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Drinking With R.C. Sproul, Jr.

"We're Presbyterians so we smoke and drink!"
R.C. Sproul, Jr.

Drinking with RC Sproul Jr

"There's nothing worse than an introspective drunk. Gratefully, R.C. Sproul, Jr. isn't at all introspective."

Thomas Sharpe

Ecclesia Intoxicata, Semper Intoxicatum

RC Sproul Jr. is the defrocked Pastor and head brewmeister of Saint Peter Presbyterian Church in Bristol, Virginia and Mendota, Virginia. His Mendota Pale Ale is just awesome!

RC Sproul Jr in kilt with traditional Scottish beverages

RC Sproul Jr. is also the President, CEO, VP of Marketing, and Chief of Fundraising of the Highlands Study Center.

Most people only know of RC Sproul Jr. because he's the namesake of a famous, highly respected, and very intelligent theologian. But some of us actually know RC Sproul, Jr. up close and personal. We call him "RC 2.0" or just plain, "Junior."

Drinking With Calvin and Luther
One of the most important things to know about RC Sproul Jr. is that he likes to party, and he's mighty proud of it!

R.C. Sproul Jr.'s favorite book is Jim West's Drinking With Calvin and Luther. In fact R.C. wrote the Forward for the book. If you're lookin' for a partyin' church, Saint Peter Presbyterian Church is the place for you! We may not be able to actually drink with Calvin and Luther, but we sure do drink with RC!

Beer -- it's not just for breakfast anymore!

R.C. often reminds us in his sermons that, "We're Presbyterians, so we smoke and we drink!" Waaahoo RC! Let's party! Party on RC!

A lot of us never got to go to a kegger when we were in college (bummer). But now we get to have keggers at church! Yaaahoo! Koinonia Kegger!

R.C.'s got a reputation for being kind of anti-social. But it's pretty amazing what some liquor does for his disposition. When R.C.'s not drinkin' he can get pretty grouchy. When he does drink he can actually get sort of friendly, sort of like a pastor would be friendly. Some of us would just as soon he drink.

And drink he does! Here's an actual picture of R.C.'s beer cellar and brewery. Woohoo! Let's get to drinkin'! No, those empties there in front of the bathtub aren't being saved to return to the store (Virginia doesn't have a deposit law). They're waiting to be refilled with R.C.'s homebrew. The stove is used in the brewing process and apparently the bathtub has something to do with brewing process too! Um, yummy!

RC Sproul Jr's brewery

Back by popular demand its Ligonier Tales!

RC Sproul Jr's Ligonier Tales

Some thought it was just satire when we long ago dubbed the Highlands Study Center Basement Tapes "The Boozement Tapes." It's no joke though, and the label has caught on. Check out the video below that "Fled Mendota" posted on You Tube.  

Beer helping RC Sproul Jr to danceLinks and fun drinking facts with RC Sproul Jr:

Words Of Wit from defrocked Pastor R.C. Sproul, Jr. and defrocked Pastor and Court Jester Laurence Windham.

RC Sproul Jr. is the founder of the Highlands Study Center. The Highlands Study Center publishes Every Thought Captive. Aside from that we're not really sure what the Highlands Study Center does. The Highlands Study Center does throw some wicked, er, righteous parties though, including open bars at the pastor's camps! Party on RC!

Become a member of St. Peter Presbyterian Church and you too can become the proud owner of your very own "Heroes Of the Faith" pillows.

RC Sproul Jr. shares his awesome collection of home brew beer bottle labels.

Church News Today interviews R.C. Sproul, Jr. on his time of medication, er, meditation (12-30-05).

RC Sproul Jr. announces the start of "Beer Church." Ordinations now available (act fast). Basement Tapes changed to "Boozement Tapes."

Don't tell RC that he drinks too much or you might cause him to "stumble." He probably didn't mean any pun by that, but it's still really funny, especially since he thinks he "drinks in moderation."

Atty. Gen. Lockyer and others urge R.C. Sproul, Jr. to stop mailing out drink recipes.

L' Enfant Terrible announces the itinerary of the Pastor's Camp at the Highlands Study Center. Some very interesting comments here by previous St. Peter visitors, and lots of astonishing admissions by St. Peter members.

Some people think that Saint Peter Presbyterian Church is a cult, and that RC Sproul Jr is some kind of Presby-Pope. But that's just because we practice shunning (and then there's that pillow shrine thing). We especially shun people who don't like to party with us, or if they challenge any of our doctrines, like "presumptive regeneration."

The Austin family posts another update (1-18-06), Part Ten, The Body of Christ, and the Lies of Sessions. Those Austins are so unrealistic! After all, didn't RC Spoul Jr and the St. Peter Presbyterian Church Session "repent" in writing? Well, anyway, they sure used the word "repent" a lot in their letter. But nooooo! That's not good enough for the Austins. Well, sure, RC Sproul Jr and his Session did have all kinds of excuses, and they even blamed the Austins in their letter of "repentance." But sheesh! It's like the Austins expect real repentance or something. It's like they expect the kind of repentance where RC Sproul Jr and his Saint Peter Session actually has to stop sinning against them. It's like the Austins expect pastors to act like, well, pastors or something. Some people are just so picky these days! The Austins act like they think the Bible is inerrant, and that it's actually supposed to be interpreted literally or something. The nerve of some people!

