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Knowledge Puffs, Love Edifies.

'Oh hey,... you're still up.'
'Hey... yeah... how's your classmate?'
'Rather good... she actually sends her regards.'
'Thanks. Listen, I couldn't be bothered to cook anything so I just ordered a large pizza. There's half of it left on the table, if you want.'
'I just got in and you expect me to get it myself? You're really that charming?'
Donnie puts his slice down on the plate, gets up from the sofa and fetches the pizza box for Pam, who reclines on the couch.
'There you go, babe.'
'Thanks. Can I have a drink, too, please?'
He goes into the kitchen.
'So how long have you not seen each other?'
'20 years.'
'Jeez! You must have had so much to say.'
'Yeah, she's the creative director at a major clothing brand in the States.'
'So she's here on holiday.'
'Yeah, couple of days. Then she'll head to Mauritius to spend her holiday with her extended family.'
'Cool! There you go.'
She takes a sip of Maracuja juice and chills.
'She's a proper from the bottom up story.
'A highroller.'
'Mm-hm. Only mixed race woman to rise above the C-suite and report directly to the Board. Broke through the glass ceiling and everything.'
'Wow! And in America, it's not just the gender glass ceiling, it's the racial glass ceiling as well.'
'I don't know which is worse. Anyway, she's unwinding now.'
She takes little sips of her juice and glances at Donnie.
Then she looks away and Donnie notices her subtly shaking her head.
'Um... listen, I'm sorry about that remark! I just blurted it out without thinkin'. I swear I wasn't trying to'
'It's OK... you're jerk every now and then, I've come to accept that.'
'... yeah - sure. So, I was thinkin', why don't we throw a house warming party?'
'Yeah - but it's no hurry, we can do it after we're all set up.'
'Okay... okay, you're forgiven.'
'Hey, have a look at this!'
He goes to New Ma Maison from his smartphone...
... and shows her Vision.

Pam is surprised and speechless.
'You like it?'
'It's gorgeous!'
'That's how I feel about you. You're hard but tender at the same time. You're delicate... but will put a man in his place if you have to. You're passion and warrior put together in one and you're my greatest everything ever!'
She looks at him, then back on the phone.
'... so this is your makeup present?'
'Your everyday present if I could. You deserve that and infinitely more.'
'I see', she replies and smilingly strokes his chin.
'Then c'mere.', she almost whispers.
Donnie moves in and receives a slow... sensuous kiss.
She gets up... and he follows her to the bedroom.

- Pamela Andurrsen
Coffee Shop Owner, Kigali

- Donald Chump
Real Estate Flipper, Kigali
(Sidney's Half Brother)

New Ma Maison

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Knowledge Puffs, Love Edifies.


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