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This is a photograph of the drive leading to
Tarn Caravan Park, Skipton, North Yorkshire, England.

Taken in January 2008


I woke on Christmas morning and
looked beneath the tree,

and smiled at all the brightly coloured

and socks for Uncle Joe.

Some caramels for granny,

I know she loves them so.

Some scent for mum, cologne for dad,

a tie for brother Jim,

and then two pretty bracelets

for daughters Sue & Lynne.

And as I looked I spotted

a card upon the tree,

that wasn’t there the night before

– it was addressed to me!

It read………

Because I love you very much,
the gift I’m giving you

will bring you all the best there is,
today and all life through.

A life that’s full of peace and joy
that lasts when life is done,

this Christmas and for ever –
I’m giving you My Son,

Love, God.


This Christmas greeting is crossing the miles
To wish you lots of laughter and smiles
And a hope that Christmas brings for you
All the best of things, the season through

And for New Year, I couldn’t wish you more
Than all the things you are hoping for
And though we are many miles apart
You’re here every second,
in my heart


It’s such a joy to send a card
to one as nice as you
The one who makes it
Christmas day for me
the whole year through
You fill my life with
special things and set
my heart aglow
And now that Christmas time
is here I just want you to know
That all my love is yours
alone for ever, strong and true
So Merry Christmas, Darling
and a Happy New Year too!


I wish upon
the Christmas star
To shine on you
where’ere you are
To bring you joy
and Christmas peace
And love that
never more will cease


Lots of parties and lots of fun
Much preparing to be done

Gifts to choose and wrap with care
Thoughts of happiness you’ll share

Eating lots and drinking more
Till your tummy feels quite sore!

Singing carols loved so dear
Church to visit – once a year?

Don’t forget the stable bare
Little Jesus lying there

Sent for us and born of love
- Christmas gift
from God above


My heart is full
of love for you
And full of Christmas
wishes too
A wish for health
and peace of mind
To leave all sorrow
far behind

A wish for joy and
happy laughter
And lots of love
for ever after
I wish you a happy
Christmas time
With all my love,
Beloved mine


May the spirit of this season

Bring you blessings from above

And may the happiness of Christmas

Fill your heart with peace and love


Beloved, my Christmas
prayer for you
Is short and simple,
sincere and true
For what I pray is
that you will be
Always as happy
as you make me
And my dearest wish
for the coming year
Is just for you, who
I love so dear
I wish you love,
good health and peace
Joy and contentment,
never to cease


You’ll see the Christmas tree so fair
With pretty lights all twinkling there
And smiling people passing by
So could it be you’ll wonder why?

For you won’t know, my dearest child
There was another, meek and mild
A baby born to set us free
A gift of love for you and me

And with each Christmas, as you grow
I pray, the little child you’ll know
And He’ll become a friend to you
And be your guide your whole life through


The bells ring out for Christmas
with a sound so sweet and true
Just like the love that’s in my heart
my Dearest one, for you
And snow that sparkles all around
so bright and crystal clear
Reminds me of the sparkle
that I feel when you are near

All that I want for Christmas
is to have you here with me
Sharing all the love we have,
how happy we will be
And Christmas joy and peace
and love, are what I wish for you
And in the year to come may all
your fondest dreams come true


I’m thinking of you
in my special way
How I love you more
with each passing day
I need you my dearest
like flowers need rain
When parted my heart
aches to see you again

Sharing our love makes
my life so complete
And a nicer person
I could not meet
All my thoughts and loving
are only for you
Not just at Christmas
but for all your life through


Because you are so special
and in a class apart
This Christmas message
comes to you from
deep within my heart
You really are the very best,
so good and kind and sweet
A nicer man in all the world
I simply couldn’t meet

That’s why I am so glad to
make this special wish of mine
To hope you have a really good
and happy Christmas time
And for the year to follow
I pray that it will bring
Just for you my Darling,
the best of everything


My Darling this Christmas
as joy is everywhere
You know the joy
that means the most
is in the love we share
And as the Christmas spirit
fills our hearts with cheer
Our love will fill each
other’s heart with
Christmas through the year
I’ve made a special Christmas
wish and hope that it will bring
For you, Beloved, evermore
the best of everything


