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Bernie Sanders Blog Posts

Is A Four-day Work Week Enough?
Odd Man Out · 10:00 19 Sep 2023
Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders representing Vermont has been on the media trail as of late promoting a European practice. Not a new idea in the world but an unapplied thesis in America. Fra… Read More
Crunch Time
Test Sandbox Updates · 12:01 18 Sep 2023
Presented by Sallie Mae®: Delivered daily by 8 a.m., Morning Money examines the latest news in finance politics and policy. Sep 18, 2023… Read More
El UAW En Huelga… ¡Otra Vez!
Autosmk · 02:35 17 Sep 2023
Los directivos de la UAW (Union Auto Workers), parecen decididos a perjudicar nuevamente a los fabricantes de autos estadounidenses con una huelga que, contradice a cualquier tendencia de la… Read More
3 Ways To Naturally … · 00:00 12 Sep 2023
In 1976, biologist Richard Dawkins defined the term "mimeme" (or "meme" for short) as a unit of cultural transmission.[1] It is defined as a concept, idea, behavior, style, or usage that s… Read More