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Communities Condemn Blog Posts

Its Crowded Now · 07:59 13 Sep 2023
Video games, once characterized by pixelated graphics and simple beeping sounds, have undergone a remarkable evolution. Today, they offer immersive, lifelike experiences that can rival block… Read More
Slapgate’s Lessons
Legal News In India,… · 10:30 08 Sep 2023
By Sanjay Raman Sinha The shocking incident when a government school teacher Tripta Tyagi was booked by the police for ordering a Muslim child to be slapped by his classmates in a school… Read More
The Tarot Nook | Pro… · 01:38 08 Jul 2023
Tarot cards are a form of divination that originated in the 15th century and are commonly associated with fortune-telling. In Islam, the practice of divination is generally considered haram… Read More