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Open Letter to Apple Regarding the Assault on Free Speech

Rotten Apple
Apple made a rotten decision to ban apps dedicated to free speech.

Dear Apple,

I am a long time customer of your company. I wrote my first bit of code on an Apple II+ that my father purchased in 1979. So I naturally turned to Apple when I purchased a Mac Mini as I left the corporate world to start my small web development business in 2007. Since that time I used almost exclusively Apple products personally and in my business including iMacs, Macbook Pros, iPhones, and iPads.

We continued using your products when my wife and I formed NewCREEations, our nonprofit ministry to help support our eventual missionary work overseas. I appreciate how much your products and the Apple ecosystem help make our lives easier now that we reside in Scotland. Between my wife and I, we personally use two Macbook Pros, two iPhones, and two iPads.

The tens of thousands of dollars I have spent with your company over the past several years has helped make Apple one of the largest corporations in the world. I was looking forward to purchasing a new, high end MacBook Pro in the near future to facilitate our growing need for multimedia production.

Unfortunately today I am very seriously rethinking my relationship with your products and services because of your continued assault on free Speech by banning the Parler app. I say, “continued” because you also banned the Gab app more than a year ago under a very similar trumped up pretense.

Banning apps such as Parler and Gab under the false pretense that these apps are responsible for causing violence is ridiculous on its face. There is no evidence whatsoever that violent activity was organized on Parler or Gab and then carried out, despite the many evidence-free news reports to the contrary. Your selective ban only of apps committed to freedom of speech is especially egregious while leftists continue to get a free pass for their ongoing discussions of violence on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook without consequence.

Your decision to ban apps for these two services, which are committed to facilitating freedom of speech in compliance with United States law, reveals Apple’s alignment with tyrannical forces in Big Tech that wish to control what information people can access. It is now glaringly obvious that the ultimate goal here is control of what and how people think.

The founders had good reason to enshrine the right to free speech in the first amendment to the US Constitution. Benjamin Franklin expressed it clearly in his Silence Dogood letter of 9 July 1722:

“Whoever would overthrow the Liberty of a Nation, must begin by subduing the Freeness of Speech; a Thing terrible to Publick Traytors.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Tyrants suppress the free expression of speech. The foundation of lies that tyrants require to maintain their power cannot withstand exposure to the light of truth. History shows us that criminalization of religious expression follows the suppression of political expression.

God created the human soul to experience liberty. True liberty and freedom for the soul can only be found in an environment where ideas can be freely expressed. Tyranny can be imposed on another. But no one can be forced into experiencing liberty. The soul is only truly free to pursue happiness when liberty is available as a choice.

Because personal liberty is important to the God of the Bible, it is also a very high value for me. Therefore, today I purchased a lifetime PRO upgrade for my personal account at Gab. I choose to spend my money with companies that share my values.

Therefore I also urge you in the strongest terms I possibly can to remove your ban on both the Parler and Gab apps. Please choose liberty over tyranny.

If you continue to suppress free speech and facilitate tyranny I will move my future business away from Apple products and services. And I will encourage others to do the same. No amount of convenience is worth selling my soul to tyrants.

Chris Cree

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Open Letter to Apple Regarding the Assault on Free Speech


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