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Crotchety, confessional, conservative Lutheran commentary on religion, culture, politics, and life; laced with irony, sarcasm, and humor.
2016-12-19 06:10
O Root of Jesse19 December Here follows the third of the O Antiphons with Scriptures, Latin and English texts of the antiphon, a Latin hymn stanza, and the English versification from the hym… Read More
+ Adam And Eve, Our First Parents +
2016-12-19 06:00
19 December, Old Testament Adam was the first man, made in the image of God and given dominion over all the earth (Genesis 1:26). His name may be variously translated "earth," "dust," or "cl… Read More
2016-12-18 06:00
O Lord and Ruler of the House of Israel18 December This is the second of the O Antiphons with Scriptures, Latin and English texts of the antiphon, a Latin hymn stanza, and the English versif… Read More
2016-12-17 06:10
O Wisdom from on High17 December This is the first of the O Antiphons with relevant Scriptures, Latin and English texts, the corresponding Latin hymn stanza, and the English versification fr… Read More
+ Daniel And The Three Young Men +
2016-12-17 06:00
17 December, Old Testament Today we commemorate the Holy Prophet Daniel and the Three Young Men — Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. These four were among the young men of Judah who… Read More
2016-12-16 07:16
Our Final Christmas Countdown We count down the final days of Advent using the traditional monastic antiphons to the Magnificat. Most of English speaking Christendom knows these antiphons th… Read More
+ Lucia Of Syracuse, Martyr +
2016-12-13 06:00
13 December AD 304 Lucia (also Lucy or Lukia) was one of the victims of the great persecution under the Roman emperor Diocletian. She met her death at Syracuse on the island of Sicily becaus… Read More
+ Nicholas Of Myra, Pastor And Bishop +
2016-12-06 06:00
6 December AD 326 Of the many saints recognized by the Christian Church, Nicholas is one of the most widely commemorated. However, very little is known historically of him, although there wa… Read More
+ Saint Andrew, Apostle +
2016-11-30 06:00
30 November, New Testament Today we celebrate the Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most New Testament references include him on a list of the Twelve Apostles or group… Read More
+ The Holy Prophet Noah +
2016-11-29 06:00
29 November, Old Testament The world had become extremely corrupt, so God instructed Noah, the son of Lamech (Genesis 5:30) to build an ark to provide security for his family and selected li… Read More
First Sunday In Advent
2016-11-27 20:54
29 November AD 2015Out with the Old Year, in with the New Today begins the solemn season of Advent, a preparatory period as Christians ready themselves for both the celebration of Christ's c… Read More
+ Clement Of Rome, Bishop And Theologian +
2016-11-23 08:29
23 November AD 100 Saint Clement (ca. A.D. 35–100) is remembered for establishing the pattern of apostolic authority that governed the Christian Church during the first and second cent… Read More
2016-11-19 06:00
19 November AD 1231 Also known as Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia — Szent Erzsébet in her native tongue — Elisabeth was born in Sárospatak in 1207, the daugh… Read More
+ Justinian, Christian Ruler +
2016-11-14 06:00
14 November AD 565 Justinian, Christian Ruler and Confessor of Christ, was emperor of the East from A.D. 527 to 565, during the time of decline of the Roman Empire. Aided by his beautiful an… Read More
+ Saint Martin Of Tours +
2016-11-11 06:00
11 November AD 397 Martin of Tours, pastor and bishop of the Church, was born into a pagan family in what is now Hungary around the year AD 316. He grew up in Lombardy (a region in Italy) an… Read More
2016-11-10 06:00
10 November AD 1483 After celebrating the birth of the Second Martin, we immediately turn to the natal anniversary of of the original Martin. Yes, on this date in 1483, a baby boy was born i… Read More
+ Johannes Von Staupitz +
2016-11-08 06:00
ca. AD 1469 - 28 December 1524 Today we remember Johannes von Staupitz, vicar-general of the Augustinian Order in Germany. He befriended the spiritually troubled Martin Luther on numerous oc… Read More
+ Gustavus Adolphus, King And Confessor +
2016-11-06 05:00
