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The Darkest Shore Walkthrough – Call of Duty: WWII Wiki Guide

This page contains the Easter Egg walkthrough for The Darkest Shore, the second Zombies map in Call of Duty: WW2.

The Darkest Shore map takes our heroes to a desolate island and immediately thrusts them into action. The soldiers our heroes came to the island with are immediately taken out and converted into zombies. Wipe out these zombies to begin the main quest.

Note: There are two mounted machine guns on the beach that you can use to easily mow the zombies down.

After eliminating all of the zombies, unlock the locked door (750 Jolts) on the Beach and then the second door (1000 Jolts) to the Bluffs.

Follow the Beach Passage onto the Bluffs and unlock the U-Boat Pen door (1500 Jolts) immediately to the left of the Bluffs door.

Head into the U-Boat Pen hallway and turn on the power switch next to the Saw Gun table. This is the first power switch out of two and is responsible for activating the other locked doors.

To get to the second power switch, exit the U-Boat Pen hallway from the direction you came from and follow the outside passage to find another locked door (1250 Jolts) to your immediate left. Unlock this door to gain access to the Bunkers.

You need to then open the locked door (1250 Jolts) that is to your left when you enter the Bunkers to gain access to the Overlook.

Once in the Overlook unlock the door to the Artillery Bunker (1500 Jolts). The second power switch is nestled in the corner of a room in the Artillery Bunker.

Once these two switches are powered on, it is time to build the Saw.

The Saw Gun is a new weapon that you will need to complete The Darkest Shore Easter Egg. The Saw is bound to your D-Pad so it will not take the spot of a primary weapon.

To build the Saw, you will need to find two parts. The first part you need is the Saw Handle, which is located in the Artillery Bunker. The Blade will either be right next to the second power switch, on a desk near the Artillery cannon, or on a table opposite of the power switch.

The second part you need is the Saw Blade, which is located in Bunker 3 on top of a dead body next to the Pack-a-Punch terminal. You will have to unlock two more doors to reach this area.

Once these two parts are collected, head back to the U-Boat Pen hallway and insert the parts onto the Saw Gun table. The Saw Gun costs 2500 Jolts to purchase. One player on your team must purchase the Saw Gun in order to advance to the next step of the Easter Egg.

With your newly forged Saw, you can ‘melee’ attack a zombie by holding LT+RT and then press Square (X) to harvest the spine of a zombie.

Harvest zombie spines until you harvest a glowing spine. Harvesting a glowing spine will bring up a glowing red meter on the bottom left corner of your HUD.

When the meter shows up, take the Saw back to the work table in the U-Boat Pen hallway. Once the Saw is back on the table, you must kill zombies near the table to take their souls and feed the Saw Gun.

This will take about 20 zombies and will ultimately give you the Ripsaw Gun. The Ripsaw Gun costs 500 Jolts to obtain and shoots out Saw blades. Note: To harvest zombies with the Ripsaw Gun, get a running start and hold your melee button to lunge and harvest a zombie.

EditFind the Secret room and the Monk Head

To find the secret room, you must go to the Bunker location and ride the mine cart at Bunker 1 down to the Beach.

There is a lever in front of the mine cart that can be toggled to change the destination of the mine cart. Make sure the lever is toggled on to STRAND.

Note: Be sure to have plenty of grenades for this next encounter! (Sticky Lethal Grenades seem to work the best)

When you enter the mine cart (costs 250 Jolts to ride) there will be bomber zombies on the tracks. Kill the first two bomber zombies you see but on the third bomber zombie, chuck your grenades at it.

If done successfully, the bomber zombie will explode and blow open a hole in the wall it was standing next to. The hole in the wall is right across a bunch of rockets inside the mine cart tracks. When the hole is blown open, you can hold interact in front of it to jump out of your mine cart and into the secret room area.

This area is very tiny and your team can easily be overtaken by zombies if you are not ready!

