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Tell me what you want

Tell me something.

Tell me your desire.

Is it to be made love to?
Do you want to be Slowly undressed before flickering candlelight? Delicate fingers moving with deft assuredness over the buttons of your shirt, the buckle of your belt. Lain naked across a silken sheet strewn with fresh petals, the scents of sandalwood and champagne mingling in your senses. Your body oiled and softly stroked from head to toe, every inch of your skin showered in warm kisses. Your chest caressed, your nipples coaxed until they’re standing firm. Your strong thighs eased apart so that a delicate tongue can tease the fullness of your manhood, bringing your passion to a flame until you’re shivering with delight, until the ache to be satisfied can no longer be suppressed. Joined in nakedness, enveloped by open womanhood swollen by desire with long, flowing strokes that carry you along a road of pleasure, until your cries of fulfillment obliterate mine, until you feel your lust spill into the very center of me.Is that what you want?

Or would you prefer to be fucked?
Do you want to be lost in a fury of passion, to be swept away by a tumultuous sea of need and flesh? Frantic fingers pulling at your clothes, wrenching them apart to expose the gleaming nakedness beneath. Sharp nails scratching against your naked chest, pressing against your bullet-hard nipples. A frenzied mouth locked against yours, lips searing, tongues dancing. Determined hands forcing your pants down your thighs, seizing the waistband of your flimsy boxers and shredding them, tearing them apart, ripping the cotton from your body, leaving you bare and exposed and vulnerable. The sound of a belt undone, a zipper dragged downward; the thrill of a hot pussy, pressing insistently against your leg, finding its way over you, impaling itself desperately down onto your hard Cock, thrusting, thrusting, thrusting, hard, fast, mercilessly taking its pleasure with you, fucking you into ecstasy, just as you want it to, as you need it to. Heavy, cum-laden balls bouncing against the cheeks of my ass, until my body stiffens against yours, and I feel your shaft throbbing and pulsing inside me, your cum flooding my most intimate flesh, even as my own orgasm explodes.Is that what you want?

Or would you prefer to be teased?
Do you want to be helpless? Lashed down, silk scarves wound tightly about your wrists and your ankles, binding you to the four corners of the bed. A scalpel-sharp knife, glinting in the half-light, slicing through the fabric of your shift the waistband of your briefs. The hand that strips away the remnants of your clothes, leaving you bound and naked and utterly helpless. Feathers and raw silk drawn lightly across your trembling body. A tongue to dampen your skin, and then soft breath to cool it. The cold feel of a hard steel cock ring brushing your erect nipples, drawing invisible lines across your belly, up the insides of your thighs, over the swollen head of your cock, encircling it and your balls clamping them tight and swollen for me to use until I tire of you. A small finger nudging its way between your ass cheeks, slowly, slowly, teasing you … A hand grasping your cock and slowly, deliberately stroking up and down until you reach the brink of climax…then stopping. And then starting over. And then again. And again. And again. And just when you think you can’t take any more teasing, when every nerve ending in your body is begging, screaming for fulfillment, the warm, wet swollen lips of my pussy rubbing slowly across the tip of your cock, circling my clitoris and smearing your precum across my opening, and then slowly easing my way onto you, fucking you with such exquisite precision, such excruciating slowness, that when you finally feel your hot seed splashing against my flesh, the power of that solitary orgasm actually renders you speechless…thoughtless.

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