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How Phil Made $506,777 Online Using Shopify In 9 Months! (Shopify Success Story)

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When you hear those words "making money online" you instantly think it's a scam right?

How could this be true? Does it really happen?

These are things that go through our head and naturally that's ok.... because it always sounds to good to be true.

That's exactly how I used to think 3 years ago then I decided to actually try one of these methods and open my mind a bit.

The outcome? I built 3 million dollar companies and best of all helped others get started as well.

You see people don't get it, the fail rate for offline businesses is really high, In fact offline businesses fail more than online businesses. So my question is, why is something online always a "scam". The only scam was me not doing something about it and actually taking action.

If your stuck in the mindset that you think this online world if a scam then you shouldn't be here. If you want to take action and actually start making money online particularly with drop shipping and Shopify then read on.

We will get into Phil soon but you need to read the story first so this all makes sense to you. 

Back in 2015 I released a method called "The Franklin Hatchett Method" Well, it went viral and that's what it got named. 

It was the make money dropshipping method using a platform called Shopify. This was actually the best way to make money and still is because you have no up front cost on products.

It's just crazy how well it actually worked for people who took action.

Now, I was doing this myself but noticed other people were actually doing it and getting results as well from my blog post when I posted about it

It was crazy really. This is the first person who got results from there Shopify store after taking action and doing what I posted about.

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I was like WOW! Ok this just isn't working for me, it's working for others as well.

So as time went on more results started coming in.

Fast forward to 2016 I started working on a community Training center that completely changed the game.

In 2017 I released the training and It completely changed the drop shipping and Shopify market forever.

You see, no one had a structure and they were lost. Who do you follow? What do you do?

So after creating the training and releasing it the results started coming in like crazy. 

The first student to get results? Phil!

Phil actually made a video for me when he started getting these results. Check it out!

Need more proof?

This is an email Phil sent me as well.

Franklin! Didn't Phill make $500,000 with Shopify? Don't worry it's coming.

You see, this is when Phil first started my training and results like this were unheard of. No one was helping people get results like this because the training they joined didn't work.

In fact, Im one of the only ones online actually doing Shopify myself and have my own stores. 99.9% of people teaching this stuff don'e even do it! Scary! This is why I have to put my name all over my images because they steal them. How sad is that!

Now, if you want to learn how to start an online business for free then this really is the method because there is no upfront cost.

As Phil went on tweaking his store and adding more products he started to make even more money.

It was crazy he just implemented what I actually teach and the results didn't slow down.

So let's check out the big $500k!

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Phil is on the right and you might notice two more images, those are two other students crushing it!

It's not about learning how to sell on Shopify, it's about taking the right action and actually following proven methods.

That's what Phil did! He followed a proven method that was laid out in a way he understands. 

My training has also been mentioned in magazines all over the world!

Now Phil made this money by finding products on ALiexpress then uploading them to his Shopify store, then he went out and did Facebook Advertising. This is how he did half a million dollars in 9 month!

So would you like results? I mean, you have come this far right? 

Now, of course results are not typical for everyone however, if you actually follow training from someone who actually knows what to do then you have a damn good chance of getting them.

First of all, if you want to just check this stuff out then click the yellow boxes on this page, you will be sent 3 days of FREE training. Yeap, Free.

The free training will help you understand how to use Aliexpress and find products to sell. This is fine but if you really want to master the drop shipping skills you need to start earning money with Shopify you need to jump into some REAL DEAL training.

If you haven't heard, I run the training platform called eCom Elites.

It truly is a one of a kind system that my students have used to create amazing results. In fact we have 100s of shopify success stories.

Look I get it, trying to learn how to start an online business is hard because where do you start? That's the hardest part trying to figure that out. Once you get past that hurdle it's a lot easier.

So, where do you start? Right here....

You start by diving into some good training!

You can go back to Google and Youtube searching, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together or you can get all of this and actually start winning.

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    Amazing Support That Goes Beyond! World Class Support Like no Other!

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If you want to actually start getting some sales from your store then this is for you. I know your interested in Shopify or you already own a store because you found this on Google.

Maybe you want to know why everyone else is making money with this but you keep having trouble? That's fine I can help!

I'll see you inside. Click "Start Here" and you can get inside eCom Elites today. I do close this sometimes so I can help my current students hands on.

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How Phil Made $506,777 Online Using Shopify In 9 Months! (Shopify Success Story)


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