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Charter Review Committee Blog Posts

Boomer Lifestyle · 07:25 22 Jan 2018
We essentially ran a big campaign right after [Portuguese player and Nike sponsored athlete Cristiano] Ronaldo scored a goal, which was triggered in real time and produced an incredible amou… Read More
Mage Soapbox · 15:47 21 Dec 2017
"The Whoppers of 2017" by Eugene Kiely, Lori Robertson, Robert Farley, and D'Angelo Gore - 12/20/2017SummaryWe first dubbed President Donald Trump, then just a candidate, as &l… Read More
Lgstarr · 06:13 26 Nov 2017
From Clark Baker (former LAPD officer):ALL governments are corrupt. Our primary philosophical difference is that conservatives seek to cure corruption with smaller government, while leftists… Read More
Mage Soapbox · 16:49 17 Jul 2017
"As Media Focuses on Russia Collusion, Trump Is Quietly Stacking the Labor Board with Union Busters" by Michael Arria, In These Times 7/14/2017It might not get as much press coverage as othe… Read More
Swamp Creature
Green Goddess Vv · 13:50 12 Jul 2017
If you recall the Il-Douchebag-in-Chief's promise to drain the swamp was like many other of his businesses - bankrupt.If you have not read the fascinating book, Dark Money, I urge you to put… Read More
Iain's Blog · 03:27 04 May 2017
Donald Trump is an American businessman, television personality, and the 45th President of the United States.Trump's proposals include elements from across the political spectrum. For exampl… Read More
Pierre Would Be Appalled
Northern Reflections · 12:38 26 Jul 2016
Sometimes silence isn't golden. June 21st marked the anniversary of the passage of Bill C-51. When Justin Trudeau's party voted to pass the bill, they did so saying they would change it subs… Read More