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Be Your Man’s Dream Stripper

Be your man’s dream Stripper for an awesome mutual gratification or two. Men are visual animals who would be more than happy to watch an almost-naked woman dancing in front of them. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your boyfriend or husband has gone to an adult club at least once in their life.

Does this make them most likely to cheat in a relationship?

Not really.

But you might want to avoid tightening the rules on Club hopping unless you are ready to provide an irresistible incentive.

That is, if you don’t want your man to be watching strippers on stage or paying for a lap dance, you should be ready to strip and dance.

You would be surprised how doing so can do wonders for your relationship. But more on that later.

Why do men go to strip clubs?

Before you judge or get angry because of your man’s strip club excursion, there are some things you need to understand.

The answers to the question above can vary greatly and could be more colourful than a bag of sweets. Some men would proudly admit to hitting a strip club once in their lives or every week of the month, while others will deny it to their deaths.

In any case, adult clubs are often labelled as a place where desperates, perverts, cheaters, non-dating materials, and pigs frequent or congregate. Men who visit Strip Clubs and pay for a lap dance or dry humping are a category of their own.

If you ask a woman, she is likely to scoff at the idea of a boyfriend or a husband hitting the clubs and watching naked women on stage, and she will be downright horrified if she finds out that some scantily clad woman has shaken her booty at her man’s face.

But the reality is strip clubs offer men something they want and it doesn’t necessarily have something to do with sex.

Strippers give men what they want, exactly how they want it. Period.

To the desperates and non-dating material, a gentleman’s club is where they get hit on. So why skip on such an opportunity?

Sure, strippers approaching a client may be all part of the job, but imagine how that would make a guy feel. It’s not every day a gorgeous, scantily-clad women will throw herself at a man, especially one who is low on confidence and self-esteem.

To the pigs, pervs, and cheaters, strippers provide them with the very thing they can ogle on, fantasise about, catcall, and, if they get lucky enough, sleep with. Even when it turns out that they can’t touch a stripper after paying for a lap dance, they can still have their sexy eye candy and eat it too – for a handsome price.

To the gorgeous and successful men of the herd, strip clubs can be a venue for doing business and strippers can further stroke their ego. Throwing money to get the finest piece in a gentleman’s club is also part of power play.

Clearly, a majority of men would like to visit an adult club and most of them fantasise about seeing a naked woman dance in front of them.

Do men fantasise about sleeping with a stripper?

It is likely.

Strippers, after all, are readily accessible and can sleep with men without strings attached and expectations. They provide a kind of freedom lacking in a relationship.

What you may not know is that strippers don’t always sleep with clients, and any sexual activity that goes beyond a lap dance doesn’t happen in the club either, even in VIP rooms. It usually depends on the type of club and the clientele they cater to.

What men really want to sleep with is the fantasy of a stripper, a woman who is sexy, freaky, feisty, and will make all their sexual and erotic dreams come true.

So if you can be like that for your lover, he might voluntarily lessen the amount of time he spends in strip clubs.

How can you be the stripper of his dream?

Become the forbidden fantasy he wants

Strippers fulfil their clients’ fantasies, regardless of how kinky they might be. So think about what your lover deeply desires and make them come true.

Make the forbidden permitted.

Turn the mild to wild.

Has he spoken about buying mens sex toys? Explore the world of men’s sex toys and adult playthings.

Has he always been interested in role playing? Dress up and play the part.

Does he have some fetish you don’t know about? Time to let an obsession play out.

Add variety to your sex life

Apart from introducing toys and other ideas that are sure to break the monotony of your sex life, you should think about reinventing yourself once in a while.

Strippers come in many shapes and sizes, and if you can change up your looks every few months, you can keep your lover excited and looking forward to what you will do next or which look you will sport next.

Another alternative will be to role play and play the part of his fantasy French maid or naughty nurse.

Good sex also means adding variety to foreplay – fast or slow, and exploring different sex positions, from traditional to something unique.

Play hard to get

This may seem counterintuitive since men visit strip clubs because of easy access to sexy women, but some would be more than willing to pay top dollar just to enjoy the company of the “dream” stripper.

This is one way that strip clubs milk their clients, after all.

Throw your man a challenge to win your affection and for the privilege to sleep with you. This will make getting into your pants so much more rewarding and fulfilling.

Show some sexual aggression

When you’ve already played hard to get, do the exact opposite and be the sexual aggressor. Strippers go for want they want to get paid.

Woman Pleasing Her Partner

Photo: Woman Kissing Man’s Back

So be the first to make a move and don’t stop at mere seduction.

Open the door wearing nothing else but your stilettos, unzip his pants the moment he comes home, or join him in the shower and offer to scrub his back while purposely missing the parts of him that he wants to be touched.

Bring out the animal in him

Sex can be gentle and loving, but men sometimes want it to be primal and feral, something they can get from a stripper even when there is no sex involved.

The fight to get the best stripper in the house can be brutal, which is sure to amp the adrenaline. And when he wants to dominate her, she lets him just to please him. She is paid to make that happen, after all.

Since you are living out his stripper fantasy, forget about tame and mild.

Ask him to handle you roughly, rip your clothes off, or let him have his wicked ways with you at any time and place. You’re sure to reap the rewards that will have you purring like a kitten at one time and growling like a tiger next.

Borrow some of these ideas and be prepared to be ravished and pleased in more ways than one, because your man would want to sleep with your brand of stripper, which doesn’t include sleeping at all.

Once you become his dream stripper, make sure to share an active sex life with him. One of the reasons that men go to strip clubs is because of sexual frustration. After all your efforts? It will be a crime to leave him high, dry, and wanting.




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Be Your Man’s Dream Stripper


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