6 November AD 1632*Throughout history, God has raised up and blessed many wise kings, wily generals, and heroic fighting men. In Gustav II Adolf, He did all three — and to that mi… Read More
Commemoration Of The Faithful Departed
2016-11-02 05:00
2 November Also known as All Souls' Day, this commemoration goes hand in glove with yesterday's remembrance of All Saints' Day. In the early Church, feasts of apostles and evangelists were s… Read More
The Feast Of All Saints
2016-11-01 05:00
1 November On All Saints' Day, we thank God for the faith of our fellow saints and for their example in the Christian life. But most of all, we praise God for His faithfulness to His saints… Read More
Reformation Day
2016-10-31 06:34
31 October AD 1517The beginnings of the Reformation came well before its birth date. Renaissance Humanism ushered in an age of classical studies, including the teaching of Greek and Hebrew… Read More
+ Saint Simon And Saint Jude, Apostles +
2016-10-28 05:24
28 October, New Testament On the various New Testament lists of the Twelve Apostles (Matthew 10:2-4; Mark 3:16-19; Luke 6:14-16; Acts 1:13), the tenth and eleventh places are occupied by Sim… Read More
2016-10-23 05:25
23 October, New Testament The New Testament refers to this James as the brother of Jesus (Galatians 1:19). He led the Christian congregation in Jerusalem for many years, garnering the title… Read More
+ Saint Luke, Evangelist +
2016-10-18 06:48
18 October, New Testament Saint Luke the Evangelist was a physician (Colossians 4:14) and a companion of St. Paul on some of his missionary journeys (see Acts 16:10ff; 20:5ff; 27-28). Materi… Read More
+ Saint Philip, Deacon +
2016-10-11 05:00
11 October, New Testament The deacon Philip, was also called an evangelist (see Acts 21:8). He was one of the seven men appointed to assist in the work of the twelve Apostles and of the rapi… Read More
+ Abraham, Patriarch +
2016-10-08 05:00
9 October, Old Testament The Lord called the Patriarch Abraham (first known as Abram) to become the father of a great nation (Genesis 12). At age 75, in obedience to God's command, he, his w… Read More
+ Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, Pastor +
2016-10-07 05:09
7 October AD 1787Moving from the Old World to the New, H. M. Muhlenberg established the shape of Lutheran parishes and Lutheranism in general in America during a 45-year ministry in Pennsylv… Read More
2016-10-04 06:11
4 October AD 1864 The early Church entrusted some women, particularly widows, with helping to carry out the "social work" of the Church, particularly caring for the sick and needy of the con… Read More
+ Jerome, Scholar, Translator, Theologian +
2016-09-30 05:00
30 September AD 420 Saint Jerome (Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus), translator of Holy Scripture, was born in a little Dalmatian village on the Adriatic Sea around the year AD 345. Although h… Read More
Saint Michael And All Angels
2016-09-29 05:00
29 September On the Feast of St. Michael and all Angels (or Michaelmas) we thank God for the many ways in which He lovingly watches over us, both directly and indirectly. We also remember th… Read More
2016-09-28 05:00
28 September AD 935 The Good King Wenceslas of whom we sing is also known as Wenceslaw, Wenceslaus, Václav, Wenzel, and by other variations on his name. Wenceslaus actually wasn't a k… Read More
+ Lancelot Andrewes +
2016-09-26 20:38
26 September AD 1626 Lancelot Andrewes was born in London in 1555. Possessed of a keen intellect, he studied at Cambridge and Oxford, was a distinguished lecturer, and entered religious orde… Read More
+ Sergius, Abbot Of Holy Trinity +
2016-09-26 03:07
25 September AD 1392 To Russians, Sergius is both a national hero and an example of Russian spiritual life at its best. His posterity reminds us of Joan of Arc with the French or Martin Luth… Read More
+ The Holy Prophet Jonah +
2016-09-24 03:20
22 September, Old Testament A singular prophet among the many in the Old Testament, Jonah the son of Amittai was born about an hour's walk from Nazareth. His prophetic ministry involved a ca… Read More
+ Saint Matthew, Apostle And Evangelist +
2016-09-21 05:00
21 September, New Testament One day Jesus was walking and saw a tax collector named Matthew sitting at a tax collection post, and said to him, "Follow Me." Matthew stood up and followed Him… Read More
