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SEO strategies that your competitors do not take into account

SEO strategies that your competitors do not take into account

SEO strategies

What is SEO? “SEO” is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization,” which in free translation means “search engine optimization.”

In order to better understand how it works and what benefits it brings to your site optimization, I’ll tell you how your site Traffic evolves from an optimization campaign. Traffic quality increases as you’ve optimized all of your content and pages and are relevant to certain searches and keywords. The fact that your visitors are more relevant after optimization than before will be reflected in the amount of sales or leads. The amount of traffic just now is important. If before optimization you could have had hundreds of thousands of visitors on your site, they might have searched for auto parts and have come to your laptop business website. Obviously, all those visitors were irrelevant and would not have bought anything because they were not interested in your products. Only after you have optimized the site well, the amount of traffic becomes important to you. If we initially talked about the quality of traffic, now that quality traffic will become more and more numerous, which will lead to an even greater number of sales or leads coming from organic traffic . Everything I say in this Article can be done by yourself if you have a blog or a small site, but if you want to do it well, you need to go to an online marketing agency . Why do not your competitors take advantage of organic trafficking? The fact that SEO brings long-term results and that it takes a lot of patience and steel nerves to get good results, most people choose the easier way, namely PPC. Some Google Adwords or Facebook Ads campaigns convert on the first day or the next day, but the “black” side is that once you stop investing in promoting these channels, conversions stop. Even if it takes a few months to get to the top 10 on powerful niches, once you get there, you can stop investing in the SEO campaign, which will not stop the conversions that come to your site from the organic traffic that you receive daily. Here is the time to stop reading a little and to think of a minute you choose if you put yourself in this situation: optimizing the site for long-term results or spending the entire budget on PPC campaigns? If you chose the first option, you can still read to see the  SEO strategies that your competitors do not take into consideration .

The 6 Basic Components Of A Strong Seo Strategy For Online …

Aug 3, 2012 Every time Google rolls out an algorithm change, business owners panic — and they should. Here are 6 elementary components that should be part of your SEO strategy this year.

Structured data (

Even though the implementation of structured data may seem like a well-known strategy and perhaps a little obsolete, being an initiative launched in 2011 and becoming popular in 2014-2015, there are still many sites that have not implemented it. More specifically, structured data indicates to search engines that data from a given page are relevant to the results. You mark certain sections of the page to indicate that those sections of content are the price, the author’s name, the product name, the sizes, the colors, the rating provided by the users, etc.

By doing a simple search on Google, we found a result that shows us the user’s score for a particular product without having to enter the site. In addition to providing more details to potential visitors and helping to increase the relevance of a particular page in search results, you will receive more and more visits due to a much better clickthrough rate.

Optimize the site for mobile devices and for the best loading speed

As early as 2015 (May), Google has published a report saying that the number of searches on mobile devices has exceeded the number of desktop searches. Two years later, we still have a lot of sites that are not optimized for mobile or loaded extremely hard and you have to wait a while before you can see all the information. You must know that these things should have been long gone online, especially since Google has already gone to the next step by implementing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP offers webmasters the ability to implement small site changes to load up to 4 times faster (almost instantly). Those who choose to deploy AMP will generally rank better than the competing sites they have so far been peer-to-peer, aiming to deliver results that will not prevent mobile users from accessing the pages offered on the page search results.

Focus on content!

The content has been and will remain one of the most important components in getting organic traffic relevant to your business. At the moment, complex and long content has an edge over short articles, given that Google believes that they provide pretty much all the information someone might need when looking for a response. This preference for long and complex articles came from the multitude of articles that for a long time represented only rewritings of the same ideas, but in different words. Now the situation is repeated a little and the results started to be full of both types of content. Many take advantage of this favoritism in complex content and write as much as they can to make sure they do not take too long to start receiving organic trafficking through articles. Most likely, long articles will no longer be “preferred” by search engines, and what matters is the relevance of the information and how much information you can include in an article as short as possible. Try to write articles with a length of about 1,000 words to include all the information someone looking for that article would look for. This technique does not fail today and will keep you relevant in the future.

How to build an SEO strategy to dominate your market

May 15, 2017 Do you want an SEO strategy that goes beyond incremental growth? One that is defensible by being inherently more difficult for your competitors to replicate? And one that sets you apart from your competitors? Then you’re in the right place, because that’s exactly what we’re going to outline here today.
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SEO strategies that your competitors do not take into account


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