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Caraway Cumin Blog Posts

Unlimited Recipes · 18:42 25 Aug 2023
Harissa paste is a spicy condiment that originates from North Africa, particularly Tunisia. It features prominently in Maghrebi (North African) and Middle Eastern cuisines. The main ingredie… Read More
Professional Quick A… · 16:52 12 Aug 2023
ingredients 750 g leg of lamb 4 pcs large potatoes 1 pk capers 2 pk green peppers 1 pk large onion 2 cloves garlic 2 dl sterilized tomatoes 1.5 liters water 1 pk small potato for grating 1… Read More
Professional Quick A… · 06:19 04 Aug 2023
Wraps stuffed with boiled eggs, salami, ham, peppers, cheese and mushrooms, baked until golden brown, sprinkled with cumin. Ingredients: 300 ml buttermilk 500 g smooth flour 200 g hard c… Read More
Flaevor · 07:18 27 Jul 2023
Table of Contents What is Cardamom? What are Cardamom Pods? What does Cardamom taste like? Cardamom uses in cooking How to use Cardamom Pods in cooking Whole Cardamom Pods Grinding whole… Read More
Professional Quick A… · 20:55 13 Jul 2023
ingredients 500 g pork shoulder 1 pk onion 2 tbsp oil 1 to taste salt 1 KL cumin 1 KL ground black pepper step Stewed pork with sauerkraut and dumplings. 1. Cut the meat into larger pie… Read More
Professional Quick A… · 21:59 17 Jun 2023
ingredients Cesto 1 kg plain flour 8 dl water 1 dl oil 2 tbsp granulated sugar 1 tbsp caraway seeds 1 tbsp salt 42 g yeast water for rubbing for sprinkling whole caraway seeds and coarse sa… Read More
Professional Quick A… · 14:14 09 Jun 2023
ingredients 1 kg potato 2 pcs egg 2 PL flour 2 PL oil 1 KL ground red pepper 1 dl water salt ground black pepper 1 handful parsley 1 KL cumin step 1. Fry the flour in the oil and add the… Read More
Professional Quick A… · 07:25 17 May 2023
One of the variations on Arabic bread made with coarse white bread flour, dried yeast, warm water and Roman cumin. Ingredients: 500 g of coarse white bread flour 7 g dried yeast 1 pk eg… Read More
Professional Quick A… · 12:47 09 Apr 2023
ingredients 2 dl sour cream 1 pk egg 40 g plain flour 150 g mushroom to taste salt, caraway seeds, lemon juice step 1. Whisk the egg, flour and salt in the sour cream. Clean the mushrooms… Read More
Professional Quick A… · 09:52 02 Apr 2023
Recipe from the Giant Mountains for beer soup served with croutons of toasted bread. Ingredients: 400 g of hard bread 40 g of butter 250 ml/td> sour cream 1 l fresh beer/td>2 tbsp… Read More
Professional Quick A… · 05:48 01 Apr 2023
ingredients 4 pcs tilapia fillet pcs olive oil pcs salt pcs ground black pepper pcs caraway juice 4 sprigs rosemary pcs butter pcs cumin 1 pcs red bell pepper (cut into squares) 1 pcs green… Read More
Flaevor · 16:31 20 Mar 2023
What is Garlic Powder? Garlic powder is a cooking enhancement or spice made from dehydrated garlic and is used as a substitute for fresh garlic. The process of making garlic powder involves… Read More