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A Little Romance

Tags: body hold
It’s our first time together. I’ve been waiting for some time now, preparing, anticipating, longing. I knew from the first time we spoke that we would eventually sleep together and tonight it is finally going to happen. All day I’ve been thinking about what your Body will be like, what it will smell like…taste like…feel like inside of me. I’ve chosen the perfect silk lingerie and a gauzy dress to go over it. I’ve waxed, soaped, and oiled my skin. I’ve shampooed and brushed my hair till it shines, and now I am ready to give myself to you.

As we walk next to the ocean I’m acutely aware of everything sensual – the sand on my bare feet, the smell of the sea water, the warm breeze on my face, and the light pressure of your hand on the small of my back as it leads me up the steps to the place where you will make love to me. There is a bed made with soft cotton sheets and a quilt, candles that glow amber against the white stone wall that holds us above the coastline. As you pour the cold crisp wine for us I think that this is the most beautiful place that I will ever inhabit and I’m glad that you are sharing it with me.

I feel your lips softly touching the place on my neck where it meets my shoulder. Your kiss makes goose bumps flash up and down my entire right side and I start to feel weak in the knees. I hear you murmuring something in my ear as you slip the straps of my dress off my shoulder, but I don’t speak your language so I’m not sure exactly what you are saying, but it doesn’t matter. I know what you are thinking. I know what you are about to do to me. Part of me wants you to hurry…but part of me wants you to linger all night on the creamy skin atop my breasts. You run your fingertips softly, slowly up and down that place that makes my nipples grow hard and red and I lean back against you for support. Take me to bed soon because I won’t be able to stand much longer.

When you lower yourself onto me I am conscious of the firm muscles in your chest and arms and know that if you wanted to you could overpower me – hold me down, spread my legs and force yourself inside. If you chose to do this I would be unable to stop you. You could hurt me if you wanted to. But you hold your power in check, restraining yourself in favor of tenderness. As you gently press the tip of your cock against my entrance I feel myself open to you and the differences between us are highlighted. I am soft and yielding, you are hard and insistent. Male and female. I gasp when I feel you enter me waiting to see if you will start thrusting fast as I see in your eyes you want to do. But instead you stop to let me adjust to the feel of you inside my body. You look at me questioningly to be sure I’m all right and kiss me softly on the mouth. I make the first move with my hips and wrap my legs around your waist pulling you tight against me, forcing you deeper inside.

The French call orgasm “La petite mort” or “the little death”. As I feel myself nearing climax I know that there will be a moment in which I lose all control of both my body and my mind. For several seconds I will be unaware of my surroundings, unable to stop what’s happening. Even though the vulnerability of this is frightening, I crave it. I want to surrender to you, knowing that you will protect me in that moment with no other intent than to prolong my blissful surrender. If I do die now, I will certainly die happy. As you move faster against me, I start to feel a fire building in my center and as I cum it’s like a small explosion of heat moving in fast surges throughout all my limbs. After, I feel as though our cliff-side bed has somehow started floating on the sea below us and my body is slowly moving with the waves. My mind is my own again and I am once again aware of your needs.

Now your maleness takes over and you thrust harder, kissing me firmly on the mouth – pushing your tongue down my throat as your cock presses up into me. I envision the two parts of you getting closer to each other, creating an electrical connection encircling my core. I gasp as your movements speed up and press me into the bed. When you cum, I see that look of momentary fright and surprise as you surrender and lose yourself to what’s happening, what is out of your control now. I hold you tight against me while the spasms subside, our breathing slows and you come to float along with me. 

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A Little Romance


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