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Ham - Nye, answering a point from Nye or two

Bill Nye in Nye-Ham debate:
You hear a lot about the Grand Canyon I imagine, which i s a remarkable place, and it has fossils, and the fossils in the Grand Canyon are found in layers. There is not a single place in the Grand Canyon where the fossils of one type of animal cross over into the fossils of another. In other words, when there's a big flood on the Earth, you would expect drowning animals to swim up to a higher level. Not any one of them did, not a single one. If you could find evidence of that my friends, you could change the world.

Actually, nearly everything in GC is water living creatures without spines. Only at the very top do you get land creatures.

Water creatures without spine do not exactly feel they are "drowning" because there is a lot of water.

The kind of clams and such that we find in GC survived elsewhere outside the Ark, in precisely water.

They do not climb.

They got buried in mud, they come in layers as mud of different thickness and of differently big or differently shaped content made spontaneous layers, one can presume. At least such experiments have been made for different sizes of sand grains.

Bill Nye, again:
That is unique, and here’s my concern: what keeps the United States ahead, what makes the United States a world leader, is our technology, innovation, our new ideas.

US is apparently world leading in Science. It is also world leading in - Creationism.

In France, Creationism is viewed as a US specialty, like "junk food" such as hamburgers, pop corn, potato chips and a few more.

So, US has at least a reputation for being world leading there too.

Bill Nye:
If we continue to eschew science, eschew the process, and try to divide our science into observational science and historical science, we won't move forward and embrace natural laws, we will not make discoveries, we will not invent and innovate and stay ahead.

Observational and historic science are different processes. Realising this is far from making the observational or operational one (historic too uses observations, operational reminds us historic is not giving us the means for new technologies) harder to do.

Transcript available here, I hope:

When I argue against evolutionists, it is very often under youtubes in comboxes and it very often comes directly to another blog:

Assorted retorts from Yahoo Boards and Elsewhere

On this one, I more usually argue about specific points, and it seems other Creationists have more talent than vociferous Evolutionists to raise these in trackable ways.

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Ham - Nye, answering a point from Nye or two


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