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Many times the disciples returned to reveal to seekers the Truth the Church has been concealing. The Kingdom is Spiritual, and can only be entered by those who are themselves Spiritual.
Jesus Rejected Christianity
2023-02-15 18:33
Jesus Rejected Christianity  The early Church Authority Epiphanius writes that the name Ebionite "...was at first ...a common name for all" the original followers of Jesus (Epiphanius… Read More
Are Christians Really Christian?
2022-10-27 12:18
 Are Christians Really Christian? The Test!!! The author of the meme states that the reader should "Search for answers -- be skeptical and think with reason".  The answer: A… Read More
The Lie Of Atheism
2022-10-15 11:44
Atheists Lie When Jesus was asked when the Kingdom will come upon the earth, he stated that it will never come in the manner that men look for it, because it… Read More
Omnism And The Role Of Women In Marriage
2022-08-17 14:23
Omnism And The Role Of Women In Marriage Omnism is true, only because the Kingdom is within us -- and the reality of the Divine Mind which exists at the core of our Consciousness.&nbsp&hell…Read More
Self-Imposed Gayness
2022-07-27 10:45
The Death Of Spiritual Christianity
2022-07-06 05:56
The Death Of Spiritual Christianity The Roman Emperor Constantine believed that the man Jesus was the latest incarnation of the Mithraic sun-god. Meeting at Nicaea in present-day Tur… Read More
Who Really Wrote The Bible
2022-06-11 08:35
Who Really Wrote The Bible? With respect to who the author's of the scriptures were, only the most profoundly self-ignorant people would ask this question?  And while it it true that… Read More
The Self-Imposed Blindness Of Science
2022-05-10 11:40
 The Self-Imposed Blindness Of ScienceSeeing God, Spirit, Light   While Carl Jung is correct in his statement pertaining to blind theologians: "it is not a matter of proving… Read More
The Cosmology Of Mind And The Laws Of LIfe
2022-04-28 15:45
The Cosmology Of Mind and the Laws of Life. The author of these words in the meme, is admitting to his own blindness, self-ignorance and his limited understanding of life. While I don't… Read More
Does God Ignore The Plight Of Mankind?
2022-03-01 12:17
Does God Ignore The Plight of Mankind?All the realities that mankind is born into, have a Causal Factor (see The Causal Factors Of Life  ). There… Read More
The Faux-Doctrines Of Pagan Rome
2022-01-16 18:04
 Why do Christians believe the faux-doctrines of Pagan Rome? The Lie Of Original SinThe name and concept of Original Sin was imported into Christianity directly from Manichaeism -- and… Read More
What Is A Wife? The Transformed Wife.
2022-01-15 12:35
 What Is A Marriage? The Transformed Wife. The Transformed Wife raises excellent points that deserve an answer. (1) She states: "It can't be sex that makes a marriage, since many have… Read More
What Constitutes Proof?
2021-12-21 10:10
What Constitutes Proof?If you portray the physical as evidence and the source of proof, then you have been sucked into the lie of faux-science which has traditionally rejected anything met… Read More
2021-11-16 11:59
 The Law And The Gospels Is there a difference between the Old and New Testaments?  No.  The Old and New Testaments are saying the same thing but written in different langua… Read More
The Choices You Must Make
2021-11-12 12:38
The Choices You Must Make  “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” -- over and over again -- spanning lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. … Read More
2021-10-31 16:36
Is there  a Lost Gospel Q that is the source of the Gospels(see )?  Or is this search just one of many misleading assertions that inhibit believers fro… Read More
Jacob's Ladder
2021-10-25 08:46
THE ALLEGORY OF JACOBS LADDER Jesus Knew Their Thoughts: Did the original followers who were personally taught by Jesus know the truth when they said that Jesus became the Anointed (Messia… Read More
2021-10-06 11:41
 Dwelling In The Mind Of God (quoting from The Universe Is A Great Mind  Within the domain of science there is a revolutionary conflict… Read More
2021-09-28 11:36
The Journey Back To God And The Edenic KingdomThe Sufi Prodigal SonEach of us is the prodigal son/daughter who emerged out of Eden, and is presently evolving our Soul-Consciousness in this… Read More
2021-09-07 12:35
The Einstein Rule And The Paradoxical Enigma Einstein's Rule is Paradoxically True.  A Paradox portrays two Truths that are opposite, conflicting and equally true, and can only be harm… Read More
Waiting For The Return Of Jesus
2021-09-03 12:10
 Waiting For Jesus' Return Are You Waiting Jesus' Return? With respect to the promised coming of the Kingdom, Jesus explained "Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not t… Read More
