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How to Keep a Gemini Lover Hooked

hook a gemini

Gemini Overview

A Gemini is known for their two sides, as represented in their symbol. Because of this, it’s important to ensure you are appealing to both of their natures, which may seem to contradict one another at times. Getting into a relationship with a Gemini is an interesting experience, but one that will reward you for years in your life.

In a relationship, a Gemini can bring elements of spontaneous excitement and inspiration. They are smart, affectionate people who live life at a very fast pace and hate to slow down. Those who compliment a Gemini are best are ones who can match their outgoing personalities, but help keep their reckless natures in check. To love a Gemini, you must also be very tolerant, since they are prone to mood-swings or changes in personality from time to time.

Though a relationship with a Gemini Lover may be one of the most fun, in order to ensure it’s success you will have to be careful with one of these signs. They are vibrant beings who love hard, but can get bored easily. If you don’t want to find your Gemini lover floating away but instead hook them in, these 13 ways can be a great start to attracting and keeping one of these signs!

1. Have a strong personality.

Hooking a Gemini can come much easier if you have a strong, bright personality. Geminis are not drawn to those who are quiet and introverted, but instead enjoy spending time with like-minded people who can be as boisterous as them. You’ll attract a Gemini if you’re not scared to be yourself, and if you seem to draw the spotlight like they do.

If you don’t have that out-going of a personality, you’ll still have a chance! Geminis are almost equally attracted to those who are admirers, and since they often find themselves at the center of attention, you can make yourself known to the Gemini you care about that way. Over time, they’ll see your strengths.

2. Look for a shared interest.

Geminis are very passionate about their hobbies, so you’ll click faster if there is something you are both into that you can share together. By having this common interest, you’ll easily be able to keep their attention, as well as have an “excuse” to plan dates to see them again. Plus, this opens up the door for praise, which a Gemini always appreciates.

If you’re already in a relationship with a Gemini, try to find hobbies together that are new for both of you. Exploring different things as a couple will bring you closer, especially if you’re fortunate enough to land on one that really clicks. The doors will open for a Gemini frequently because they’re great at having an interest in lots of different things.

3. Establish and respect boundaries early on.

Respecting boundaries that a Gemini sets is an important part of being with one. They value their space and virtues, and will be sure to let you know when you’re close to crossing them. Some may be hesitant to explore options of the future, while others may have certain rules on the progression of the relationship or activities in bed.

Establishing these things as soon as possible and following your Geminis lover rules on them will hook them on and build a great ladder of trust that only grows stronger over time. Together you can make the decision to move forward and set smaller boundaries until the doors are all unlocked!

4. Take the time to listen, and really hear them.

One thing a Gemini does best is talk, and they can do it for hours. They are more likely to be drawn to someone who is a great listener and actually remembers the stuff that they say. On the flip-side, they’ll hook themselves onto someone who can also talk almost as much as them. Conversation and debate are important parts of a relationship for a Gemini, so engaging in these things will increase the appeal of being with you.

A Gemini will never run out of things to talk about, so let them lead the conversation. They can be prone to interrupting, but will hate if it’s done to them. Try to be patient and understanding of their exuberant behavior, and know they’re just eager to share their thoughts with you and aren’t trying to be mean on purpose.

5. Let them teach you something new.

Geminis are natural born teachers, so let them share that knowledge with you. They love learning and often have a lot of knowledge inside of their brilliant minds. Getting a Gemini to open up and teach you something is a way to see a beautiful, unseen side of them that is more intelligent than you’ll usually let on.

By showing interest in things you don’t know about, you’ll hook a Gemini by being a match in their ability to care and learn about any topic. Sharing the things you know a lot about as well will excite them, since they’re always eager to learn something new. An exchange of knowledge is a great way to attract a Gemini and keep them interested.

6. Don’t wait too long to move.

You’ll find that a Gemini will get bored easily if there isn’t much there to interest them. To avoid this happening, make your intent known and keep their eye. They’ll be drawn to someone who pursues them, so don’t hold back when you start liking a Gemini. Once a relationship has begun, keep things moving at a steady pace and keep it lively.

