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Providing small group leaders practical tips and resources to lead transformational small groups. Leading a small group Bible study is one of the most important things a person can do if called to do it. This blog will help ease the difficulty and maximize the impact of each group leader as they deliver their best service for God.
2019-11-09 02:58
When one of my small group members was raving about this dish, I was skeptical. Cabbage usually gets a mixed reaction from people, at best. I was wrong. He made a huge quantity of fried… Read More
2019-06-15 20:14
Is humility on your list of leadership traits you want to develop? Humility is recognized as an important quality for leaders to possess. In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins identifie… Read More
2019-05-01 00:58
What is one of the most difficult skills for new small group leaders to learn and do? It’s allowing silence to remain in the middle of a discussion. Why is this? Silence Is Awkw… Read More
2019-02-02 16:51
How long has it been since you wrote a thank you note to someone? Handwriting a thank you note used to be a common practice. That was before the age of emails and text messages. It doesn… Read More
2018-07-25 01:47
Get Smart was a comedy television series in the sixties about secret agents. It was one of my favorite shows to watch when I was a kid. The good spies worked for an agency called CONTROL an… Read More
2018-06-11 15:00
Think of a time when you were hungry. How did you feel? What was your state of mind during that time? Why are we told it is a bad idea to go grocery shopping when we are hungry? Hunger can… Read More
2018-06-07 14:05
Voice assistants have become extremely popular in many households. There are two Amazon Alexa devices that we use in my home. Not sure what I’m talking about? What Are Voice Assistant… Read More
2018-03-30 10:41
My small group enjoys starting our time together in conversation while eating some snack foods. We rotate responsibility for bringing snacks to our gatherings. This ensures a variety of foo… Read More
2018-03-06 09:29
Think of a time when you attended a conference or church service when you heard something you thought could make a major difference in your life, but only a few hours later you couldn&rsquo&helli…Read More
Small Group Leader Tips From The Web #003
2018-02-26 06:02
There are some great leadership resources on the Web (as well as Small Group International) that contain helpful tips we can apply as small group leaders, Here are some of my favorite artic… Read More
2018-02-09 11:24
Have you thought about the best time to ask an icebreaker question? When you ask this type of question can make a significant difference in member participation for the duration of the disc… Read More
2017-06-20 10:43
I couldn’t make it to class. My job required me to be on travel the night of an important class. I would miss the teaching, discussions, and in-class exercises during the three-hour V… Read More
Small Group Leader Tips From The Web #002
2017-05-19 13:45
In addition to the small group leader tips being posted at Small Group International, there are helpful tips continually being developed and published on other websites. I spend a significan… Read More
10 Bible Verses For Encouragement
2017-05-13 23:24
Small group leaders need to be ready with Bible verses for encouragement. All of us will go through difficult seasons in life. For some of our small group members, those seasons can seem end… Read More
Small Group Leader Tips From The Web #001
2017-04-29 21:27
In addition to the small group leader tips being posted at Small Group International, there are helpful tips continually being developed and published on other websites. I spend a significan… Read More
2017-04-12 12:05
Do you expect all your small group members to have a certain type of quiet time? Do they get as excited as you do about certain ways to worship God? Preference on Ways to Worship God I feel… Read More
2016-12-12 18:30
Mark Sanborn was asked about what changed in leadership over the last 30 years. If you aren’t aware of who Mark Sanborn is, just do a quick Web search. He is a world-recognized expert… Read More
2016-11-21 14:00
Scenario 1: Your small group leader complained in the middle of the meeting about your tardiness. He told you he couldn’t believe you didn’t know the definition of sanctification… Read More
Use Holidays To Connect With Your Community
2016-11-05 10:00
Halloween provides a dilemma each year for some Christians. Do they or do they not participate? Some Christians choose not to participate. Some create their own events as an alternative, usu… Read More
2016-10-29 10:00
Small group is a place where people feel safe learning about God and exploring how to be more like Jesus. But these groups are not limited to Christians. People who are seeking can be among… Read More
2016-10-22 11:55
The movie was starting in about 10 minutes. But another show was already playing. A man and his teenage son were sitting in front of me. A woman and her daughter walked up to their seats whe… Read More
When Small Group Members Disagree
2016-10-08 10:13
There are times when your small group members will disagree with each other. Each of us has formed personal opinions based on our understanding of the Bible, what we’ve been taught, w… Read More
Benefits Of Short-Term Small Groups
2016-10-01 15:40
Short-term small groups are awesome. They shouldn’t be considered any less important than the longer term small groups that are typically talked about. Short-term small groups have th… Read More
How Do You Spend Your Time?
2016-09-24 15:10
Do you dread taking the time to prepare before each small group meeting? Do you procrastinate keeping in touch with your group members between meetings? Or do you look forward to making eac… Read More
Where Small Groups Meet
2016-09-15 18:30
People learn better when they are comfortable, eating food and having fun. This makes the location and set up of small groups important. Because of this you may think that a small group meet… Read More
Become A Transformational Small Group
2016-09-12 18:06
Do you lead a transformational small group? To answer that, you need to know what it means for people to be transformed. This is the simple definition of transform from Merriam-Webster: Tr… Read More
Stop Procrastinating By Time Blocking
2016-08-29 00:54
Time blocking is a simple technique that produces tremendous results. Small group leaders have several tasks to carry out each week to lead a healthy group. It is easy to procrastinate some… Read More
Leading An Inter-Church Small Group
2016-08-23 02:30
The very first home-based small group I participated in was organically formed. It wasn’t associated with any church. We attended three different churches and lived in two different c… Read More
How To Lead Group Prayer Time
2016-08-14 10:00
Prayer is powerful. Our prayers tap into the unlimited power of God. We glorify God through our prayers. We get through difficult times through prayer. We change as our prayer life grows st… Read More
Christian Bloggers I Met For A Challenge
2016-08-09 02:23
Over the past week, I have been taking part in the Problogger 7 Days to Getting Your Blogging Groove Back Challenge. It continues to be both fun and challenging. I included a list of the blo… Read More
5 Ways To Guard Your Heart
2016-08-09 01:05
Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” Proverbs 4:23 (NLT) What Is Your Heart? In the above verse, Solomon was not writing about your physical… Read More
Best Food Ideas For A Small Group?
2016-08-07 19:58
Building friendships is an important part of small groups. There is no better way to encourage personal conversations to take place than to have food in the room. There is something about th… Read More

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