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Like the Night and Day in Succession - Let Remembrance and Gratitude Follow Each Other

وَهُوَ الَّذِي جَعَلَ اللَّيْلَ وَالنَّهَارَ خِلْفَةً لِّمَنْ أَرَادَ أَن يَذَّكَّرَ أَوْ أَرَادَ شُكُورًا

wa huwallazi ja'ala laili wan nahari khilfatal
liman arada an yazzakara ao arada shukra

And God has made the night and day in succession
for whoever may will to remember or will to be grateful.

~ The Qur'an 25:62

Think about the cosmic miracle as how night and day works in succession, following each other in such a seamless fashion without failing.

Yes modern science may explain the physics, the movement, the mechanism, the play of light and shadow behind it all, but that's just the outward explanation after the grand design has been put in place!

Yes we may think we know it all, becoming so caught up with our tiny knowledge of the cosmos and the creation.

And yet God is calling us to pay attention to the inner working that glorifies the Masterful Creator.

In one of the most beautiful chapter of the Final Testament revealed to mankind, God is drawing the parable of the night and day that follow each other - and telling us that within our heart, like that, may the state of remembrance of the Divine and being grateful to His Gifts follow each other.

Remembrance is a function of higher consciousness. Consciousness is a Divine Quality bestowed upon human being.

The quality of remembrance is an unique gift given to mankind through our superior quality of our mind that has the freedom of choosing what it wills to remember.

In the creation, there is high and low of all phenomena. The highest human being can remember is his Divine Nature and its Source, the Divine Itself. The lowest condition of a human being occur when we forget about our Divine Nature and what is left is our animal instincts.

What is Prayer but the Remembrance of what is Highest? Is Payer and Supplication anything but a realigning of our consciousness to the higher call of our heart and soul?

Gratitude is the most natural expression of the heart once it realize its natural blissful state that is the default condition of the soul.

Only very recently the study in human psychology revealing all the benefits of gratitude. Happiness that the heart feel is directly proportional to its ability to be grateful.

Gratitude is proving to be one of the most important and essential emotional state of human being.

To Remember the Divine and becoming Grateful for all that is,
that's the entire DO & BE of this beautiful journey as HuMan.

In the above verse of the Qur'an Night and Day is followed by Remembrance and Gratitude.

In meditation on this Sign of the Qur'an the following thoughts came:

Like Night and Day are two cosmic phenomena that is reflected in the Natural World or Macrocosm- so within us, within the Microcosm, our Nights should be dedicated to Remembrance / Vigil / Contemplation of the Divine and the Day should take on the Natural State of Gratitude of all the innumerable Gifts  We are Bestowed by the Our Most Generous God.

Traditionally speaking night vigil has always been the spiritual practice of the illuminating souls. It is the natural time for Remembrance. Call it Tahajjud or night vigil or meditation, its there. Its the practice towards achieving maqam al-mahmuda (praiseworthy spiritual station of excellence).

The day is the natural time to seek the bounty of God and we can never count the so many blessings in which we find ourselves all the time. Thus Day is the Time to be Grateful. May all our waking hours turn into moments of Grateful blissful state, for that is how we can again become like Children of God and may be granted our rights into the Kingdom of God.

May in our grateful state we utter the following prayer:

"I am profoundly blessed, far more than I am even aware of in saying and expressing that.
May I be a blessing to others, and may my gratitude match and precede my blessings."

In the outer cosmos:


Like that, in our inner cosmos, may:


Until we're DISSOLVED
in the arms of

~ Sadiq M. Alam / Mirpur , Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Like the Night and Day in Succession - Let Remembrance and Gratitude Follow Each Other


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