Once inside the area, walk up to the strange looking door and hold square to collect the Monk’s Head. A notification will pop up telling you that you did this if you collect the Head. Once collected, head back to the other side of the small area and hold interact to land on the Beach.

There is a corpse hanging upside down right outside of Bunker 3 and the Pack-a-Punch location. With a Ripsaw Gun, shoot off the head of the corpse and collect the head off the ground.

Take the corpse head and the Monk Head back to the U-Boat Pen.

NOTE: Inserting the corpse head onto the headless corpse will trigger a difficult encounter. It is highly recommended to purchase weapons, Power Ups, and unlock Pack-a-Punch before doing this encounter.

Place the corpse head onto the headless body and the ‘charging’ phase will begin.

This encounter is similar to the Saw gun where you have to kill zombies near the corpse to charge it. Once enough zombies have died and charged the corpse, the corpse will come back to life and start talking to you.

The next phase is to avoid the fires and turn on the three valves. The three valves are located in the corners of the U-Boat Pen platform and will initially be blocked off by flames on the ground.

The flames will randomly light up other parts of the platform so keep an eye out! Once the flames in front of the valves are extinguished, turn on the valves. After all 3 valves are turned on, the door where the corpse is hanging will open, gruesomely tearing the corpse in half. Once this door opens, a very tanky flame thrower zombie will drop down.

Kill him by shooting the tanks on his back and you will move on to the next step.

This next step is not required to complete at this very moment but it is highly recommended to do so. Head toward the Bunker area from the U-Boat Pen area. There are three Artillery guns: one in the Bunker, Bunker 3, and the Overlook area. It costs 750 Jolts to use a Artillery Gun.

Man these guns and eliminate the Bombers trying to shoot at you. During this phase, zombies will come and try to attack your guns so cover your teammates on the guns.

Once enough bombers are eliminated, a prompt will appear letting you know that you have completed this phase. Taking care of this now will prevent these bombers from dealing damage and potentially killing you later on in the Easter Egg.

Return to the Freezer and you should see two terminals in front of you. You can place the previously obtained Monk Head on the left terminal and interact with the right terminal to spawn a Bomber zombie.

This Bomber zombie is friendly and your new objective is to protect it from other attacking zombies as it makes its way up to the Artillery Bunker.

The Bomber zombie is immune to your weapons but does not have much health from the other zombies. Once it reaches the Artillery Bunker, the Bomber zombie will load the Artillery Cannon and perish.

Kill zombies near the Artillery Cannon to charge the weapon (similar to the Saw gun and Corpse door).

Once the Artillery Cannon is loaded and ready to go, you must repair the broken radio. The radio is on a table just outside the Artillery Bunker and next to the first Mystery Box spawn.

To repair the radio, you must collect two parts:

  • Radio Part #1 is found on a dead body right when you enter the Bunkers area.

  • Radio Part #2 can only be found after eliminating the Bombers so if you have not done that part of the Easter Egg, complete it now. Once the bombers are all eliminated, go to the Bluffs and head over to the passage that leads to Bunker 3 and the Pack-a-Punch. If you look up on the cliffs, you will see the corpse of a pilot hanging from wreckage. Take your Ripsaw gun and shoot off his hand for the radio part.

Take these radio parts back to the Overlook and repair the radio.

Once the radio is repaired, you will hear a quite lengthy monologue from Doctor Straub. He is sending Battleships to destroy the island and you must use the previously loaded Artillery Cannon to stop these ships.

There are three control panels in front of the Artillery Cannon: the left control panel moves the cannon up and down, the right control panel moves the cannon left and right, and the middle control panel fires the cannon.

You will need to find the battleships and position the Artillery Cannon to destroy the battleships. Your character will give you dialogue as you position the cannon to aid you to the correct position. Destroy the ships to complete this portion of the Easter Egg.

The next step in the Easter Egg is to unlock the door within the secret area. To do this, you must collect three skulls.

