greatness lies deep within you. It's in your subconsciousness. It actually is your subconsciousness. So how do you break into your soul? Well, the way it can be done, in one way, is through absolute focus and intention. Let me explain.

Because you already know why you are the way you are, in terms of what you love and hate and why - and can single out your intuition on demand, you can break into your subconsciousness by using a combination of a process called 'White Line Fever' and using self-empowered people you're most drawn to, as a template to imbibe.
White Line Fever is derived from football. Playing in a stadium, with tens of thousands of fans screaming for and against you, it is ridiculously difficult to stay focused and not cave in to pressure and fear of crowds, on an individual and collective level. It's almost inhuman to withstand this and still perform, but with the mind and our mindset, we can overcome even such herculean challenges. It goes like this. White Line Fever is the upholding and complete obeying of pure fanaticism of your goals and simultaneously blanking everything else out. This means, as a player, you focus solely on everything that happens within the white lines of the football pitch and forget about everything else. The stadium, the screaming fans, you forget about them. The problems you have at home, the pressures you face in wherever, you ignore them. There could be a bomb detonating outside the pitch - as long as it doesn't interfere with the game, you pay no attention to it. There could be a grand, brutal civil war going on outside the stadium, with fighter jets dropping bombs all around the neighbourhood and stadium... if it doesn't interrupt your game, you deem it irrelevant. You strictly focus on one thing and one thing only - everything that happens within the white lines of the football pitch. This means, for as long as you play, the universe itself does not exist for you... all that is and all that matters to you, is everything that goes on within the confines of the football pitch. This is White Line Fever and is an extraordinarily powerful mindset to adopt. It is pure fanaticism on demand. You literally switch it on or off, whenever you need it. It takes practice to get into and practice to stay in it, but once you're in it, you can't be stopped and will only stop if you choose to. The more you train your conscious mind to get into this mindset, the more you actually go into it. The more you make this, the more you're actually able to get into and out of White Line Fever on demand. Fanaticism in this case shouldn't be viewed as negatively as is pervasive in global social conditioning. As I said, society restricts us not to know many of our hidden powers, for various reasons. Fanaticism is like a weapon - it can be used for good or evil. In White Line Fever, you tap into your mind's fanatical capabilities to hone in and focus on one thing, exclusively, entirely, with nothing in this world breaking your attention, unless you choose it to.

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Now, White Line Fever, works best when you use it with a self-empowered person you're very much drawn to, as a template. What I mean is this: self-empowered people who we're very much drawn to, have many similarities with us personally. Yes, your favourite star, who you're proper into and admire greatly, you have many similarities with that person - that's why you're attracted to them so much, that's why you like them so much. In energy science, like attracts like. What we are, we attract to ourselves and vice versa. This applies to other people, too. What they are, they attract. So when your favourite star is like this and this, the ways you absolutely love - they're also attracting you, because that's who you are. It therefore helps considerably to study them and observe them closely. I don't mean be a groupie and learn miscellaneous facts about them by heart. No, what I mean is watch their behavior. Listen to what they say and analyze their way of thinking. Focus on their performance and observe how they behave while working, while performing. When they lose, how are they, what do they say, what do they do because of it? When they win, how are they, what do they say, what do they do afterwards? When they're going through trials, how do they deal with struggles? How do they live when away from the performance? What are they into? What can you find out about their motivation and drive? How do you think their background and history play into it and what can you learn from that? All these answers, jot them down in your journal and study it. The more you go over it, the more you'll start reading between the lines and putting two and two together. You'll start applying these key insights and lessons to yourself. This is your template. You're using someone you're naturally attracted to, to coerce yourself to abide by his/her principles and techniques - and perform and empower yourself thereby!

This is how I approach performance in life and I remain a loyal student to it. You can never know too much about a (self-empowered) person, nor can you never know all about how to succeed in a chosen field. Life, whatever your philosophy about it is, is a continuous learning process in which we (can choose to) learn all the time, from angles not explored yet.

Now, to combine everything together, you (can) empower yourself by constantly focusing on these techniques, in complete dedication to them, repetitively, time and time again, continuously. Like water, when it's applied to particular spot, over and over again and it causes that place to succumb to the power of water - so, too, will you break into your soul, by continuously doing and repeating the processes of White Line Fever with the application to yourself, of your template, over and over again.

