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Grab the Wine for These Girls Night Drinking Games

Are you having a hard week? Looking to unwind with your friends?

Well, nothing shouts female friendship quite like a Wine night.

Invite over your friends, break out the wine, snacks, and play a Drinking game! The combination of Drinking Games and wine will surely bring you and your best buds together.

Not sure where to start? This article will break down the seven best girls night drinking games for your night in.

1) Taboo

Taboo is a drinking game that will take a little bit of prep before your wine night.

Before your guests arrive write down on an index card something that is “taboo” for them to do or say. Try to personalize each index card for your friend.

For instance, if your friend Theresa always uses the word “like”, make her an index card that has the word “like” on it. When your friends say their taboo word they must drink!

A clever idea is to put the name of your friends’ ex on the card. This will discourage any wallowing or discussion of relationships that are no longer relevant.

Taboo is a game that will surely have your guests laughing all night at how difficult it is to refrain from saying their favorite words.

2) Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is a great bonding game to bring you and your friends closer together. This is one of the quintessential girls night drinking games.

First, sit in a circle with your friends and place a full glass of wine in front of each of them. Then take turns stating something you’ve never done.

For instance, you could say, “never have I ever gone skydiving.” Then anyone in the group who has gone skydiving must take a big gulp of wine.

Repeat this process going around the circle until everyone has run out of wine. This game will give you more insight into what your friends have and haven’t done in their lives. It’s always a fun game that delivers plenty of laughs.

3) All Female Charades

Play traditional charades but with a twist — all the names in the game are female. Celebrate women by including only female politicians, actresses, and singers.

Break your friends up into two teams and have one person from each team go up and perform a charade. Have a timer set and if the other team doesn’t guess the charade correctly before times up, they drink.

Charades is already fun enough but when you add in wine and your best friends things get even more silly and ridiculous.

4) Truth or Shots

Truth or shots is another great game to learn more about each other’s darkest secrets.

Before the wine night, write questions on an index card. Make these questions as silly, provocative, or existential as you want.

Then pour wine into shot glasses and gather your friends around. Take turns drawing the index cards from a deck and reading the questions aloud. Everyone must answer the question and if they refuse they must take a shot.

People will either start to open up on their own or get very drunk from wine shots and lose their inhibition anyway.

5) TV Show Girls Night Drinking Games

There’s something magical about binge-watching a series with friends. It gives you material to talk about for days after the series is over.

Nearly every popular tv show out there has a drinking game attached to it. You can either look up specific games or make up your own.

A good idea is to pick out things that characters do or say often and attach a drink “penalty” to it. For instance, if you’re watching The Office, you could have a rule that everyone must drink when Michael Scott says his famous “that’s what she said” line.

TV show drinking games are fun because you get to bond and laugh over your beloved characters together. By the end of the episode, you might be groaning, hoping the character never says their tagline again, but it’s all in good fun.

6) Snap Cup

At the beginning of the night, have your friends write down one thing they love about each other and put it in a “snap cup”.

This cup will be full of warm compliments and uplifting praise for you and your friends. Every time someone finishes a glass of wine they get to read a compliment out of the “snap cup”.

The compliment is read, everybody snaps, and the reader refills their drink. It’s a great way to remind the group that they’re supported and appreciated.

7) Wine Pong

It’s like beer pong but more classy.

To play wine pong, fill 20 red solo cups halfway with wine and put ten on each side of a table. Form the cups in a triangle position by having a row of 4 cups, a row of 3 cups, a row of 2 cups, and one cup at the top of the triangle.

Then stand facing your opponent and take turns shooting a ping pong ball into the other sides cups. Whenever you sink your ping pong ball into a cup, your opponent must drain that cup of wine by drinking it and remove the cup from play.

The first player to clear all the cups wins, but the loser got to drink more wine, so it’s really a win-win scenario here.

Looking for a way to keep your wine cold for the entirety of your girls night drinking games? Then check out this Allavino wine cooler to keep your girls night extra chill.

Enjoy These Girls Night Drinking Games Responsibly

When planning a girls night, the most important thing is that you and your friends have fun.

Pop the cork off your favorite wine and let the good times roll.

The games on this list are sure to have you and your friends cracking up and leaving feeling like you know each other a little better.

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Grab the Wine for These Girls Night Drinking Games


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