  • Skull #1: Use the Artillery gun on the Overlook and blow up the huge rock on the left edge of the overlook. The rock will take a couple of shots from the gun so keep shooting it. The skull will drop from the rock onto the Beach.

  • Skull #2: Use the Saw gun to harvest a charged zombie spine. Take the spine and put it in the bucket next to the Monk Head terminal in the Freezer room. The spine will disappear and the terminal will spawn a friendly zombie that will run toward the Beach. Follow the zombie and watch it wade into the water and return with a skull. The zombie will then die and drop the skull for you.

  • Skull #3: The third skull is hidden in rocks attached to cliffs. This is purely a guessing game and will require you to walk around the Bluffs and Bunkers and shoot out the cliff-attached rocks with your Ripsaw gun. Eventually, a skull will drop out of a rock for you to pick up. Note: You most likely will have to shoot out multiple rocks before the skull is available to pick up.

Take the skulls to the secret area and insert them into the door. Note: You will not be able to use a weapon while holding the skulls.

Once the door opens, three spider zombies will await you on the other side. This is a good opportunity to try and harvest one of their spines with your Ripsaw gun. If you are not able to harvest them, just kill them off and return to the Beach. (You can harvest the spine of a spider zombie during fog rounds).

There are three sacrificial phases you need to complete in order to advance. You can do these phases in any order you would like.

If you were successful in harvesting a charged Spider Zombie spine, take the spine and drop it in the bucket next to the Monk Head terminal in the Freezer. Once you do this, a fog round will start and you must listen for a scream. This is a spider zombie screaming and you must locate it based on it’s screams. There will be other spider zombies attacking this screaming spider zombie so kill them off as soon as possible. Keep following and protecting the screaming zombie until it retreats and the Monk head speaks to you. Go back to the secret room and the screaming spider zombie will appear. Many zombies will begin to spawn and you must kill the glowing spider zombie. Do this correctly and it will drop a ‘Anointed Meuchler Head.’ Pick up the head and it should hook on to one of the fishing hooks in the secret room.

The Pests are quick moving zombies that are often missing limbs. You must harvest one of their charged spines and drop them into the Freezer bucket. Once this step is complete, the terminal will spawn a friendly pest that you must ‘charge.’In order to charge the pest, you must bounce the ripsaw blade off glowing panels scattered on the map. The panels are located in these locations:

  • U-Boat Pens: The first charge panel is behind the two pillars to the left of the U-Boat. It is outside the map so look past the U-Boat. Bounce your ripsaw off the blue panel to hit your pest.

  • U-Boat Pens 2: The second charge requires two panels, one of which needs to be exposed by throwing a grenade on it. There is a covered panel next to the staircase leading into the hallway that can be blown up with a grenade. Once this panel is exposed, shoot your ripsaw blade at the higher yellow panel and it will bounce around and hit your pest when it is in the correct spot.

  • Bunker 3: Follow your pest outside and expose the panel right above the entrance to Bunker 3. Once this is open, stand above this newly exposed panel and look up to shoot the blue panel. This will bounce around and eventually hit your pest when the pest is located beneath the blue panel.

  • Overlook: There are three panels you need to expose here. The first one is right above the Mystery Box spawn and is purple, the second one is across from that panel and is blue, and the third panel is left of the Artillery gun and is yellow. Once these are exposed, stand next to the Artillery gun and shoot the yellow panel as it is coming out of the Artillery Bunker. The ripsaw should bounce and hit the pest perfectly.

  • U-Boat Pens 3: You need five panels for the final charge. There is a hidden panel next to the power switch that you need to expose. Once this is exposed, stand directly next to the Saw Gun table and shoot the panel. This must be timed well and will most likely take multiple tries until you hit the pest.

After all these steps are complete, head back to the secret room and kill the glowing pest that will spawn. There will be many zombies h

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The Darkest Shore Walkthrough – Call of Duty: WWII Wiki Guide


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