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Member Of Bilderberg Group Invested 55Mil USD In Blockstream

The too-big-to-fail insurance giant AXA is one of the main owners of Blockstream – and they’re throwing around millions of dollars to any dev/troll/censor who opposes Satoshi’s simple and safe roadmap for on-chain scaling.

Now the conflict of interest had already begun since 90% of Bitcoin Core developers that have commit access and the refusal of upgrading the main-chain for a safe 2MB hard fork upgrade in order for their technology to be profitable.

Anyone who has been following Bitcoin closely over the past couple of years should by now be well aware of the issues being debated For the unaware, a primer:

The Bitcoin network is currently at max load, and today is capable of processing approximately seven transactions per second. This was not part of the original design of the Bitcoin protocol, and the 1MB block size limit was added in 2010 by Satoshi Nakamoto himself as a temporary anti-spam measure.

Failed Consensus In 2017 Because Blockstream

After long discussions and perfect consensus called NYA (New York Agreement) in which 58 Bitcoin companies located in 22 countries have agreed with 2MB Hardfork + SegWit, the Blockstream & Bitcoin Core developers have silently gone against and declared all companies in the agreement nongrata. As a 2MB on-chain upgrade would have rendered Lighting Network & Liquid unprofitable. As by the saying of another bad actor of Bitcoin, Samson Mow declared in an interview that currently Blockstream is in R&D mode and yet to profit in 2019 off Lighting & Liquid networks.

Full Censorship By Bitcoin Core Developers For Anyone Promoting On-Chain Scale.

The existence of censorship in some of Bitcoin’s most prominent communities has started since the Block-Size debates in which the original design of the Bitcoin protocol and the 1MB block size limit was added in 2010 by Satoshi Nakamoto himself as a temporary anti-spam measure. So everyone proposing the hard-fork increase would have been bashed by Maxwell Greg, Adam Back & Samson Mow together with an army of bots & trolls.

Some don’t believe the censorship is problematic, or refuse to acknowledge that it is censorship at all. Here’s Blockstream CEO Adam Back:

[email protected] vote stuffers basically succeeded to censor good-faith bitcoin discussion. theymos tried to make it more usable by censoring that.— Adam Back (@adam3us) November 5, 2015

[email protected] @drwasho that is 90% of what theymos is doing too, though he also deletes other stuff, no one is perfect. you volunteering?— Adam Back (@adam3us) November 5, 2015

And Blockstream CTO and Bitcoin Core developer, Gregory Maxwell:

“But /r/btc at this moment is smoking hot proof that /r/bitcoin is doing something right and that it’s not just a question of moderator punishment.” (Source, archive)

And Blockstream contractor and Bitcoin Core developer Luke-jr:

“I am not aware of any evidence that /r/Bitcoin engages in censorship.” (Source, archive)

“Manipulating public opinion is not censorship” (Source, archive)

“/u/theymos is one of the most anti-censorship people I know” (Source, archive)

And Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd:

“Roger [Ver]’s ideas aren’t getting censored, they’re just not getting listened too. [sic]” (Source, archive)

The Outcome of Blockstream Takeover of Bitcoin Commit Access & Code

  • Small blocks, high fees and slow confirmations create demand for off-chain solutions, such as Liquid.
  • Blockstream sells Liquid to exchanges to move Bitcoin quickly on a side-chain.
  • LN will create liquidity hubs, such as exchanges, which will generate traffic and fees for exchanges. With this, exchanges will have a higher need for Liquid.
  • This will be the main way that Blockstream will generate revenue for its investors, who invested $76 million. Otherwise, they can go bankrupt and die.
  • One of Blockstream’s investors/owners is AXA. AXA’s CEO and Chairman until 2016 was also the Chairman of Bilderberg Group.

So people ignoring this and creating a clout over this subject are most likely bots & paid shills by Blockstream in order to protect their investors money and not BITCOIN. Due to their interest Bitcoin had split in multiple networks affecting overall the whole community & Bitcoin Value. The reason why Bitcoin couldn’t upkeep the mass adoption that was going to happen when reached at 20,000$ due to clogged network in order for them to promote their “new” product Liquid & Lighting Network.

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Member Of Bilderberg Group Invested 55Mil USD In Blockstream


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