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Fighting The Current Culture.

This weekend is the Fourth of July. My family and my sister’s family are going to the lake for a picnic, some epic volleyball games and a lot of swimming. I am really looking forward to it—especially the fireworks show in the evening. I know most of you will be celebrating in some form or fashion along with me.

I Love my country. Feelings of patriotism have flooded my heart as a young girl and they continue to well up to this day. The love I have for the USA is something I defend fiercely—kind of like a mother bear defending her cub. Parades find me standing and clapping like a crazy lady whenever the Vets walk by. Pre-game “Star Spangled Banner” songs always find me with one hand on my heart, the other hand wiping tears from my face and boldly singing my heart out.

My Grandpa was a WWII Vet. His ship was literally blown out from under him. He survived the sinking of his ship, but almost didn’t survive the life-boat experience. The survivors floated at sea for many days. One by one they were overcome by the elements. Grandpa barely hung onto life and even contemplated giving up. On one such occasion, Grandma Josephine came to him in a vision and fiercely scolded him for leaving her alone to raise their seven children on her own. The vision was enough to revive grandpa, and he was shortly thereafter picked up by one of our other Navy ships. I am so glad he survived and lived a full rich life. He was a great man!

My dad is also a Veteran. He served in the Korean conflict. He was a mechanic and kept jeeps, tanks, and other machinery running smoothly. He saw some conflict as well. He is a tough country boy, born and raised in the North Dakota farmlands. He often said that being in the war was easier than working the soil and weathering the elements of the North Dakota Plains. I am proud of his service. He is a great man!

I have cousins, nieces and nephews who serve in the US Military. They are Vets of Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom. I am proud of them all and thankful for their willingness to defend our freedoms.

Sadly though, the America I have grown up with and love dearly is slowly fading away. Her freedoms are being stripped away one by one. Her foundation that was built on Judea-Christian values is being jackhammered away piece by piece. My heart is breaking. I know what happens to a house when the foundation fails—the house crumbles. The same holds true for a nation.

Our Current Culture laughs in the face of the conservative values that are the foundation of this great nation. I am afraid that we all will reap what they have sown and what we have not Fought hard enough to defend: The unborn, Sacred Marriage between one man and one woman, the Truth of GOD’s Word…

I Pray daily for the millennial generation. I pray that their eyes will be opened to GOD’s truths. I come against the spirit of deception that has blinded their eyes to GOD; HIS values, HIS morals. I pray that they wake up and become the great end-time army of GOD’s Kingdom. I pray that their dead bones will come back to life. I pray that the Breath of Yahweh will breathe on them and bring them to HIM. Daily I pray in the Spirit for them, and once a week, I fast for their salvation .

This problem is something that weighs heavy on my heart. Several of my own children who were raised in a Godly home, yet are at this moment part of the prodigal generation. The pain is very acute.

How else can we fight this cultural war? I would love to hear your thoughts.
You know, Jesus fought the cultural wars of his time as well. HE fought against the current culture—corrupt Pharisee’s ‘religious system’ which made it harder to know GOD instead of easier. He fought against the statuesque. He fought against the whole corrupted system—which made following God’s Laws difficult and burdensome, not easy and enjoyable like they were meant to be.

How did HE do it? He spoke truth. He stood up against the corruption and called it like it was. He reached out to the hurting. He helped the lost. He loved the unlovable. He did not white-wash sin though. Instead HE called for repentance and a turning away from sin. HE made it easy to approach GOD the Father. HE showed us how. HE showed us the true way.
I want to be like Christ. I am willing to fight this cultural war. But, I want to do it like Christ did.

So, I will continue to pray. I will continue to stand up for the truth. I will speak truth and show love. I will help the hurting. I will love the unlovable. I will call for repentance and never white-wash sin. I will show people Jesus, and show them how they can be reunited with their TRUE Father.

                                   Will you join me?

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Fighting The Current Culture.


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