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3 Reasons God Wants You To Walk Away From Where You Are Right Now

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In chapter 12 of the book of Genesis we are introduced to Abraham at the age of 75. God tells Abraham, "Go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you." I find it interesting that our first glimpse of a man who centuries later would be known as one of the pillars of the faith and the father of the nation of Israel is commanded by the Lord to immediately walk away from the life he had lived for 75 years to pursue a completely different life that He had planned for him. God had a destiny and a plan for Abraham that was beyond anything that he could have imagined, planned or orchestrated on his own.

I believe the same is true for each of us. You and I were born for a divine purpose - a purpose that is much bigger than we are, much larger than our ability to comprehend, and beyond our human ability to carry out. God has a Dream for our lives and when God dreams, He dreams BIG! The catch is that to step into the reality of the dream He has for your life, you have to walk away from where you are at right now. It's the only way to fully step into the sovereign destiny that you were born for. Read on to discover 3 reasons God wants you to walk away from where you are right now.

#1 - You have to give up the life you created for yourself so that you can live the life He designed for you.
If you truly and sincerely want nothing less than what He has for you, then you must stop living your life and start living His life. The life we create for ourselves limits us to what we can or can't do, our own abilities, and the resources we have acquired. The life that God has created for us is free from limitations because it is not dependent upon any of those things. Do you have the courage to ask God what he is calling you to? What do you need to walk away from today that is standing in the way of that call?

#2 - Once you get to where God has planned for you, you can't take any credit for getting there.
The plan God has for you is so big that you can't do it. It is beyond your human ability to make it happen. Therefore you can never take any credit for it. Once you start taking credit for what only God can do, you start taking control away from Him and you begin living your life rather than His life. The ability to completely let God get all the glory is directly tied to our ability to implicitly trust Him for everything. Are you ready to let go of the glory and let God have it? What things have you been taking credit for in your life that should only go to the Lord?

#3 - You have to become more concerned with what God thinks than what everyone else thinks.
I have found that one of the top reasons why we fail to realize God's plan for our lives is because we are afraid of what people will think of us. Rest assured that when God calls you to step out in faith, people won't understand. They will question you and try to talk sense into you. They may even criticize you and make fun of you along the way. The person who is driven by the Fear of the Lord will become immune to the fear of man. I believe the reason God calls us to do things that defy common sense and human logic is to test us to see whether we fear Him more than we fear man. There is a divine paradox in all this: courage is birthed in fear. The level of supernatural courage is directly tied to the level of Godly fear we possess. The greater your fear of what God thinks, the greater your courage to walk by faith. Do you have the courage to fear God above man?
3 reasons why god wants you to step away from where you are right now
The more I study the life of Abraham, the more I realize that he was just an ordinary guy like you and I who made a lot of mistakes, had fears like the rest of us, yet God did incredible things through him. God was able to do those things through Abraham not because he was so talented and had incredible abilities. I think it was because Abraham wasn't willing to settle for the ordinary life. He was willing to dream big and God took him up on it. If you are tired of business as usual, of just living the ordinary life, start dreaming big and I guarantee you that God will take you up on it. He is only limited by what we are willing to dream for and our courage to walk away from anything that limits that dream. Do you have the courage to dream a God-sized dream? And do you have the courage to walk away from where you are right now? I hope so. God is waiting on you so go for it!
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3 Reasons God Wants You To Walk Away From Where You Are Right Now


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