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Email Marketing, How to Grow a List, Segmentation & Automation!

Email Marketing

You can't do Email marketing if you don't have a list. Before you can do anything you need to grow a list, I'm going to walk you through how to grow your list, and some order thing you need to keep in mind, and how you can get started on your own.

If you don't know about email marketing you probably going to learn a lot. But if you're super advanced, you might learn a little.

There are 4 type of email

  • 1. Acquisition -  For lead generation, e-commerce site, or a product promotion.
  • 2. Traffic to Content - If you have a blog, you can use email to do content marketing.
  • 3. Newsletter - Company news
  • 4. Retention and Engamanet - 90% of businesses online don't take advantage of this. I will get more into that.

How do you grow your list? Here are 12 things you can do

1. Start with Freinds and Family Customers

2. Offer a Tripwire - I mean a free course download, something value that you can offer to people, and they are going to put in their email address in order to get it. I believe all website should have some tripwire strategy.

3. Create a Tool - When people use that tool, they have to put in their email address in order to use that tool. That could be a great way to get a ton of email address coming in.

4. From Abandonment Email Capture - When someone fills a form, then you can capture their email address, but be very careful doing that.

5. Webinars - When somebody signs up for your webinars, you get their email address

6. Free Trial

7. Exit Pop-Ups - When somebody is leaving your site. 

8. LightBox Popups ( Activated on click) You can have it on your site sidebar

9. Post Specific Popup or Download - You can go through your Google analysis and look at you top landing page report, and then craft individual popup for each of those landing pages, and you can start capturing email right way

10. WebcomeMat / Page Take Over - This is when you come to a website, and then they take over the entire page, and they put something in front of your face, those actually work really well, but I don't do them.

11. Global Bars - When you have a bar at the top of the website

12. Quiz ( Using Tool like Woobox and facebook )

That is my 12 step to grow your list. But Keep the following in mind.

Gather As much data as possible

1. Where they came from

2. What url they came on

3. How Email was equated

4. Personal details

If you have this, that is really going to help our next step.

Let Jump Into The Types of Email

1. Content Marketing - You have a blog post and you're sending it out every time in your post, maybe weekly, they work really well, they got people back to the website.

2. Automation ( Drip Campaign) I think most people don't really do a good job taking advantage of automation, what I mean is 

For example

  • Somebody that sign up for free trial
  • And then you send follow-up emails maybe 5 email in 3 days, getting them to engage with the free trial, getting them to come back in, log in, use the service.
  • Maybe once they do sign up, a post-conversion email that encourages them to come back and use it again

3. Promotion Emails

4. Order Starts Emails

5. Shopping cart Abandonment Email  - If they are filling out your lead form, or they are going through your checkout process, and then they leave. You can email them a couple of time and say hey why don't you come back and complete the transaction. Maybe offer them 10% off.

6. Reorder Email ( Before Time Runout) You send them an email to come back

7. Newsletter Emails

8. Cross-Sell Recommendation Emails - For example, If I buy jeans on Amazon, and they know that people who buy these jeans also like this shirt. That would be a great time to cross-sell recommendation email

9. Event Emails

10. Lead - Marketing Emails

11. Co-Marketing Email - Let say I partner with website development company, and I'm a marketing company, we can co-marketing emails together. We can do a join blast between multiple lists.

How do you get started on your own?

1. Start with Newsletter and Content Marketing

If you're doing a blog post or you have company news, you should be doing that, just to get in front of your customer and keeping them engaged.

2. Product or Service Promotion

If you're launching a news service like email marketing, you definitely going to send that out through email and let everybody know.

3. Automation and Cart Abandonment

People don't really get into the automation, that is usually toward the end. Any type of business can have automation, just think about what your strategy is.


What I would leave you with here today is, think about the 4 type of email, think about how to get started, look at the way to grow your list and circle around to figure out what makes sense for you.

This post first appeared on Smartseoworld, please read the originial post: here

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Email Marketing, How to Grow a List, Segmentation & Automation!


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