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Overwatch: Spot Blizzard’s Easter Eggs in the New ‘Blizzard World’ Map Trailer


StarCraft, Warcraft, DIablo, Heroes, and Hearthstone. It’s ALL here.

Greetings fellow Heroes! Blizzard just released the trailer for a new Overwatch map coming soon called Blizzard World. It’s a Blizzard-themed amusement park that doubles as a museum chock-full of cool references. Though the trailer is relatively quick, we see a ton of Easter eggs and cool nods to all of Blizzard’s franchises. Let’s run through all the different references we can find:

Right off the bat we get a look at a section themed around the World of Warcraft Alliance city of Stormwind, and the Stormwind heroes – these massive statues that flank the bridge leading into the city.

These are the Alliance heroes that traveled through the dark portal into Draenor to seal a rift and were memorialized in stone. On the left you can spot Kurdran Wildhammer, Thane of the Aerie Peak, Archmage Khadgar, and General Turalyon, the leader of the expedition, in the background under the archway.

We get our first sight of some Diablo-themed architecture: the Cathedral of Tristram in the foreground and the Crystal Arch of the High Heavens (which Diablo destroys in Diablo 3) that’s supporting Blizzard World’s roller coaster.

In the next shot there’s quite a bit going on, but the most prominent things on screen are a deployed Terran siege tank from StarCraft right next to a Terran Ghost Academy structure. Just above the tank you can see a Zerg overlord in the background, and right below that even farther in the background you get a glimpse of the Protoss city of Aiur.

It’s not actually from a Blizzard game, but it is connected…

Next we see a sweeping shot of Blizzard World, and the new fixtures here are the floating Ziggurat of Naxxramas, The Nexus on the right, and a ferris wheel with the symbol of the World of Warcraft Darkmoon Faire.

The most out-of-place thing in the shot is the orange balloon in the background. It’s not actually from a Blizzard game, but it is connected. It’s the Great Park Balloon, a floating observation deck in Blizzard’s home city of Irvine, California. Finally, we see the main gate of Blizzard World, and though we’ve seen him before on a banner earlier in the trailer, we get the best look at the Blizzard World mascot: the super cute murloc holding a flag.

Another one of the park’s attractions called Flight to Duskwood is in the next scene. Duskwood is a sort of a horror-themed Alliance territory on the Eastern Kingdoms continent in World of Warcraft, so maybe this is Blizzard’s answer to the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. The great eagle on the track is a nod to the Alliance flight paths, and right below it, if you squint real hard you can spot an Alliance mailbox and a sign that says, ‘You must be this tall to ride’ sign.

Afterwards we get a look inside the Hearthstone Tavern, its bright glowing symbol in the background, and a bunch of cups and plates suggesting this tavern might be the park’s cafeteria. Following up on that we get a new shot that shows some Protoss probes mining mineral crystal and way in the back you can spot a few posters of the Protoss hero Artanis.

There’s a ton to unpack in the next shot: The hanging shark from Booty Bay is on full display and just behind it is a Murloc Island set piece in the center of the lake. This is also our best look at the Darkmoon Ferriswheel (get it?) in the background, flanked by some Horde banners.

There’s an excellent food pun Named Snack Shop called Snaxxramas!

We get an up close look at The Nexus Experience connected to the Pylon Terrace by catwalks, which seems to pretty closely resemble the layout of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. That’s followed by an up close look at the exterior of the Hearthstone Tavern, a better shot of the Flight to Duskwood, and an excellent food Pun Named Snack shop called Snaxxramas, with Naxxramas floating above it.

Over the next few shots we get to see the rest of the Stormwind Hero statues: Force Commander Danath Trollbane and Ranger-Captain Alleria Windrunner. And just after, down below the probes you can spot the Heroes Arcade, which houses some Murloc skee-ball machines and Heroes-themed air hockey tables.

One last fly-through of the tavern has a nod to the Warcraft and Warcraft 2 box art. In fact, that image of the orc and human facing one another has been remade many times over the years. There’s a Hearthstone game board that looks as though it’s mid-game, and signage for the Lost and Found Vikings – a play on The Lost Vikings.

A quick tour inside the Cathedral of Tristram shows us the throne of a Diablo staple, the Skeleton King. This sign right after confirms this particular attraction is called Reign of the Black King, which is fitting.

As we pull back from the trailer, we see it’s a commercial for the theme park in the Overwatch universe, being watched by Winston, Tracer, Bastion, and Torbjörn. There’s a plushie of the half-onion, half-octopus Pachimari sitting there on the table, next to a jar of peanut butter we can only assume belongs to Winston.

We hear Tracer say, “I can’t wait to get on some rides,” an obvious nod to how ridiculously long the lines can be at Disneyland.

Last but not least, the brand of television they’re watching is called a Samwise, which is a riff on Samsung, but really a reference to the name of Blizzard’s Art Director, Sam “Samwise” Didier.

What do you think of the new map? Did you spot something we missed? Let us know below!

Brandin Tyrrel is an Editor at IGN. You can talk to him on Twitter at @BrandinTyrrel.

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Overwatch: Spot Blizzard’s Easter Eggs in the New ‘Blizzard World’ Map Trailer


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