The God Gene
2021-09-01 09:00
 The God Gene The Gospels are an allegorical blueprint of the mind -- designed to be used as an inner map and portal for those seeking inward to connect to the Source of their Mind an… Read More
Spiritual Censorship By FaceBook
2021-08-17 11:37
 This story by the Babylon Bee is more accurate than most (religious) people recognize.  FaceBook routinely censors spiritual and religious sources and concepts.  If I attempt… Read More
When Man Meets Woman
2021-07-11 10:10
When Man Meets Woman When man meets woman, it is in reality one half of the mind meeting it's opposite half.  And while this recognition of Self is rare, there are some men and wo… Read More
Your True Self - Being Of LIght
2021-07-06 12:14
 Your True Self - Being Of Light Unless you begin to Self-Identify as your True-Self -- A Being of Light as explored at -- you will remain carnal in your unders… Read More
2021-06-28 11:57
 Reply To Freedom From Religion Foundation What does the scientist state with regard to the relationship of religion and science?  Nikola Tesla stated "The day science begins to… Read More
2021-06-18 09:38
The Limitation of Atheism And ScienceDoes Science and Atheism possess any real answers to life? There was a time when I asked many of the same questions raised in the meme. And I became an… Read More
2021-06-15 12:00
Did Jesus Have Freewill The question is asked: Did Jesus have freewill? This question would be asked in relation to the statement in the Gospel of Matthew by someone who attempts to r… Read More
2021-05-26 12:29
 Melinated People - Original People? I received this message from a group who portray Melinated People as the source of all mankind.  Is this true?  What is the message of the… Read More
2021-05-11 10:22
 The Shadow-Realm Inwhich We DwellWhy would Carl Jung state that the shadow challenges the whole ego-personality?  And portray the need to acquire self-knowledge in pursuit of fu… Read More
Edgar Cayce And The Law Of Octaves
2021-05-08 10:48
 Edgar Cayce and the Law of OctavesEdgar Cayce was a sincere Christian who God bestowed the ability to gaze into the higher Soul-Reality of mankind.  And if you are a sincere Chr… Read More
The Re-Imagined Jesus Of Pagan Rome
2021-04-29 11:21
The Re-Imagined Jesus Of Pagan RomeWhat if you believe in the wrong Jesus?  What if the Jesus you believe in was a RE-IMAGINED Jesus that was created and promoted by a series of Roman… Read More
The Imprisoned Being Of Light
2021-04-23 10:25
The Imprisoned Being Of LightI have been blocked from telling you the truth on social media when ever I quote the opening of the website that portrays the truth about mankind (quoting):… Read More
The Folly Of The Closed-Minded Person
2020-12-22 17:17
The folly of a Close-Minded PersonIf you shatter a plate, which piece of the shattered plate is the real plate? Actually, all the pieces when brought together, restore the plate to Wholenes… Read More
The Coming Earth Shifts
2020-12-18 12:44
 The Coming Earth Shifts And The New Spiritual Start In addition to the many Edgar Cayce readings on Earth Shifts, in Spirit my wife and I were told that before the predicted Earth Sh… Read More
2020-12-16 12:10
 God Is ConsciousnessConsciousness is also Energy -- and Energy is the product of the Duality of Positive/Male and Negative/Female Polarities coming together in the Third-Force of Log… Read More
2020-12-08 17:48
The Eternal Light of Spirit is the direct balance of the Male and Female Polarities of Father Mother God. The Light itself is portrayed as the Son of God -- or, more appropriately the Min… Read More
2020-12-02 13:14
Entering The Consecrated TempleManly P. Hall wrote with respect to the Temple:   “In ancient times many years of preparation were required before the neophyte was permitted… Read More
2020-11-29 10:55
 THE SHORTCOMING OF EASTERN TEACHINGS What is portrayed in the Meme is one of the greatest differences between Eastern and Western-Original Gospel teachings on the relationship of… Read More
2020-11-25 12:25
Quoting from Entering Eden's Gate Within When Jesus taught his disciples to "Enter through the narrow gate", before you can enter t… Read More
2020-11-16 08:24
  Exoteric vs Esoteric In the Meme: Exoteric vs Esoteric, each of the religions has an inner spiritual meaning that is not at all understood by the mass of faith-based believ… Read More
The Blindness Of Academia
2020-10-24 09:02
What Academia is teaching your children is nothing more than intellectual poison that is imprisoning them in what is portrayed in the analogy of Plato's Cave. Further, the intellectual poi… Read More
Trump - Gift From God
2020-10-04 13:42
I am frequently asked why a Spiritual Source would support a political candidate and party?  And many are offe… Read More
Does One Religion Copy From Another?
