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The Silent F*ck

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Waves from the incandescent lights seemed to dance around the room as her eyes slightly rolled back. Her eyelashes lightly fluttered when she gasped and released a breath of air contrived from deep down near her pelvic region. He started by innocently rubbing her left knee under the dinner table. No one was looking so she spread her thighs a bit to encourage him…

He took the bait and sneakily slid his hand up her little black dress with the matching chiffon skirt. The skirt hid his hand fairly well – considering it was translucent. In an instant, she glanced around the restaurant to see if anyone was watching. A red-haired lanky waiter was bussing the table across from them but he wasn’t paying attention.

Her lover’s searching hands came upon her moistened lips to stroke then squeeze them with a touch so tender and filled with anticipation that she felt a warm liquid rushing from between her thighs. That’s when she gasped and the couple next to them briefly glanced up. She started to mouth “mind your business” when he found her pearl and lightly tickled it. She lost all train of thought and began to breathe more heavily, being careful not to draw much attention.

She completely forgot where she was when he jammed his fingers into her tight pussy and milked it for honey. She moaned just loud enough to be heard by the busboy but no one else. He looked their way with questioning eyes and continued wiping the table when they blankly stared back at him.

Micheal – her date for the night then replaced his blessed hand on the table, wiping her juices on the handkerchief. He took a final bite of his last rib and leaned over to whisper, “I want you. Right now.” Clearly not a suggestion but a command. Still, she didn’t mind.

Jade grabbed her coat and sashayed behind him towards the exit with the waiter and various onlookers curiously watching.

A twenty-minute drive was reduced to ten, for Micheal drove his 2003 Honda Accord like the newest Dodge Charger to his apartment. Jade followed behind and had no trouble keeping up but still wondered why he sped so fast. “Damn boy. Calm down,” she thought as she footed the gas on the last stretch before turning into the complex.

A casual meet-up for drinks after work became a late-night rendezvous. Jade and Michael initially kept it cordial and professional in the office but eventually formed a relationship when they were forced to work together on a company project. The presentation was a success and now they could continue being work-friends or go their separate ways.

Fucking was inevitable.

They parked beside each other and she followed him to his third-floor apartment. “I wonder if that’s all him or just his phone…” Jade eyeballed the bulge aside his right pocket as he fumbled with the house key. He caught her staring and smiled, finally pushing the door open.

She walked in first feeling confident that he was eyeing her juicy cheeks jiggling under her skirt. As soon as she heard the door close behind her she felt his tongue on her neck while his Dick pressed into her lower back. She giggled and moaned his name. “Michaaaeeeellll….”

Sliding the length of his muscle-bound arm between her legs, he hoisted her onto the kitchen bar and proceeded to ravage the sweet spot on the nape of her neck. She grabbed his ass with both hands and squeezed, reaching for his pants as he leaned down to taste her nipples.

He pushed her hand away, ripped off her g-string, and burrowed between her thick, cocoa thighs all in one swift motion.

Immediately his tongue went to work, playfully flicking at her clitoris before taking the whole thing into his mouth and lightly sucking on it. She moaned loader and loader as he feasted upon her with no mercy. Every time she pushed his head back he forced it down harder and slurped her like a smoothie. He licked and gently pulled at her labia with wet lips before grazing the roof of his teeth on her clitoris then looping his lips around it like sucking a piece of ice. This move drove her crazy so she threw her head back screaming and gasping, “Micheal!” repeatedly.

He did it again and again until a wave of electricity surged up her spine, jerking her body back and forth as his left arm balanced her from falling backward onto the linoleum. She deeply gasped for air and shivered all over. He lifted his head, cum dripping from his mustache and asked, “How was that?”

She didn’t respond with words but instead jumped down from the counter and motioned for him to stand. As soon as he did, she aggressively yanked at his belt, pulling him closer and unbuckling his pants to reach the anaconda underneath. Reaching his navy blue boxer briefs, she could now see it clearly as she measured the print with her eyes for girth. “Impressive,” she thought, nodding and grinning. She pulled his boxers down and wrapped her hand around the base then settled down on her knees to lick the length of it from tip to base then back to the pulsating head.

Jade spit on the top then slowly worked the entire shaft into her mouth. Known for deep-throating like a champion headmaster, she had long grown accustomed to hearing men moan her name “Jaaadddeee…” the moment she took them all in, letting her throat do the sucking and pulling while her tongue explored the ball sack or the shaft – depending on how long it was. But this man said nothing.

“Oh, he must be hard to please…” she thought while decidedly stroking the lower end of his dick with her left hand, juggling his balls with the right, and playing with the head using her tongue. She wrapped it around the top slowly but surely then slip her lips up and down increasing with speed and intensity with each stroke. Still, he said nothing. Did nothing.

Not a moan or even a deep breath. He just laid there seemingly unmoved. “Is this good?” she asked aloud muffled by his dick. “Yeah don’t stop,” he mumbled at the ceiling with closed eyes. Ramon always stared directly into her eyes when she did it, making her hunger for more of him.

He lay still as a lump on a log while she finished him off. Already bored with his lack of responsiveness, she started to fish for her clothes on the messy floor and take her leave.

The moment she rose, he said, “Get on top. Lemme see them pretty titties bounce.” Figuring it couldn’t hurt – especially since he had a long, nicely sculpted dick – she straddled him and hoped this session would be more exciting. She began to feel hopeful when his eyes bulged as she slowly slid her gushy pussy down his dick whilst squeezing her kegel muscles.

What drove most men to an early nut didn’t seem to faze Michael. She masterfully grinded back and forth then stretched forward to pop her pussy up and down while sucking on his neck. She mentally compared it to fucking a lifeless mannequin.

The most exciting thing about him was his dick and even that was already getting old as he offered no assistance in reaching home base. No moans. No grunts. Not even a love smack accompanied her jello-like ass bouncing on his lap. She threw her head back and rolled her body harder reaching to grab the counter above for balance and slightly leaning backward to make her melon-sized perky breasts gyrate up and down.

His arms fell lazily to his sides while she yearned for him to grab her by the waist and slam his dick onto her pussy like Ramon would do.

Feeling dejected and dissatisfied to have encountered a silent lazy fuck, she decided his head game must’ve been the grand finale and abruptly dismounted him. “Umm I forgot I have to pick up my sister from work.”

He finally stirred and questioned in a raspy voice, “Isn’t it half past midnight? Wait….you have a sister?” Jade hurriedly slid into her favorite dress and snappily retorted, “Yeah. She works second shift. Gotta go.”

“Well…can you call me later?” he hesitantly asked while she jammed her feet into her flats. She scurried out of his apartment and down the stairs without looking back, only vaguely responding with, “I’ll see you at work…”

With no intentions of calling or even looking his way next time they passed each other in the office, she started her car and wondered what Ramon was doing. She hoped he could finished her off where Michael left her feeling irritated and horny as a jack rabbit on red bull. Ramon had magnificent pussy-eating skills and dick-too-bomb to match.

“I coulda had a V8 for that weak shit…” she mumbled and sped off with Ramon’s number dialing on the car’s bluetooth. She made a mental note to keep Micheal in her back pocket in case she needed some oral fixin again.

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The Silent F*ck


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