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A Two-Pronged Approach to Reducing Abortion


I used a rather click-baity title on Monday to communicate a very important point. Planned Parenthood was directly responsible for the murder of approximately one out of every 13.33 children that was conceived from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016. That number is terrifying, and, I say this in all seriousness, it really makes you feel lucky to be alive.

You might be wondering what we can do however. After all, there is one thing that I think Abortion proponents get partially right.

There is a demand for abortion services whether or not Planned Parenthood provides them and whether or not abortion is legal or not.

Clearly, there is a very large number of mothers who feel that they need to make this decision for a smorgasbord of reasons, and, as a result, they would go to any lengths to find a doctor willing to eliminate this problem.

Where I disagree with abortion defenders is that, even though I realize making Abortion Illegal would not solve the problem 100%, I still believe it should be illegal on moral and scientific grounds. As it is the termination of a human life, it ought to be treated as such. That only seems consistent with every other law our country has that protects an individual’s right to life. If unborn children are individually human lives (which they are even according to completely nonreligious sources), then they ought to have the same protections as any other human life.

This is only part of the problem though as abortion defenders will surely point out. Even though making abortion illegal would almost certainly reduce the number of abortions drastically, the ones that still take place would be done in unregulated, potentially unsafe environments. This, according to abortion proponents, is much worse than allowing it to be safe, legal and rare.

This is where it becomes incredibly important to recognize what it means to be pro-life. There is a reason that parents are looking for an abortion. Sometimes those reasons are financial. Many families already have multiple children and cannot afford to have another one. For others, an unplanned pregnancy is a professional roadblock. Other people simply do not want to deal with the responsibility of having a child. Whatever the reason, if we want to deal with the root cause of abortion, it is not enough to just shut down the providers. That is important, but if there is no Demand, then it really doesn’t matter if the providers exist or not. If there is no demand, then abortions would not happen.

Therefore, how do we go about doing this?

I am a rather small government guy. I prefer solutions that are not government-based if at all possible, but if there is a potential government solution that can save the lives of unborn children, I think that is an appropriate time for government to act. For example, it seems to me as an outsider looking in that investing in nonprofits that provide food and clothing to people in need would be a good first step. After all, these are staples that are necessary yet can be intimidating to a young family that doesn’t have the resources to pay for this new member of the family.

Another important issue to address is the fact that almost half of all the abortions in the United States are performed because a woman does not want to be a single parent. They were clearly financial problems that accompany being single parents, so laws should be stronger forcing men to support the life they helped create. From what I know from talking to several single mothers, there are plenty of ways that men can avoid paying child support. Those need to be shut down. That would help alleviate many of the burdens single moms face financially.

These are just two ideas that mainly focus on the financial challenges that cause some people to consider abortion. Yes, we should make abortion illegal, but we also need to take strong legislative steps that address the demand for abortion in the first place. It seriously takes a two dimensional approach to deal with this problem, and it is simply naïve to think we can stop at all abortion by just making abortion illegal. The demand will still be there until we address it.

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A Two-Pronged Approach to Reducing Abortion


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