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5 Surprising Downsides to Being A Tall Good Looking Guy

With Christmas coming up, I want to spread a little bit of goodwill to some of my underprivileged and overlooked readers.

I’m talking about all the tall, good looking guys out there. (TGLG’s)

You don’t get enough respect.

You might think I’m joking, but I’m not – there are a lot of TGLG’s out there who have huge problems with Women, and nobody ever thinks of them.

You see, us short, plain looking dudes often have it easy. I mean, we don’t have it *that* easy, but we also know we have to hustle to compete.

Anyway, here’s five Surprising Downsides to being a Tall good looking guy.

TGLG’s Feel Like They Need To Bend Over To Talk to Everyone

Especially if there is music playing in the background, people under 6 feet tall are completely inaudible to tall guys.

To remedy this, TGLG’s often walk around bent over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, especially at clubs.

This habit of bending over makes them loom over the people they are talking to, which is intimidating and awkward.

Other times, TGLG’s scrunch themselves into a little ball to not look intimidating, but that just looks weird too.

Their Clothes Don’t Fit Right

Some people think TGLG’s look good in anything.

This is not true at all.

TGLG’s often have trouble buying off the rack clothing. Some stuff just doesn’t fit, other stuff fits but it makes them look like Stretch Armstrong.

TGLG’s often wind up wearing plain or baggy clothes because of this.

And what’s worse, when you’re a badly dressed TGLG, everyone can see you.

Tall Good Looking Guys Think They Don’t Need Game – But They Do

A TGLG, might have an easier time meeting women, especially online.  But none of that means anything unless they actually have the confidence and the game to back it up.

You see, women THINK they want a TGLG, but in fact, they want the feeling of being desired by a powerful man they can trust. So while being a TGLG can get your foot in the door, it doesn’t settle the deal or help you solidify a relationship.


Women Just Want Them To Show Off

TGLG’s and really gorgeous women share a similar problem – people just want to use them for their looks.

A TGLG, might be able to coast on their looks. They might be a Tinder star, or be able to walk into a club and have women chatting them up within minutes.

But what you don’t realize is that the women who are matching with them on tinder, or pursuing them in the club aren’t average women.

They’re the aggressive ones. The ones with an agenda.

And those women might not be the ones you want.

Meanwhile, the cool girls are chatting with the dorky looking interesting guys.

Even Their Guy Friends Just Use Them As Bait

I love going clubbing with my tall good looking guy friends. They’re like chum in a shark tank.

We sit down, and suddenly women start circling around us.

Yes, the girls who throw themselves at the TGLG’s are often kind of shallow.

But their friends aren’t.

So I don’t see tall good looking guys as competition – if anything, they make things easier for the short, plain guys like me.

Tall or short, good looking or not, I give personal 1 on 1 coaching to help you overcome your dating problems. 

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5 Surprising Downsides to Being A Tall Good Looking Guy


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