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What Do Pleiadians Eat? Diet For Ascension To Gain Extraordinarily Abilities

what do pleiadians eatWhat do Pleiadians eat?

We have had a lot of people ask us What do Pleiadians eat, and today we will reveal this answer!

Pleiadians  may look like humans but they do not act like humans, and they definitely do not eat like average humans!

Eating affects everything about a human. Eating can kill you or make you stronger, that is why Pleiadians take the upmost responsibility and awareness when they are deciding what to eat.

Pleiadians KNOW that Food is one of the best and most efficient way to heal the physical body. Eating is an action EVERY Pleiadian takes seriously.

Let Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine thy Food

Food is one of the most important necessity to a human survival on Earth. The way humans have eaten for years has nourished our bodies and kept us alive.

Food gives us the sustenance we need to carry out all the physical tasks we do from day to day. Of course there are ways to get energy that do not require food but we shall go over that in this link here.

Today we will talk about not only what Pleiadians eat but also HOW a Pleiadian will eat.

what do pleiadians esat

Vegan is Good for our health and the animals we eat!

Pleiadians look at food very logically. When consuming food, you want to consume food that is not only natural to your body, but also food that nourishes you and gives you strength.

The Earth provides humans with many delicious and natural food sources meant to strengthen and nourish our bodies. Seeds, Fruits, and Vegetables are a main and simple source of food the Earth offers us completely free.

pleiadians farm animals abuse eat calf cattle cowsMany Pleiadians have chosen to be vegan especially in this day in age for a few reasons. One of which is the way our animal farming industry grossly and inefficiently abuses, uses and kills animals at an alarming rate.

56 Billion animals are slaughtered each year, this is EIGHT times more than the human population, yet we still have poverty and starving humans.

56 billion animals being raised, fed, WATERED, inseminated and then murdered, only to go to waste. No human in their right mind could stand behind this grotesque practices especially a Pleiadian.

Good Food equals Good Mood

You may say or think humans are carnivores but you must think again and look at humans closely. They have the same teeth as horses, cows and all the monkeys, not meant to rip apart flesh but to tear through nuts and seeds.

Humans also have hands that helps us grab the fruits from trees unlike carnivores with paws and claws. The intestines are also the same as horses and monkeys, long so they can properly take in the nourishment from what eaten.

This is unlike carnivores who’s intestines are very short, so that the meat can pass with speed. Food is a main cause for cancer and other digestive diseases, eating things our bodies cannot properly process greatly harms humans.

Could you buy your meat (that’s usually been dead at least 4 weeks) and eat it raw with no sauce or seasoning?

We are not saying all meat is bad, however before your meat is killed its pumped full of stress and adrenaline that you then take in heavily affecting the way you look and feel.

pleiadian woman spiritualYou Are What You Eat

All Pleiadians are well aware that we are what we eat. But, what exactly does this mean? It means you take on the vibrational resonance of what you are eating.

So if you are eating heavily traumatized animal meat you are taking in extremely low vibrating frequencies thus affecting you on many different levels.

When you eat what the Earth freely provides you are taking on natural and earth frequency foods that bring you to a calm and healthy vibrational level.

All humans, Pleiadian or not should be heavily affected by commercial farming industry and their practices. To enter into the high resonating vibrational level we wish to attain for heaven on Earth, these primitive and abusive practices need to come to an end.

One cannot Think Well, Love Well, or Sleep Well if One has not Ate Well

What we eat is important to not only our health but our energetic vibrations. The Pleiadians have taught us something else along with this.

The Pleiadians know that what you eat is just as important as HOW you eat. Do you get your food, and gobble it down as quickly as possible with no appreciation for its source?

Many people do, because they experience an energy of lack in some area of their life. Pleiadians have taught us that we must stop, and appreciate our food before we consume it.

We must eat mindful and aware of where our food comes from and who provides it. Mother Earth should always be acknowledged and thanked not only before we eat or drink but also while we are eating or drinking.

To stop and savor our food in each bite is to give great thanks to out Mother Earth who has given us this food for free, also while activating your digestive tract to better help you receive all the nourishment from our food.

When you shift your frequency you holographically transmit the information on how it was done to the collective consciousness . Others then may access this information if they so choose. You give people who are struggling assistance and reassurance that it can be done by simply being the living example -Wendy Kennedy (Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian)

Pleiadians do not live like average humans, because they are NOT average humans. Pleiadians are aware and mindful of what and how they consume to better assist themselves in better assisting humans with their ascension process on Earth.

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What Do Pleiadians Eat? Diet For Ascension To Gain Extraordinarily Abilities


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