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Wine 101: Beginner’s Guide to Wine

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Novice to Wine

Reds and whites, tasting notes, knowing regions, and what temperatures to chill your Wine. There are many factors that can go into learning about wine. Here are some tips for those new to the wine world looking to expand their knowledge.

Tasting Wine

To be able to differentiate between each of the subtle notes and aromas in a wine. The key is in your nose. Try swallowing a wine while holding your nose and you will find that most of the flavor you have tasted before has vanished. This is why learning to sniff wine will enable you to develop the ability to isolate flavors.

Mastering Your Tasting

There is not a right or wrong way to taste wine but there are some rules you should adhere to. Such as establishing a method that includes going down a checklist of sorts that helps you identify all the subtleties of the wine.
You will want to be methodical I and focused in your approach. Whenever you have a glass of wine in your hand you will want to take a moment to run through your mental checklist. Focus on the wine’s appearance, scents, flavors, and finish.
Your methods will also help you pick out the flaws in any wine you order. Flaws can occur from bad winemaking, bad corks or storage. A common fault called TCA occurs from a tainted cork and leaves a wine with a damp, musty smell.

Choosing a Wine

Many wine experts say that any wine you like is a good wine. This statement holds true, especially after you have developed your tasting skills. After honing your skills you will be able to point out the important varietal grapes found in blended wins and the world’s best regions that produce wines.

Wine Regions

Wine is made in nearly every country in the world which are broken down into “Old World” and “New World”. “Old World” are regions with long histories of wine production such as Europe and marts of the Mediterranean, with the most notable being France, Italy, and Germany. What makes these regions so special is that it focuses on terroir, soil and climate, which gives the wine a sense of place. As the name suggests, “New World” is used to describe newer regions that are producing wine such as the U.S., Australia, and Chile. “New World” focuses on labeling methods and use grapes on their labels for recognition.

Serving Wine

After learning how to taste wine, take the time to ensure that your wine is served at its very best. All it takes is the proper glassware and temperature.


As you have undoubtedly learned, each wine has its own unique characteristics. Most wine glasses are shaped to accentuate those characteristics. While you can use any glass to drink from, using a wine glass helps you experience every hint of flavor.


All wine is and can be stored at the same temperature despite the color. The only time the temperature of a wine matters is when it is about to be consumed. More often than not, wine drinkers intake white wine that is far too cold and red wine that is too warm. A white wine that is overly chilled can be flavorless while a warmed up red is too alcoholic. A good rule of thumb to follow is that a white should be chilled right before drinking and its temperature should stay between 40°F and 55°F. Reds should range from between the storage temperature of 55°F to room temperature of 70°F. A wine cooler can aid in getting your temperature just right.

Preserving Your Undrunk Wine

When wine comes into contact with air, it immediately starts to spoil. Leftover wine in the bottle can easily be preserved with a vacuum pump that seals while pulling out excess air.

Wine Refrigerator

As you progress into becoming a wine aficionado, you will want to be able to have your wine on-hand. A wine refrigerator to properly store your wine and keep them at the perfect temperature for drinking. At KingsBottle, we understand what goes into making a great bottle of wine and how important storage is to maintaining that perfection. Our stylish refrigerators will allow you to keep your all of your wine in-home so that you may have a wine tasting in your very own home. Order yours online or contact us at (855)856-1841.

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Wine 101: Beginner’s Guide to Wine


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