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The WooRank Checker: What is It and Why You Shouldn’t Care

What Is the WooRank Checker? It Actually Shouldn’t Matter

As a business owner, you probably get multiple emails from marketing companies with the subject line:

  • Steve, I present to you the report….
  • SEO Audit – New Opportunities!
  • Free Website Audit Tool
  • Website Being Harmed – Act Fast!

Screenshot of email subject

You’re probably curious what this report has to say. It can’t do any harm right? Well, if this information is based off of Woorank findings, you’re more than likely going to be presented with high-level, “scare-tactic” findings and not true, deep-rooted, analytical data.

Many—if not all—of these metrics are highlighted without any clear reasoning as to why. Some digital marketing companies will use this WooRank checker as a sales/poaching tactic. These mass produced, automated email campaigns are sent with intent but not with statistical information. They reach out to you with their findings outlining issues that were flagged by WooRank but in reality are minor and presented to you in a way that is negative.

For example:

Alleged Claim: Your car is performing terribly! You should just let me sell it for you, what do you think?

Reality: Your car’s tires are a little flat, which could be the reason for the slight decline in gas efficiency. I would suggest you fill them up a bit to get optimal efficiency.

Now, how about a digital marketing example:

Finding: Your website speed score is really low right now. Google is going to bring down your search engine results because this is important to them.

Reality: Your website speed came back a bit low. This is most likely could be because of the chat feature on your website, which in turn is additional coding for website crawlers to read on the back-end. Google does stresses an importance on UX, however your website is loading perfectly efficient for the user to interact with, your score may just be computing this way because of how it’s reading code on the backend.

You see the difference? WooRank reports are not findings that should alarm you. In fact, a digital marketing company that uses these fabricated reports to prove they are an “expert” should be a red flag within itself and—quite frankly—is an insult to you as a business owner.

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Where to Go From Here?

A true expert digital marketing company is one that believes in determining the “why” and not relying on one variable to find it. We at Blue Corona whole-heartedly believe in this philosophy—and we show it by performing custom analyses using a wide range of tools, as well as only reporting on the details that will really make a difference. We use a wide range of tools because different tools specialize in different things, and each website we look at requires us to analyze different factors.

WooRank Alternatives

When it comes to determining the best course of action for your website and its performance, there is a magnitude of tools that will blow it out of the water. There are many routes you can go when it comes to a WooRank alternative, but how do they compare?

WooRank vs Moz

If you don’t know about Moz, you should. Moz is a comprehensive marketing analytics software company that provides industry-leading tools for SEO, link building, social, and content marketing in order for you to get the best gauge on your business from a digital marketing prospective. Some of the greatest Moz tools on the market are:

  • Moz Local
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Rank Tracker
  • Open Site Explorer
  • And more!

WooRank is able to populate some of the information that the Moz tools can but not to the in-depth level extent. If you do not think you can these tools to fullest, use a digital marketing company that partners with them!

WooRank vs SEMRush

Have you ever wondered not only how your website is performing but how it stacks up against your competitors? Meet SEMRush, a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research. This all-in-one marketing tool kit gives you the proper competitive intel you need as well as identifies potential opportunities. With WooRank, you don’t get insight like this on your “quick” SEO report.

WooRank vs Raven

How do you take all of your tracking/marketing efforts such as the Google Suite, social media platforms, direct mailing campaigns, and more, and bring it all under one roof? If you answered NOT WooRank, you’d be right—but if you answered NOT WooRank AND Raven, you’d be double right!

Raven is an online marketing tool that is designed to efficiently manage SEO, online ad campaigns, and social media conversations. This WooRank alternative provides you the freedom to research, track, manage, and monitor to the utmost efficiency. Edgar Allen Poe would be proud.

WooRank vs HubSpot

HubSpot, similar to Raven, allows you to bring all of your marketing efforts together and aids in the ultimate goal of converting visitors to your website into leads and sales.

You can also use HubSpot to seamlessly create visually appealing landing pages without asking your IT or website team to do it for you. Not only do these pages look great, but you can also be sure that they are responsive and provide a positive user experience regardless of the device a potential customer is using. According to WooRank reviews, this definitely not something you’re able to do.

WooRank vs Alexa

Developed and maintained by Amazon, Alexa is a website traffic analysis tool that delivers vital information and data on website traffic, monthly searches, keyword usage and variations, and much more. This robust SEO tool gives you the visibility into your website’s performance and how it compares to your competitors.

Alexa has globally become a critical tool in determining a website’s growth and success. This tool provides actionable insight and utilizes a proprietary methodology to calculate ranks. These scores are based on your website’s combined estimated average of daily unique visitors and pageviews. Because of WooRank’s high-level approach, you won’t be able to gain information like this. “Alexa, show me what I can do to boost my website’s ranking?” It will.

Partnering With the Right Marketing Company

Upon giving this a solid read, I’m sure you’re wondering where you should go from here. First and foremost, don’t panic if you are oh-so-generously provided with a WooRank report. A high-level overview and digital marketing façade shouldn’t outweigh the true underlying meaning of what truly matters.

Next, partner with the a digital marketing agency that utilizes a multiple number of SEO tools, digs deep into custom analyses, and approaches each client on a case-by-case basis to uncover data and identify opportunities, like they should be.

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The WooRank Checker: What is It and Why You Shouldn’t Care


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