+ Cyprian Of Carthage, Bishop And Martyr +
2016-09-16 05:00
14 September AD 258; Transferred to 16 September Cyprian (Thascius Caecilius Cyprianus) was born around AD 200 in the north African city of Carthage to a well-established pagan family. Most… Read More
2016-09-14 05:00
14 September AD 335 During the reign of Constantine the Great, the first Roman Emperor to profess the Christian faith, his mother Helena went to Israel, hoping to find the places especially… Read More
+ Zechariah And Elizabeth +
2016-09-05 05:00
5 September, New Testament Zechariah (or Zachariah) and Elizabeth were "righteous before God, living blamelessly according to all the commandments and regulations of the Lord. (Luke 1:6)" Th… Read More
+ Moses, Prophet And Deliverer +
2016-09-04 05:00
4 September, Old Testament Today we commemorate Moses, who was born in Egypt several generations after Joseph brought his father Jacob and his brothers there to escape a famine in the land o… Read More
+ Gregory The Great, Doctor Of The Church +
2016-09-03 05:00
Consecrated Bishop of Rome on 3 September AD 590 Living at a time when political and religious leadership in Europe often depended upon force of arms or strength of will more than the rule o… Read More
+ Hannah +
2016-09-02 05:00
2 September, Old Testament Hannah was the favored wife of Elkanah the Ephraimite. For many years she remained barren, suffering the insults of Elkanah's other wife, Peninnah — eve… Read More
2016-09-02 02:08
1 September, Old Testament Joshua, the son of Nun, was first mentioned in Exodus 17:8-16. The Lord chose him through Moses to fight the Amalakites, whom he defeated in a brilliant military v… Read More
+ The Martyrdom Of Saint John The Baptist +
2016-08-30 00:23
29 August, New Testament According to the structure of the Christian calendar, the feast commemorating the death of St. John the Baptist comes only two months after the celebration of his na… Read More
2016-08-24 05:27
24 August, New TestamentThe name "Bartholomew" appears in the New Testament only on lists of the names of the twelve apostles. John gives no list of the Twelve, but refers to more of them in… Read More
+ Samuel, Judge And Prophet +
2016-08-20 05:00
20 August, Old TestamentSamuel was the final Old Testament judge. Besides Deborah and an anonymous man in Judges 6:7-10, he is the first prophet mentioned after Moses, although we could cons… Read More
+ Bernard Of Clairvaux +
2016-08-19 05:00
Died 20(?) August AD 1153ernard of Clairvaux, a leader in Christian Europe in the first half of the 11th century A.D., is honored in his native France and around the world. Born into a noble… Read More
+ Johann Gerhard, Theologian +
2016-08-17 05:00
17 August AD 1637 Born 17 October 1582, Johann Gerhard, a Lutheran theologian in the tradition of Martin Luther (1483-1546) and Martin Chemnitz (1522-86), was the most influential 17th Centu… Read More
+ Isaac, Patriarch +
2016-08-16 06:08
16 August, Old Testament If any part of Scripture besides the Resurrection clearly indicates that God gets the last laugh, it must be the story of Isaac. After giving new names to Abraham an… Read More
+ Saint Mary, Mother Of God +
2016-08-15 05:00
15 August, New TestamentThe honor paid to Saint Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus Christ our Lord, God, and Savior goes back to the earliest days of the Church. Indeed, it goes back farther:… Read More
2016-08-10 05:00
10 August AD 258 A river, a gulf, and a seaway are named in his honor. A number of Christian congregations and almost anyone known as "Larry" likewise owe their names to this martyr of the a… Read More
+ Hermann Sasse, Theologian And Confessor +
2016-08-09 05:00
9 August AD 1976 Lutheran pastor and theologian Hermann Otto Erich Sasse was born on 17 July 1895 at Sonnewalde, Lower Lusatia (Lausitz), Germany. He was the eldest of five children born to… Read More
+ Joanna, Mary, And Salome +
2016-08-03 06:09
3 August, New Testament These "myrrh bearers" or "faithful women," as they're called among some Christians, with Mary Magdalene, are named in Scripture as the first visitors to the tomb of t… Read More
+ Joseph Of Arimathea +
2016-07-31 05:00