Alcohol, Legalism and Weaker Brothers, is Dabitur's response to Julie Austin's Parenting With Purpose humorous article, You Must Drink! St. Peter Presbyterian Church member, Jim, responds to Dabitur (see comments #9425 and following) to fill him in about party-master R.C. Sproul, Jr.

Dabitur's blog article, How NOT To Apologize is a very humorous response to the St. Peter Presbyterian Church session's letter of "repentance" to John and Julie Austin.

L' Enfant Terrible Blog, Contumacy Is The New Black. The terrible infant compares the tyrannies perpetrated by R.C. Sproul, Jr. at St. Peter Presbyterian Church at Bristol and Mendota, Virginia to the ecclesiastical tyrannies perpetrated in the infamous Westminster Presbyterian Church in Tyler, Texas.

Brian Carpenter's blog article, Ecclesiastical Tyranny is insightful. Brian Carpenter knows first hand about ecclesiastical tyranny. Brian is a former member of the Rivendell community, and was excommunicated from the Covenant Church Of Willis as part of that "Christian covenant community" disaster. Brian's excommunication was later overturned on appeal by the Federation Of Reformed Churches (FORC). R.C. Sproul, Jr. served as defense counsel for several defendants in that church trial. By some accounts R.C.'s defense was pretty lame. RC got to witness ecclesiastical tyranny in action first hand. Since then he's apparently decided that he wants in on the action too. Despotism is contagious!

Former Saint Peter Presbyterian Church member Peter Kershaw posts a disclaimer page about RC Sproul Jr. on his ministry's web site. Peter is the guy that wrote letters to RC Sproul Jr confronting his ecclesiastical tyrannies against the Austins. Apparently there's a bunch of other things too that he's called them to task for with the RPCGA, but Peter says he's not talking about that other stuff with anybody but the Presbytery... yet.

Former Saint Peter Presbyterian Church member Michael Branson issues an Open Letter and a call to repentance to his former pastor and "mentor," RC Sproul, Jr.

Dennis Cochran says: "It's only right for people to be told. The SPPC false shepherds continue in their flagrant rebellion against God. Let their deeds of darkness be exposed and the saints be warned - Dennis." On 02-13-06 former St. Peter Presbyterian Church attendee Dennis Cochran publicly released his letter to the RPCGA about the St. Peter bullies. Dennis' letter contains some startling revelations, including the fact that RC Sproul Jr. took a gun into a public restaurant for a meeting with Dennis, just in case: RC Sproul Jr's Bizarre Pastoral Style

RC Sproul Jr. and Saint Peter Session Defrocked

On January 26, 2006 the Westminster Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly deposed RC Sproul Jr, Laurence Windham, Jay Barfield and Wayne Hays from the Office of Elders at Saint Peter Presbyterian Church. Not that a trivial little thing like being defrocked is about to stop RC Sproul Jr though! Two days later he just had his congregation vote him and his three defrocked buddies right back in again as pretend-Elders of St. Peter
PresbyterianCongregational Church. Human Events: R.C. Sproul, Jr. Defrocked
Pearcey Report: R.C. Sproul, Jr. Defrocked
Pearcey Report: Statement From the Highlands Study Center
R.C. Sproul Jr. defrocked
R.C. Sproul Jr. defrocking documents

The RC Sproul Jr Defrocking Aftermath

RC Sproul Jr pulls a Jimmy Swaggart.
RC Sproul Jr addresses rumors of moving St. Peter church to Guyana.
"RC Sproul Jr Speaks On 'Honor'. You've Gotta Be Kidding!"
"I just got defrocked. Please send money."
March/April 2006 ETC Top Ten List. Once again, RC Sproul Jr "honors" his father with this: "Dr. Sproul, in the context of child rearing, what in the world were you thinking?"

Duplicitous Douglas Wilson and the RC Sproul Jr Connection

Doug Wilson CREC
A lot of folks have speculated that RC Sproul Jr wouldn't stick around to go to trial with the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly, and that he'd jump ship and take Saint Peter Presbyterian Church into the CREC. It looks like the RPCGA isn't just a bunch of bumpkins that just fell off the turnip truck. They didn't even give RC Sproul Jr an opportunity to thumb his nose at them. They beat RC to the punch and defrocked him. Now that RC's been defrocked it's unlikely any real denomination would re-ordain him. So obviously that wouldn't apply to Douglas Wilson's phony denomination, er, "confederation," the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches.