Boredom is the main reason a relationship with a Gemini ends. They need excitement and spontaneity in their life to stay interested, so don’t wait before pulling out the big moves. If your relationship has hit the long-term mark, just keep doing what has been working so far.

7. Keep things exciting.

Piggy-backing off of the last bit of advice, you’ll want to keep your relationship interesting to a Gemini. They’re often considered the life of a party, and while you want to help them steer clear of reckless behavior, letting them let loose and have fun is a great way to keep your relationship together booming. Think up new exciting places to visit or bring out a new toy in the bedroom.

Sex for a Gemini gets repetitive, so don’t stick to a routine when it’s time to play. If you can manage to surprise and intrigue a Gemini in bed, you’re on the road to a successful relationship together. On the flip side, be careful you don’t cross any lines that may have been drawn in the form of bedroom rules, or you’ll regret it.

8. Pay attention to the latest trends.

Geminis are seen as trendy, and they are very into what is hot and cool. Fashion, pop culture, music, and other topics that are hot will be a favorite thing to discuss for most Geminis, so staying on top of the scene can get you a long way. Surprise your Gemini with a gift that was featured in the latest magazine, or by getting the newest CD of their band.

If your Gemini lover isn’t one to follow trends, focus on the things they do keep in touch with and remember important release dates or event times. They’ll be hooked on your keen memory to the things they care about, and it’ll go a long way in the future for you.

9. Plan dates out on the town.

No Gemini enjoys getting stuck inside or enjoying a peaceful, quiet night in. At least, most of them don’t, so try to go out as much as possible. If you’re tight on money, make a big trip out of a grocery store outing, or go to one a town over. Sit inside at McDonald’s or another cheap place to eat if you want a “sit down” date. You can always find ways to interest a Gemini, just be creative!

As an air sign, Geminis are prone to becoming and enjoying the spot in the center of attention. Getting out and partying is a great way to do that, so encourage your Gemini lover to dress up and look their best.

10. Challenge them to a battle of the wits.

Debate and other forms of intellectual exchange will fire up a Gemini and hook them onto you. Appealing to the mind of an air sign is a direct route to their heart, and this is especially true for Gemini. They are loud and live large, so aren’t commonly seen as a smart sign, but they are. Paying special attention to their intellectual side will gain you rewards in many forms.

If you can get your Gemini lover to get involved in a witty battle of the minds, they’ll likely be more attracted to you and reward you for your own intelligence in bed later. Impressing a Gemini with your mind is the best way to make yourself more appealing than the competition, so do your research!

11. Work hard at understanding their mood swings.

As classic of the sign that represents two parts, a Gemini is prone to having a change in their mood without much warning. While at first this may seem confusing, you’ll be able to find a pattern or a set of hints to help you navigate murky waters with your Gemini lover.

Caring about them enough to give them love and affection even when they seem to have changed their mood on the drop of a dime will hook them into the relationship and help them learn to rely on you. A Gemini is very independent and won’t often trust or take instruction easily, but if you can build a foundation together, this will come easier.

12. Treat them with class.

Treating a Gemini with a bit of classy, old-school traditional behavior is a great way to catch their eye. They love to feel special and important, so making them feel elegant and desired is a direct shot at their affection. However, they are very quick, and they’ll catch your obvious gestures if they’re too romantic or over the top.

Hold open the door for a Gemini, or kiss their hand when saying hello, or ask them out formally on a date. These little things that are often ignored in modern relationships will excite your Gemini lover, and hook them onto wondering what you’ll do next that makes them feel like royalty.

13. Be willing to experiment in the bedroom!

Don’t ever become boring, especially in bed! If a Gemini starts feeling like your sex has become mundane and regular, they’ll start losing passion for the act of it and grow distance physically. They are an affection sign and love touch, even in casual ways. Try out roleplaying or pick out toys together if you feel like you’re missing a little bit of spice.

Mystery can be another element you can play up during intimacy. Blind-folds, darkness, or other forms of stripping the senses will excite a Gemini and help them place their trust in you more. Some might need to take things slowly due to their airy nature, but one you’ve gotten to a comfortable place together, you’ll find there will be few limits.

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How to Keep a Gemini Lover Hooked


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