What can I wish for, just for you
The one who makes MY dreams come true
Well, first of all, the best of health
And then an ample share of wealth
The rainy days to stay away
And sun to shine for you each day
No-one allowed to make you blue
But everyone a friend to you
A gin and tonic in the sun
A nice relax when day is done
In all, I wish the perfect life
Along with me, your loving wife


Jingle bells, Jingle bells,
I’ve just got to say
Dearest one, I love you more
with every passing day
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
it’s so plain to see
I need you my love for
you’re the only one for me


Merry Christmas Darling,
I’m wishing just for you
Lots of love and happiness
all Christmas-time through
I wish you joy and laughter,

contentment every day
I wish you love my dearest,
more than I can say
And most of all I wish you a
year when dreams come true
For me, it can’t be better
than to share it all with you



Love, health and happiness
come your way
Not just at Christmas but every day
No Christmas bells could sound as sweet
As those I hear each time we meet

My Christmas wish, I wish for you
Is that your every wish comes true
Dearest, darling, love of mine
Have a perfect Christmas time

You are the one that I adore
My love is yours for ever more
My Christmas gift that’s just for you
Is all my love my whole life through


You make me so happy
Through all of the year
I wish you great joy
Now that Christmas is here

For all of the lovely things
You say and do
I wish you a Christmas
As lovely as you

All your wonderful ways
That make you so dear
I wish you a wonderful
Happy new year



I don’t need a Christmas star
to hang upon a tree
Because my love you are my star,
the brightest one I see
And I don’t need the fairy lights
all sparkling away
You bring a sparkle to my life
just being here each day

Who needs mince pies or Christmas cake
or sweeties full of goo
The sweetest thing at Christmas
time and all year round is you
It’s great to open presents
but the best of all will be
To know that you are spending
Christmas happiness with me


Happy New Year Darling,

may the new year see
All our wishes come true,
just for you and me
May there be bright sunshine
for you every day
And when nights are dark,
pure light to guide your way
I wish you health and

happiness all the while
And sweet contentment

to always make you smile
But most of all my wish
for both me and you
is our love to keep growing
our whole lives through


Happy New Year Sweetheart
I hope that it will bring
Just for you my Darling
The best of everything
May it bring you pleasure
With peace and joy for you
And for you and me, love
Our every dream come true


Just guess what I pray for
each Christmas
What I’m hoping for
every New Year
A gift with a price beyond measure
You can’t see it or touch it
nor hear
The gift that I long for Beloved
That I’m praying will always
be mine
To keep ever growing and sharing
Your loving, your friendship,
your time


At Christmas time it’s lovely
to see the falling snow
But it isn’t half as lovely
As the special man I know
The choirs of heavenly voices
Sing carols in the church
But sweeter still is your dear voice
That gives my heart a lurch
The Christmas trees stand proudly
Their tinselled branches wide
Your arms around me strong and firm
Fill me with so much pride
This time of year we feel the joy
That Christmas brings our way
But loving you I feel a special joy with every day
You make it Christmas all year round
Through sun or rain or snow
My star, my special angel,
that is why I love you so


Christmas is a lovely time
With trees and mistletoe
Special songs and sleigh bells
And candles all aglow
Holly full of berries
And snow upon the ground
But with your love my Darling
It’s Christmas all year round


A Very Happy Christmas
May all your dreams come true
May the dove of peace
Always fly along with you
May the light of happiness
Illuminate your way
And may God’s love for ever
Guide your every day


Happy Christmas Sweetheart,

is what I want to say
Because you make life lovely
for me every single day
You give my life a meaning
A special loving glow
And it’s because of all these things

that I love you so
I hope this season’s full of joy
With all you’re dreaming of
And a wonderful new year
For you filled with all my love



You’re a star, my Christmas angel
my every dream come true
My dearest wish in all the world
is just to be with you
You put the sparkle in my smile
the twinkle in my eyes
The love we share means so much more
Than winning any prize
So you deserve the very best
Now Christmas time is here
A happy and a peaceful time
That’s filled with love and cheer


