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Retail Diffusion

'Yeeeah, we got our delivery!!'
'Yes! Good Lord, so much stuff!'
'Help me carry these things into the living room. Doesn't the Persian rug look amazing with the furniture? And the freshly painted cream walls. I could so get used to this!'
'Right.... all done. You know what we need?'
'What's that, babe?'
'Decoration. Like vases and stuff. There's this really cool store on HeHe called... what was that name again...? Something pottery...'
'Kigali Pottery Collections.'
'That's the one! Let's go to Kigali Pottery Collections and buy the place out.'
'Cool - grab a seat. I'll get my iPad.'
'No wahala.'
'Mkay... HeHe... Kigali Pottery... OK, let's - woo, this set of plates looks nice.'
'Yeah, but scroll on. Let's get the décor first.'
'Yes, sir.'
'... I like this jug here. I like the refinement of the brilliant grains you can see in the texture. It looks awesome.'
'We'll take it. Oh hey, did you hear? HeHe is releasing a mobile app soon!'
'Cool. Looking forward to it.'

'Isn't it pleasant how we can just prioritize what needs to be done in the house while shopping online for necessities at the same time?'
'That's HeHe, baby. They know what they're doing.'
'... speaking of which, I was gonna read their newsletter. I signed up.'
'Mm-hm... I like this coffee cup here. I'll buy it.'
'Yeah, it's nice.'
'I'm so gonna become even more coffeeholic but oh well.'
'You gotta die some day.'
'Oh thanks, gentleman. Really sweet to bring up!'
'Ma bad, I'm just kidding.'
'... but if I lash at you, you mope all day.'
'... there's another coffee cup. I'll take this for espressos.'

 '... okay, this is more like it... wow... what a dope flower pot!'

'Added... oh there's another one.'

'I'll take that, too. Right... that should about do it...'
'Oh, look - a beautiful soup bowl.'
'Oh, so you're talking again?'
'At least it's not ugly like your attitude. I'll take it. You're paying.'
'Sure, Pam...'
'I want it today and touch nothing when it comes. I don't want your offness to ruin our house... already beginning to question moving in with you. I'm goin' to Kigali Pottery Collection in town to have a coffee with an old classmate. Don't wait up!'
'Aight, babe... see you later.'

- Pamela Andurrsen
Coffee Shop Owner, Kigali

- Donald Chump
Real Estate Flipper, Kigali
(Sidney's Half Brother)

Kigali Pottery Collections

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Retail Diffusion


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