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How Does Hepatitis A and B Spread? (2017 Complete Guide to Hepatitis Mode of Transmission)

Introduction to Hepatitis 

Hepatitis is a disease which occurs when the human liver is inflamed. Depending on the type, it could last for a short time or for a very long time.

The type of hepatitis that lasts for a short time is called acute hepatitis while the one that lasts longer is referred to as a chronic hepatitis.

Hepatitis can be classified into three groups - Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. These groups are different from each other because they are caused by completely different viruses. They also have different methods of transmission. However, for this article, we shall only discuss hepatitis A and B.

What Causes Hepatitis?

Hepatitis can be caused by a wide variety of things. However, the certified and most notable causes are toxins in the body, intravenous consumption of certain drugs, excessive intake of alcohol, severe diseases and infections caused by virus or bacteria.

How Does Hepatitis A and B Spread? 

Hepatitis A is a liver disease which is caused by the consumption of infected food and water. It can also be caused by having sexual intercourse with someone who has already been infected. According to medical experts, this disease is not very dangerous. This is because it only lasts for a very short time especially if it is treated properly and on time.
A lot of people who successfully recovered from the disease will never suffer from it again in their entire lifetime. Nevertheless, there is a small percentage of the victims of this disease that die due to fulminant hepatitis. Most times, it easily explodes into epidemics in small rural communities. When that happens, it impacts the life of the users economically, physically and emotionally.

Hepatitis B is another disease that affects the liver as a result of inflammation. When you contract this disease and you get treated within a short amount of time, it is called acute hepatitis B.

However, if it took a long time to get treated or persisted all through your life time, then it is likely that you are suffering from chronic hepatitis B.
You have to know that the longer the disease stays in your body, the more your liver gets damaged. And when that happens, it becomes almost impossible for the victim of this disease to recover fully if at all.

Normally, chronic hepatitis B is most common in children. This might be due to the fact that their body is not yet well equipped to fight this kind of disease.
Another important thing to know is that most times, you might never be aware that you are carrying this disease. At the beginning, it makes you feel as though you are suffering from flu.

This alone highlights the importance of visiting your doctor as soon as you start noticing some symptoms in your body. The symptoms of hepatitis B include belly pain, fatigue, dark coloured urine and yellowish eyes.

How is hepatitis B transmitted? - The mode of transmission is normally through the blood. Therefore activities like sharing a shaving stick, a toothbrush or even hair clippers are likely to get you the infection.

To prevent contacting hepatitis A and B, try to always drink safe drinking water, eat non-contaminated food, have sex with condoms and do not share anything like razors that encourages blood exchange with anyone. Also, try to go for regular medical checkups and identify those suffering from these diseases in your locality.

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How Does Hepatitis A and B Spread? (2017 Complete Guide to Hepatitis Mode of Transmission)


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