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In case anyone thinks I am a Theosophist, I am not.

Again reading a Theosophist account of origin of man, again not agreeing.

« At first, it appeared as though the Cro-magnon exile was proceeding as planned, but within a thousand years it became obvious that very serious oversights and assumptions had been made. The concept of prisoners remaining in a primal state was shattered when our ancestors began creating a microcosm of interstellar civilization. Earth, for the first time in its history, became witness to art, architecture, animal husbandry, agriculture, written languages, advanced mathematics, technology, law, religion and government. It also became witness to the atrocities of modern man. And, instead of interbreeding with other species, we began the systematic manipulation and/or destruction of other life forms. »

This is very heavily indebted to :

  • thinking Neolithic revolution was earliest discovery rather than rediscovery (after Flood) of agriculture ;
  • thinking Neanderthals knew nothing of agriculture and were not mentally apt for it ;
  • thinking Neanderthals were wiped out rather than absorbed ;
  • above all, thinking Neolithic revolution was 10,000 years ago and « hominids » had been here for millions of years. Or hundreds of thousands, at least.

Against this, the Bible informs us ;

  • Adam knew of agriculture and Tubal-Cain of metals before the Flood (certain circumstances indicate that remains from « 10,000 years ago » or Neolithic revolution were in fact post-Flood ;
  • all men come from Adam, so Neanderthals, if post-Flood, certainly recalled agriculture, though they would have been living in an ice age in the time of Nimrod, and thus would have been unable to cultivate any larger pieces of land ;
  • if Neanderthals were pre-Flood, they may have been wiped out, but remains of Neanderthal genome in Europeans show at least one daughter in law of Noah would have been of them, if they were post-Flood they would be part of the table of nations and therefore probably still there, though in mixed form ;
  • above all, through chrono-genealogies, Heaven and Earth were created 5199 BC, Flood was 2957 BC, there is no time for this crap of 100,000 of years (« without agriculture ») or even 10,000 BC.

And, as it happens, I did some work on making a coherent model (if not necessarily the true one, that could need some more research I cannot do, beyond my attempt, or even be inaccessible to Doomsday) in modelising the Carbon 14 buildup.

Here is what I consider my best attempt :

New blog on the kid : Avec un peu d'aide de Fibonacci ... j'ai une table, presque correcte

And other parts of same series (links to all msgs in top of each) among other things and discussions also contain other attempts. Attention, it is in French.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Sts Cyril and Method

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In case anyone thinks I am a Theosophist, I am not.


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