I was single-minded when I acutely wanted to break into my mind. I knew people I admired had broken into their subconsciousness and knew I could do it too, simply because I knew we were alike. It took a lot of perseverance and focus for me to break into my soul. I kept on applying myself to the one thing I wanted to do and succeed in. I thought of nothing else but that and kept on trying and trying to perform in it, the way I know my examples can. Upon numerous tries and errors - and consistent, single-minded, focused applications of all my mind-power to my given task at hand, I kept on going and going and in the flow of things, in the new habit developed of continuing after failures, I simply got to a repetition in which I didn't make any mistakes anymore, applied all the lessons learned from previously made setbacks - and literally broke into my mind, I broke into my soul!

For me, it literally was like a thud, a pop, a storm into a new space, a new space in my mind I had never been into, a sphere I had never known and was now fully inside of.

People who open their third eye, often talk about how they also heard a pop in their mind when they opened their mind's eye. In this context, I refer to the third eye as the mind, the soul, the subconsciousness, etc too, for simplification. When you've broken into your (subconscious) mind, you will find it easier to research on your own and go into more detail in learning about the individual differences of these entities within you.

So, this, to the best of my beliefs and testament to truth, is an explicit evaluation of how you can delve into your mind - your superpower - and use it to empower yourself in any field you choose and fully put your mind to. Now, there are some people who upon reading this knowledge, apply it but don't get the results they expect and therefore claim it doesn't work. A word of advice: apply this text fully onto yourself and commit yourself completely to your chosen endeavor. You really can succeed in anything you choose - but you have to put your mind to it! And that means, you have to go completely into it, not think anything else, ever, focus fully on it, continuously perform in it until you get results and don't make any plan B or escape plans whatsoever for anything that 'may' go wrong! In life, everything goes wrong! You cannot succeed without failing. Failure is the teacher that shows you how to succeed, by not doing the wrong things. Therefore, when you do the do, when you're empowering yourself, you're the captain of your ship, the acrobat on the tight rope with no safety net. If the ship goes down, you go down with it. If you slip off the tight rope, you die from the fall. Either way, you don't make escape plans of any kinds, ever and instead focus exclusively on getting it right, no matter what, no matter how long, no matter how painfully, no matter how arduously. You go all in and you don't think of anything other than succeeding. Giving up, thus, never becomes an option. In whatever you go into, you go into it hard and completely and don't stop until you succeed in it. That's what putting your mind to anything, is all about. That's what it means to put your mind to something: you go all in from the start and don't stop working to succeed until you succeed - and you NEVER, EVER, make plan Bs or escape plans for anything, anytime, ever!

OK, that's a great, detailed evaluation of self-empowerment for you. If, from the last paragraph, you feel this type of thing is not for you, then you may be right. Self-empowerment, despite being achievable by anyone, is not for everyone and can easily be seen as the most difficult thing you can ever do in your life. You are essentially using all that you are and doing all that you can, to make something out of yourself and to many people, that is daunting. It is also a matter of perspective, though.

I'm not gonna lie - when I started in 2007/2008, I was scared, too - but through small steps, I kept on going. And those small steps combined together through the help of God and the universe to enable me to achieve what I have done so far. I am a vessel through which God works but in the physical, human realm, (it appears) I do it all through myself. What people don't realize, though, due to pervasive social conditioning, is that anyone can empower themselves, regardless of their situation and succeed to their greatest ideals. You simply have to use your mind and use processes and mindsets that help you leverage your talents and superpowers to prosper, succeed and attain your greatest height! This is not pep talk. This is fact. It takes little research to confirm it. We humans are incredibly more powerful than we think we are in our wildest dreams. Every human is a superpower, from the human in a coma, to the human who is physically challenged, to the human who is seemingly healthy. Why? Because we all have a soul and that soul is the universal superpower of the universe - and through this fortune, this great privilege, we too are able to create and succeed beyond all expectations. One must, however, commit to and apply all the above, to one's self and not stop until the winning is done.

As you can now see, you can easily do more and be more, simply by being yourself. Feel free to copy this text and save it as a Word document or PDF, so you can read (certain parts) over and over again, when you're applying and practicing. Here at HeHe, we supply you with the gifts and solutions that enrich your life and take your lifestyle to the next level. All the comforts & necessities you need to attune more to yourself and reach your full potential, can be found in our stores conveniently and affordably priced - enabling you go get more from less, in order to leverage your resources, external as well as within you, to become abundance you will always be enriched from.

Go for it all today. Elevate your life with HeHe - and live the best you, you can possibly be.

See you at the top,... superstar! :D


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Self-Empowerment - To Do More & Be More!


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