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Top 10 : Best PlayStation 4 Games to Play With.

When it comes to providing folks with some of gaming's best today, the PS4 4 has become the place be. welcome to and today we'll be looking over some of the very best own for the Playstation 4.

Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games | IMFROSTY

For this list, we picked the biggest must have games for the PS 4 player as of the time of this post's release of course.

Number 10 : Ratchet & Clank (2016)

Ratchet & Clank | IMFROSTY

This game is based on the movie, based on the game took the franchise about the lovable mechanic and  his robot buddy back to where it all began while the film certainly didn't  change people's views on video game movies. It did lead to the creation of  one of the duo's most polished and  action adventures to date in  terms of video game saves. With many of the original worlds and characters getting full on updates to their designs, we were also treated to classic weapons like the gravitation returning as well as new additions like the pixeliser add to that the hilarious dialogue and you have one of the PlayStation heroes very best.

Number  9 : Rocket League (2015)

Rocket League | IMFROSTY

This Unique and innovative sports game  has taken the gaming community by storm. Partly due to it being free for PS Plus  users in the month of its release. Since  then rocket league has only grown thanks  to the many thrilling matches we played  with our friends both online and on the couch. While the idea of replacing  football / soccer players with cars is  hilarious. It actually proved to be a unique  concept forcing players to not only drive fast but also cling fast as well, with a wide variety of modes to play  from and new ones constantly being added.  It's a must-have for those of you who are geared up to take the cup. 

Number 8 : Overwatch (2016)

Overwatch | IMFROSTY

As the new team based shooter designed  by blizzard, Overwatch opened the doors  to get another brand new world of theirs full of fast-paced action. Set in a  futuristic earth after the Great War with machines, you and your teammates. Play as one of the unique characters from this world in order to partake in  various missions against opposing  players. What makes each match thrilling  is how each player contributes to their team by utilizing the unique aspects of their character and how they can be used to get the edge over the opposition with  so many engaging battles to partake in. You'll be spending hours just to see your team in the winner's circle one more time. 

Number 7: Battlefield - 1 (2016)

Battlefield 1 | IMFROSTY

Talk about turning something old into something new, this latest entry to the explosive FPS Series gave us a much different look at the Battlefield franchise. As it took us all  the way back to the world-changing event, that was the great war. Not only were we given an action-packed campaign that looked at some of the worst most significant battles from unique perspectives but we also got to experience our own war stories with multiplayer matches reaching up to 64 players. The game also managed to reproduce a  relatively authentic World War one experience thanks to its realistic guns,vehicles and war zones.

Number 6: FIFA 17 (2016)


For those of you, who like to keep your football / soccer at its roots this  latest edition of the long-running  sports series gives you just that and a lot more. As the first in the franchise to use the tunning frostbite engine. The bar was set even higher thanks to the including up some new attacking techniques as well as an active intelligence system being better implemented. What ended up being the biggest surprise  though was the introduction of a story  mode, in which you follow a young up-and-coming player known as Alex  Hunter as you journey with him and his team through the Premier League engaging in  player-driven choices that are actually similar to those found in mass effect.

Number 5 : Doom (2016)

Doom 2016 | IMFROSTY

A welcome return of one  of the industry's biggest game changers. This newest entry to the legendary shooter managed to capture the past paced action that made the original doom. A classic while also bringing with it  many of today's FPS facets but not too many.  As you journey through the abandoned  Mars base and surface of Hell will not  only come across plenty of demonic monsters but also a wide arsenal which  you'll use to send them packing, With new inclusion such as upgrades take down and an amazing soundtrack you have a truly epic game to blow off some team with, It feels nice.

Number 4: Metal Gear Solid 5 : The Phantom Pain (2015)

Metal Gear Solid 5 - The Phantom Pain | IMFROSTY

The Metal Gear series has definitely been a huge selling point for multiple PlayStation consoles and phantom pain really isn't any different. As the capital Hideo Kojima's long run on the masterfully created series.  Phantom pain took everything to a whole  new level  thanks to the addition of a large open world companions and the opportunity to really customize how you want to proceed  with the games many missions. While admittedly the story was  rather underwhelming and unfinished it didn't take away from how this the key managed to push the stealth action genre to new heights.

Number 3: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  (2015)

The Witcher 3- Wild Hunt | IMFROSTY

While the first and second with your games  sadly never found their way onto a  PlayStation console. CD Project RED finally opened their doors to play station owners with arguably their best in the series. Set in a fantasy world during the Great War you play as the witcher garel trivia as he embarks on a quest to save his  former pupil series from the dark forces known as the Wild Hunt. Not only was much of the combat reconfigured to be much more user-friendly to console players but the world was scaled to be larger than ever and filled with plenty of unique question characters that shifted the world and its people's own stories.

Number 2: Bloodborne (2015)

Bloodborne | IMFROSTY

While the debate as to whether Dark Souls should be given the pic was closed in the end blood-borne ended up  taking the spot due to its exclusivity on the PS 4 set in and around the city of the Arnhem. You play as a hunter on the  night known as the hunt seeking an entity known as pale-blue ID. In order to bring an end to the city suffering you must fight your way through some of gaming's most horrific and deadliest beasts not only is the game setting one of the  most gothic we've seen to date but the  out of inclusions of such thing as trick weapons and faster gameplay make this one nightmare. We won't soon be forgetting.

And finally, Without kipping you wait further more !!

Number 1: Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End (2016)

Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End | IMFROSY

When it comes to showing off the best of what sony has to offer Naughty Dog is at the very front of the pack. As the developers last ride with the charming adventure nathan drake. Naughty Dog gave us yet another incredible journey as Nate is reunited with his brother to finish the hunting started for the biggest pirate treasure the world has ever seen. Not only did we get one of video games finest conclusions but we were also treated to some of the best action  set-pieces to grace video games with new mechanics like vehicles and the grappling hook helping to launch Drake's  adventure to new and thrilling heights. You'd be foolish to miss out on this.

Do you agree with our list? But what PS 4 Games do you think are a must-have?  For more on the latest updates on Games, Tutorials and Technology stay tunes and be sure to subscribe to IMFROSTY.

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Top 10 : Best PlayStation 4 Games to Play With.


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