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How To Write A Press Release - Example And Free Sample Press Release Template

Press Release Templates And Tips On How To Write A Press Release


Writing a press release can seem confusing. Learning how to write a press release gets much easier with a little practice, but let's address one thing first. Why bother writing a press release in the first place ?

One thing that stands out about press releases is that anyone with any shred of credibility or looking for some will use a press release. Google may have you believe that they aren't as important as they once used to be, but if there's one thing I've learned about Google over the years is that not everything they say should be taken seriously. With that said, there's information that you should pay great attention to, there's information that you can dismiss and there's the information that you'll have to come to your own conclusions about. On the topic of press releases, I personally choose to dismiss any notion, be it Google or otherwise, that they don't hold much weight in the eyes of the all important search engine. I think press releases are still as important as ever, especially if you have something worthy of being syndicated through a press release service.

Press Release Ingredients

When you write a press release there are components that are common to any document that you are going to prepare for journalists and other news related personnel. Those common components are the following:

  • Headline
  • Subheading
  • Date
  • The Hook
  • CTA (call to action)
  • Body
  • Contact Information

Heading: On your headline, make sure that you have written something that is going to grab the attention of the reader. We're not talking about click bait here, but something that accurately describes what your press release is about. You are writing a headline that should compel someone to click on your release to read the content that you've produced.

Subheading: On your subheading, this should give the reader a bit more insight beyond what you've already written in your heading. In my eyes, these are larger breadcrumbs that entice the reader to want more information about your press release.

Press Release Date


Date: On the date, this is where you're going to display the date of your release and your city.. basically where the business is located.

The Hook: What you're doing here is grabbing the attention of the reader. What can you say to pull them in further to what you're writing about in your release ? Make this interesting, make the reader curious. I know that this is easier said than done, but there's always something that you can give a reader that they didn't already know so make sure that you do that in order to pull them into the body of your release.

CTA (call to action): In many press releases the reality is that the majority of eyes that come across it aren't likely to make it to the end. That's not to say that if you write a press release that no one is going to read it in it's entirety because that's simply not true. Nevertheless, with that said, it's not a bad idea to introduce your CTA earlier on in your press release. You have your own flexibility here in where you want to place your call to action. This link is basically an action that you want your reader to take. Do you want to lead them to a contest, to your website, to an email subscription page etc.

Body: The body refers to the content of your release. This is the meat of your press release and where you want all the "good stuff". If there's something that cannot be overemphasized it is to ensure that what you've produced is actually "news" and is newsworthy. These are two terms that you will hear consistently in the press release discussion. If it's not news, I wouldn't bother spending the money for a quality press release service. There are several press release examples of poor content that has been submitted to news outlets that never get syndicated because they aren't newsworthy. It is important to not lose sight of this as you are working towards developing and writing a press release.

Contact Information: In this section, it's very self explanatory. Make sure that you close your release with your company information. Journalists and news outlets want the details about your business and your brand so be sure that you are adding the necessary and pertinent contact details at the end of your story. This is where you get a chance to tell everyone who you are so take advantage of it.

I will provide 2 press release examples. You will see the components in these press releases written in regards to the Candid Writer blog. These examples will also serve as press release templates that you can use in order to write your own as well.

Learn How To Write A Press Release With Examples And Templates


Press Release Examples - #1

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Press Release Examples - #2

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There are instances where writing a press release is very appropriate. If you are going to run a contest, address changes to your brand, clarify a controversial issue, discuss huge profits, discuss new partnerships or upcoming changes.. press releases are very sensible outlets to communicate that information.

With that said, what you may have noticed in both examples that I shared is that press releases should "always" be written in third person. As you consider a press release service and to assess the quality as well, your release should sound as though you've been interviewed and not be written in first person. Your press release should be free of grammatical errors and be written professionally. Make sure that you proofread your press release and use tools necessary to ensure that you're publishing high caliber content that represents you as accurately as possible.

As I close this blog post, understand that press releases add credibility to you and your brand so don't shy away from them. The more newsworthy your release is, the more likely your story is to get picked up by hundreds if not thousands of news, media outlets and journalists which lead to more authority to your website and greater recognition for you and your brand.

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How To Write A Press Release - Example And Free Sample Press Release Template


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