If I could make a New Year wish
Beloved, it would be
That every day from this day on
Your life be spent with me
I’d wish you peace and happiness
Good health and laughter too
And all the best that life can bring
My dearest one, for you

I’d wish good things for those you love
All blessings come their way
That joyous things should fill their lives
To hearten them each day
And my wish for the two of us
Is that this year will be
The one that sees our dreams come true
My love, for you and me


I wish you joy and love and peace
And happiness to never cease
For you’re my friend,
My help and guide
A constant strength here
At my side
My love for you grows every day
That’s why this message comes to say
At Christmas time and
All year through
I give my heart and love to you


At Christmastime we celebrate
With presents and a tree
But there is just one thing that brings the Christmas joy to me
And that’s to be beside the one I love so very much
The one who brings such happiness with his loving touch

It’s you who brings me special joy each day throughout the year
A happiness I feel inside whenever you are near
My gift for you beloved, dearest one that I adore
Is pledging all my love for you
alone, for ever more


If I made a Christmas wish
Then it would be for you
For happiness, good health
and cheer
to last your whole life through

If I had a Christmas dream
Then it would simply be
That love just keeps on growing
Evermore, twixt you and me

If I said a Christmas prayer
‘twould be for love and peace
for all the world, but most of all
for you, to never cease


My Darling one, I hope this year
sees all our dreams come true
With all that we’ve been longing
for in all we plan to do
I wish you health and happiness
contentment, joy and peace
And all my love for you alone
that never more will cease


My dearest love I want to say
I love you every single day
I thank you T for being there
For showing me how much you care
For all the little things you do
It’s clear to see why I love you
And as we share this Christmas time
I hope each day is really fine
Then as the new year comes along
I pray our love grows ever strong


Happy Christmas sweetheart

And a super new year too

All these things I´m wishing

Now, especially for you

Peace and joy be with you

And sweet contentment every day

And may God´s blessing bring to you
the best in every way



I´d walk for miles through winter snow

Just so that I could let you know

I wouldn´t ever want to miss

A special greeting for my Sis!



Red-breasted robins on snowy scenes

Cards with simple nativity themes

Musical cards that ‘tinnily’ play

Is it true they scare the moles away?

Wrapping paper in colours so bright

Ribbons and bows to make it look right

Gift tags and presents – a list a mile long

Wondering where the money’s all gone

Away in a Manger children sing

Thinking what Father Christmas will bring

Their eyes wide open when first they see

The beautiful sparkling Christmas tree

Cooking the turkey or maybe pork

Oh where did I put that carving fork?

Veggies and trimmings and mince pies too

It’ll mean a diet for me and you

Parties with friends, me to you, you to me

Thinking of friends we no longer see

Families meet maybe just once a year

Sharing together the Christmas cheer

Avoiding mistletoe so you miss

That “someone special” you don’t wanna kiss

Hugging our loved ones and maybe then

Feeling goodwill and peace to all men

And let´s not forget to stop and say

Thank you God for Your gift today

The very best present, the highest worth

The presence of Jesus, here on earth



This Christmas time I want you to know

My dearest husband why I love you so

You make me so happy every day

Filling my life with joy, so many ways

I want to say thanks for all you do

I´m so blessed to have a husband like you

I wish you a Christmas full of love

With blessings each day for you from above

I give you my heart, my love and my life

God Bless you always

From your loving wife


I´m wishing for you a Christmas of love

Filled with blessings and joy from above

I´m praying for you a wonderful year

Filled with everything that you hold dear

I’m sending you all the love I can give

Christmas and New Year - as long as we live!


Happy Christmas my Darling, love of my life
I still love our Christmas as husband and wife
My love keeps on growing for you year on year
all things that we share make our loving so dear
My wish for your Christmas is love, joy and peace
My wish for the New Year these things never cease
May God always keep you and bless you my love
and send you an Angel to watch from above



This special Christmas Greeting
To friends both old and new
Is to tell you what I’m wishing
Especially for you
Good health, good luck and happiness
Great love and friendships too
I wish you Christmas blessings

That last the whole year through



Good health and wealth
And lots of love
With every blessing
From above
And may your favourite
Dreams come true
This is our New Year wish

For you


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