2020-09-29 10:57
Does One Religion Copy From Another?  The entrance to the Kingdom is within you.  There is a Universal Language of the Soul that is used by mystics when they communicate with the… Read More
Does Hell Exist?
2020-08-30 13:04
What is our after-death fate?  What is the purpose of our after-death experiences?  In the First Epistle to the Corinthians, Paul states that if he was to convey to the faith-based… Read More
The Original Sin Of The Church
2020-06-09 10:43
The Original Sin OF The Church: The Original Sin Of The Church: The teaching of the Church that each person is born in sin and is in need of salvation, is easily proven to be a bogus… Read More
2020-06-08 13:14
 Continued Ignorance Is A ChoiceTo make the claim that Jesus was God as the modern Church proclaims, is to remain ignorant of our own true reality. To worship the man Jesus as God, i… Read More
2020-05-20 10:21
In this article entitled The Orthodox teaching on death, judgment and the afterlife , we see what can be called the Duality of Error in both the New Age and the Orthodox interpretation of… Read More
2020-04-12 12:53
Spiritual Rebirth And RegenerationI was a asked by the leader in the South African Ebionite Community (see South African Ebionites Of TheWay… Read More
2020-03-24 18:28
The Restored Gospel And The Ebionite Heresy The article on the Restored Gospel Teachings is presented in two section -- i.e., the (1) first providing insight into how the original Gospels t… Read More
2020-02-24 12:31
Why Was The Gospel Message Corrupted?In an email the statement about Christianity by Thomas Paine was presented to me: “The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in… Read More
The Esoteric Reality Of The Races
2020-01-04 13:46
Can the races be different, and still be equal?  Can men and women be opposite -- and in many instances paradoxically opposite -- and still be equal?   If mankind is going t… Read More
Speaking In Tongues
2019-12-28 12:37
The first thing you must understand is the fact that the Book of Acts is not historical -- i.e., it is allegorical, and most of the text never physically happened.   Quoting from v… Read More
What Happened To Zacharias
2019-11-18 14:34
What Happened To Zacharias the son of Barachias, who was slain between the temple and the altar?Is there proof that the Gospel of the Nazirenes (see ) has… Read More
The Importance Of Faith In The Unknown
2019-10-05 11:38
I encountered a FaceBook post that rejected religion on the basis that faith itself should be rejected.  In the below I explore the statement of Einstein: "Imagination is more importa… Read More
The Spiritual Transformation Of Africa
2019-08-20 10:41
The Spiritual Transformation Of AfricaWhen I traveled to South Africa to visit with a group of seekers who have come together as South African Ebionites (see… Read More
2019-06-27 10:53
Questions From A Sincere Baptist SeekerI was asked a number of questions by a Baptist who was familiar with my writings:   In reality, the meaning of Ebionite and Nazirene are one… Read More
2019-06-21 10:12
What we see in the below statement by the Bachelorette is representative of what is being preached in the Churches, and is the total destruction of the Original Gospel Teachings and a negati… Read More
2019-06-16 09:04
A Blog article published by the The Times Of Israel entitled Jesus Discovered In The Dead Sea Scrolls, makes the assertion that the Dead Sea Scrolls must have been making reference to Jesus… Read More
2019-05-30 10:46
Who will be your leader?  Quoting the Gospel of Thomas (see ):  “The disciples said to Jesus, We know that you will depart f… Read More
Who Is God?
2019-05-15 10:53
In a post on a FaceBook forum where Clement of Alexandria is quoted: “No one can rightly express him wholly. For on account of his greatness he is ranked as the All, and is "The F… Read More
2019-03-27 11:43
Quoting from At-Onement With The Logos/Son Of God … Read More
2019-03-23 13:41
A person joined the Nazirene Disicple group on another system, and upon joining the group this person wrote: "I recently learned of this truth and it has changed me... I feel like a new pe… Read More
2019-02-25 12:12
What is the message of the article at the Cosmology Of The Gospels at ? The Source of the New Covenant is founded upon the Essenes -- and with the a… Read More

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