31 July, New Testament Saint Joseph is mentioned in all four Gospels. He came from a small village called Arimathea in the hill country of Judea and was a respected member of the Sanhedrin… Read More
+ Robert Barnes, Confessor And Martyr +
2016-07-30 05:00
30 July AD 1540 Remembered as a disciple of Martin Luther, Robert Barnes is considered to be among the first Lutheran martyrs. Born in 1495, he became the prior of the Augustinian monastery… Read More
+ Mary, Martha, And Lazarus Of Bethany +
2016-07-29 05:00
29 July, New Testament Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were disciples with whom Jesus had a special bond of love and friendship. The Gospel According to Saint John records that "Jesus loved Martha… Read More
+ Olaf II Of Norway +
2016-07-27 05:00
29 July AD 1030; transferred to 27 July Ólafr Haraldsson (also known as Olav, Olafe, Oláfr hinn helgi, and Olavus rex) was born in 995 to Harald Grenske and Åsta Gudbrand… Read More
+ Saint James The Elder, Apostle +
2016-07-25 05:00
25 July, New Testament James, son of Zebedee, and his brother John were among Our Lord's twelve disciples. Together with Peter, these two were privileged to behold the Transfiguration (Matth… Read More
+ Saint Mary Magdalene +
2016-07-22 05:00
22 July, New Testament The Gospels mention Mary of Magdala as one of the women of Galilee who followed Jesus and His disciples. She witnessed His crucifixion and burial, and went to the tomb… Read More
2016-07-21 05:00
21 July, Old Testament Ezekiel, the son of Buzi, was a priest, called by God to be a prophet to the exiles during the Babylonian captivity (Ezekiel 1:3). In 597 B.C. King Nebuchadnezzar and… Read More
+ The Holy Prophet Elijah +
2016-07-20 05:00
20 July, Old TestamentThe prophet Elijah, whose name means, "My God is Yahweh [the Lord]," prophesied in the northern kingdom of Israel, mostly during the reign of Ahab (874 – 853… Read More
+ Ruth Of Moab +
2016-07-16 05:00
16 July, Old TestamentRuth, the subject of the book bearing her name, is an inspiring example of God's grace. Although she was a Gentile, God made her the great-grandmother of King David (Ru… Read More
2016-07-06 14:22
6 July, Old Testament Isaiah son of Amoz is considered to be the greatest of the writing prophets and is quoted in the New Testament more than any other Old Testament prophet. His name means… Read More
+ John The Steadfast, Elector Of Saxony +
2016-06-30 05:00
30 June AD 1468; transferred from 16 August* The first Protestants weren't Martin Luther and his fellow theologians. Instead, the word was originally applied to the German rulers who opposed… Read More
2016-06-29 05:00
29 June, New Testament The Confession of Saint Peter ("You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God") is commemorated on 18 January, and the Conversion of Saint Paul on his approach to Dama… Read More
2016-06-28 05:00
28 June AD 200 Irenaeus (ca. AD 130-200), believed to be a native of Smyrna (modern Izmir, Turkey), studied in Rome and later became pastor in Lyons, France. Around 177, while Irenaeus was a… Read More
+ The Holy Prophet Jeremiah +
2016-06-26 05:00
26 June, Old Testament The holy prophet Jeremiah is counted as one of the four "major prophets" of the Old Testament, along with Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. His name means "Established (or… Read More
The Presentation Of The Augsburg Confession
2016-06-25 05:00
25 June AD 1530Note: Please see Ask the Pastor for more on the history and theology of the Augsburg Confession and its presentation. The Augsburg Confession, the principal doctrinal statemen… Read More
The Nativity Of Saint John The Baptist
2016-06-24 06:20
24 June, New Testament This day celebrates the birth of a son to the elderly and previously childless couple Elizabeth and Zechariah the priest. On the eighth day, his parents had him circum… Read More
+ The Holy Prophet Elisha +
2016-06-14 05:00
14 June, Old Testament After the prophet Elijah defeated the priests of Baal and then fled Jezebel's wrath, The Lord came to him on Mount Horeb. He told him to anoint new kings of Syria and… Read More
The Council Of Nicaea
2016-06-12 05:00
Summer AD 325, Observed 12 June The Christian Church's First Ecumenical Council was convened in Nicaea (modern Isnuk, Turkey) in the early summer of AD 325 by the Roman Emperor Constantine… Read More
+ Barnabas, Apostle +
2016-06-11 05:00
