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Guy Gets Girl Review - How to Get a Girl to Like You By Using These 3 Amazing Tactics

Since the dawn of time, men have been trying hard to get women but they generally came up empty-handed. Of course we can't deny that obviously some men have become rather successful at this task otherwise the human race would have become extinct already. You see, by the time a boy reaches a certain age and inevitably begins to notice girls he is already at a disadvantage since girls mature faster.

After all this time you would think that some relationship genius would have already come up with a push button solution to guarantee that the object of our desires becomes smitten with us as soon as possible, but this may never happen. What we know so far is that women's minds are far different from ours and it is a good Idea to be well equipped before embarking on this dangerous quest of trying to win their hearts.

In my article today im going to reveal to you some methods that the most successful men are already using to pick up girls on a daily basis. Yes that's right, a new girl everyday. Even though there is no bulletproof method to get a girl to like you there are some key points that have proven to be highly effective most of the time - and I will share them with you.

My 3 Methods For Getting A Girl To Like You

1) Tease Her.

2) Show Confidence.

3) Say No To Her.

Tease Her: So we know that girls think they are so special right? Well today they will run into a guy who apparently really doesn't think so at all, and this guy will be you. Men tend to put women on a pedestal and become extremely nervous when attempting to approach them. In your mind you just have to imagine that she is just like anybody else. This method actually involves poking a little fun at her - but you don't have to be nasty about it especially if it's at a public place. What this does is keep her off-balance so that she won't automatically think that she can control the flow of the situation. She will be paying a closer attention to you because she just doesn't know what to expect.

Show Confidence: You hear this one all the time, and for good reason, it never gets old and always remains true. You must project confidence, keep your back straight and maintain eye contact. You've heard the saying that first impressions count right? Well who do you think came up with that saying? A woman can size you up in mere seconds so you better bring your "A Game." In order to master this confidence you have to actually live it and be more outgoing so that it becomes second nature to you.

Say No To Her: This one ties in with my first technique very nicely when I mentioned that a lot of men have subconsciously put women on a pedestal; and this makes it very difficult for them to communicate freely. Speak your mind and don't automatically agree with her or appear too eager to do what she says. A woman wants a real man so show her that there's one standing right in front of her. You have to be firm - but politely say "no, thank you" if she tries to get you to do something you are not comfortable with right after you have only just met. This shows her that you are confident enough to stand up to her regardless of how she might react.

If you are successful with her then you can relax a little and breathe a sigh of relief because you have just beaten out so many other dudes who have also been campaigning for her affection. So please don't be mean to her, treat her right, show her some respect and she will do the same.

Truth be told, I used to be your average nerdy type guy until I discovered Guy Gets Girl Guide that completely changed my life, and has been working wonders for me for 2 years now. Without it I would never have been able to bond with my beautiful girlfriend Cindy. Also, these techniques I have listed here are only a few of what I've learned,

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Guy Gets Girl Review - How to Get a Girl to Like You By Using These 3 Amazing Tactics


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