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South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Review

Ubisoft has created the ultimate gaming experience with The Fractured But Whole. The game sees the gang followed by your own custom Character. It follows the segments in the tv series where the kids play as superheroes with the most notable being Cartman as The Coon and Butters are Professor Chaos.

As you begin it follows on from the side-splitting humor ride that was South Park: The Stick of Truth where you battled out in a game of thrones esque style. The overhaul of the past game to this new installment hasn’t really changed but what they have added I feel makes The Fractured But Whole that much better. Cartman decides to “travel back in time” to assemble his superhero friends to save a cat and in doing that they decide to split and build their own franchises to earn mega money just like Marvel and DC are currently doing with their respected cinematic universes.

As you’re creating your character you can choose from basic appearance options available but when choosing your difficulty this is where it gets a bit naughty, but it wouldn’t be a South Park game if it never had that instilled into it. The darker shade of skin you go for determines the difficulty of the game. But for those of different heritage don’t worry it just refers to the object that is dropped by enemies. The combat system has its own difficulty but we will cover that shortly. Following that it just shows the level of fucks that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have (creators and directors of the South Park franchise).

When you’re playing Ubisoft have done a remarkable job in making the game look and feel just like an episode you would watch in the series, all the old characters are around from Towelie, Mr. Hanky, Gay Fish and even Big Gay Al (who has some hilarious missions). Apart from those returning characters the general characters from the series are still there from Kyle, Stan, and Kenny to Craig and Token. They all feature which is great but some are actually hilarious like Timmy who is handicapped he plays the role of a Professor X like character and Jimmy who is also handicapped is a speedster like the Flash, I feel like that a nice little nod in the direction to them as they were abused in the last game (just look up Jimmy the Bard from TSOT).

This game is packed full of side quests to fill the time spent following the main quests all which add to you leveling up and unlocking more abilities for your said character. The combat has been improved from TSOT, you can now move around the battle area like a chess board and decide where stand to avoid certain attacks, you can also build up your squad, from the off you have the likes of Kyle and Craig to name a few lending aid to you on missions. The combat has three levels of difficulty but the game is really easy you just need to plan your attacks wisely. The character development is simple as well, the game is classed as an RPG but for RPG fans from games like Fallout and Skyrim, the level of customisation and development to your character isn’t up there on that scale.

You also have phone features that have an effect on the game like Coonstagram which is a rip off of Instagram, you take selfies with bystanders to gain followers which boosts your level and superhero profile. Whilst you’re moving about the town you will get notifications from Coonstagram from your followers, some will ask for help some will comment on your pictures. The only downfall with this feature is your character can’t respond which makes it funny but pointless.

There are shit tons to do in the town of south park, some are tedious and the rest you just have to but it definitely follows up TSOT really well. The way the story is written is fantastic and the overview of the game is stunning…well compared to the new Forza game graphics aren’t exactly 4k but it’s south park it’s all about the story and the gags.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Review
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Bloody Hillarious
Huge game with side missions to keep you occupied
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Not enough depth in upgrade system
Rib Tickler...CHECK!
I found TFBW to be fun and enjoyable to play, it kept me engaged for hours. For a fan of the main show, I loved all the cameos in the story and the way the town was mirrored to the image portrayed in the series. The story is current and is hilarious and they followed up from TSOT so well.

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South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Review


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