11 June, New Testament "Joseph, who was also called by the apostles Barnabas (which means son of encouragement), a Levite, a native of Cyprus, sold a field that belonged to him and brought t… Read More
2016-06-01 05:00
c. 1 June AD 167 Born in Flavia Neapolis, Palestine around AD 100, near the close of the New Testament period, Justin was the son of pagan Greek parents. He was a philosophy student who stud… Read More
2016-05-31 05:00
31 May, New Testament (Three Year Lectionary) This major Christological feast commemorates the joyous visit Mary paid to her relative (probably her cousin) Elizabeth, following The Annunciat… Read More
The Formula Of Concord
2016-05-28 05:00
28 May AD 1577 After Martin Luther's death, political changes altered the face of the Evangelical (Lutheran) Church. Emperor Charles V exercised control over all of southern Germany and most… Read More
+ The Venerable Bede +
2016-05-25 05:00
25 May AD 735 Today marks the heavenly birthday of Bede (pronounced BĒD). Since his commemoration often falls near the end of Eastertide, it's quite likely that many Christians have clo… Read More
+ Esther +
2016-05-24 05:15
24 May, Old Testament Esther is the heroine of the biblical book that bears her name. Her Jewish name was Hadassah, which means "myrtle." Her beauty, charm, and courage served her well as qu… Read More
+ Nicolaus Copernicus +
2016-05-23 05:00
24 May AD 1543 — Transferred to 23 May Mikołaj Kopernik was born in Poland in 1473. His parents died when he was twelve and his uncle Lucas Watzenrode assumed responsibility… Read More
+ Johannes Quenstedt, Theologian +
2016-05-22 05:10
22 May AD 1688 After Martin Chemnitz and Johann Gerhard, Johannes Andreas Quenstedt may have been the ablest theologian of the Lutheran church in the period following the death of Martin Lut… Read More
The Feast Of The Holy Trinity
2016-05-22 05:00
The First Sunday after PentecostThe Feast of the Holy Trinity, or Trinity Sunday, is a movable festival on the Church calendar in Western Christendom. Its date of celebration depends, as do… Read More
+ Constantine The Great And Helena +
2016-05-21 05:00
Emperor Constantine, 21 May AD 337 Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus served as Roman Emperor from AD 306 to 337. During his reign the persecution of Christians was forbidden by the Edic… Read More
+ Erik IX Of Sweden +
2016-05-18 05:37
18 May AD 1160 Erik Jedvardsson (Edward's Son) ruled much of Sweden from 1150 to 1160. He headed a Christian kingdom bordered by various pagan realms, all of which shared an ancient traditio… Read More
The Feast Of Pentecost
2016-05-15 05:00
The Fiftieth Day of Easter, New TestamentPentecost, an Israelite festival connected to the spring harvest, was the time chosen by the Lord for the special outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon… Read More
+ Saints Cyril And Methodius +
2016-05-11 05:01
Cyril: AD 826-869 — Methodius: c. AD 815-885 Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius were missionaries to the Slavs. The brothers Constantine and Methodius came from a Greek family in Thessalo… Read More
+ Job, Patriarch +
2016-05-10 04:30
9 May, Old Testament Job was a blameless and upright man who came from Uz (Job 1:1), a land northeast of Canaan. The Book of Job examines the depths of his faith, which was severely tested t… Read More
Sorry, Mom
2016-05-09 00:15
A Mother's Day Essay The second Sunday of May is Mother's Day here in these United States. From its origins in 19th Century feminism and pacifism, the day grew into a general celebration of… Read More
+ Frederick III, Elector Of Saxony +
2016-05-05 05:10
5 May AD 1525Frederick the Wise (Friedrich der Weise), elector of Saxony from 1486 to 1525, was Martin Luther's sovereign in the early years of the Reformation. Indeed, were it not for Frede… Read More
2016-05-05 05:00
The Fortieth Day of Easter, New TestamentLection †  Psalm 110 (1-year Lectionary) or Psalm 47 (3-year)†  2 Kings 2:5-15 (1-year) or Acts 1:1-11 (3-year)&dag&hell…Read More
2016-05-04 05:00
4 May AD 1876 Friedrich Conrad Dietrich Wyneken stands along-side C.F.W. Walther and Wilhelm Sihler as one of the founding fathers of The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod. He was… Read More

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