The CREC will take just about anyone, and they'll ordain anyone, as long as they've got a pulse and some brainwaves. Heck, they took Douglas Wilson! "Hey buddy, have you just been defrocked over something real serious that your Presbytery found out about? Maybe something serious enough that you could wind up in jail over it (say like EIN fraud, identity theft and perjury)? No problemo. You're always welcome in the one denomination, er, confederation, where there's really no standards at all. Now let's check that pulse." Doug Wilson would never let minor issues like tax fraud stand in the way of being accepted into the CRE. That's because Doug Duplicitous Wilson plays fast and loose with the tax code himself! Doug Wilson arranged for his church to approve a monthly ministerial "housing allowance" to his son-in-law, Ben Merkle, who was not, and still is not, an officer of Christ Church.

Our sources have confirmed that there's a conspiracy afoot between Doug Wilson and RC Sproul Jr. to defy the Declaratory Judgment of the RPCGA, which declared Sproul unfit to be an Elder. Duplicitous Doug's plan is to ordain the defrocked Sproul in the CREC anyway, but in order to make it look like some kind of legitimate act they'll need to convene some sort of church tribunal to review the RPCGA's judgment and poke holes in it. If it happens no one would be particularly surprised. They've done it before. In fact, the CREC has ordained a number of men that had been defrocked by Presbyterian denominations. Perhaps CREC actually stands for "Confederation of Reject Evangelical Clergy." Duplicitous Doug is a law unto himself, and he has no respect for any other authority than himself. Come to think of it, RC Sproul Jr. is a law unto himself too! In theological terms they're autonomists. Maybe CREC should be changed to CREA -- Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Autonomists.

If RC Sproul Jr goes through with taking Saint Peter Presbyterian Church into the CREC, a lot of folks are gonna be real unhappy (what on earth would R.C. Sproul, Sr. think?), including all the Saint Peter members that RC Sproul Jr has told for years, "We can't be in the CRE. They're not Presbyterian. There's no real accountability. And they even accept Baptists!" If the CRE ordains RC Sproul Jr and his cadre of tyrants, after the RPCGA just defrocked them, it'll just prove what a phony denomination, er, "confederation" the CRE really is. Unfortunately, the poor members of Saint Peter church probably don't have any other options. RC Sproul Jr has so thoroughly stigmatized Saint Peter church that no real denomination would probably touch them.

On the other hand, probably a lot of people would be real happy to see RC Sproul Jr and Doug Wilson formally joined at the hip. Men of their character really deserve each other. There'd be great synergy. RC "We Drink" Sproul Jr in a denomination with a college that's known as the biggest party school in any Reformed denomination. The possibilities for RC are endless! Rather than just teaching brewing and beer sampling classes to a few Highlands Study Center students every once in a while, RC could be doing it every month at New Saint Andrews College. To quote President Roy Atwood, New St. Andrews is "the only wet campus on the Palouse!"

But what about all those poor Saint Peter people? If RC Sproul Jr could have almost gotten away with tyrannizing the Austin family the way he did in a real Presbyterian denomination, just imagine how many lives he'll be able to ruin in a phony denomination where "there's no real accountability."

Doug Wilson hasn't specifically named the Drinking With RC Sproul Jr web site in his blog, but it's a sure bet (pun intended) he knows about this site, and it's a sure bet ("I'll see you and raise $100") he doesn't like it. If Doug Pro-Gay Marriage Wilson doesn't like us we consider that a badge of honor. Duplicitous Doug has had more problems at Christ Church and New Saint Andrews College in Moscow Idaho than you can shake a crack pipe at. Casinos, drug dealers, wild drinking parties with psychedelic drugs and marijuana in "The Lounge" (euphemism for "Opium Den"), and the Elders' own kids are the ringleaders. You have to hand it to them though. Their daddies did learn-em to be entrepreneurs, and there's big money in gambling and drug dealing. Since Doug "Homosexuality Is Genetic" Wilson is guilty of embezzling his own church and using church money for secret payoffs, not to mention plagiarism, and he's got quite the reputation as an ecclesiastical tyrant, what else could anyone expect?

The latest scuttlebutt is that Ethan Atwood (son of Dr. Roy Atwood, President of New Saint Andrews College), having not been in any substantive way disciplined over the Morton Street Casino scandal, is giving some thought to opening a "Gentleman's Club." If that's true then we'll soon see applications being taken from among the NSA ladies student "body." Financial times have been tough for Ethan ever since his casino and bar got shut down, so he's probably looking for a new income stream. Ethan should have gone to jail, but Doug Wilson saw to it that it just got swept under the carpet. Wilson even stole $1,000.00 out of the Christ Church coffers as payoff money to keep "the house" (the canino's "banker") quiet. Ethan Atwood learned a valuable lesson -- crime pays, and it pays really well.

As a Pastor and an Elder, Duplicitous Doug Wilson sets the example for his church members, his college students, and his fellow Elders. Not only does Duplicitous Doug sweep criminal acts under the carpet, and rob his own church for payoff money, and protect Elders that the Bible requires be dismissed because they've abdicated their role as "federal head," and they're obviously incapable of being "One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity" (1Tim. 3:4), Doug Wilson also actively encourages the kids at NSA to wallow in the filth of worldly entertainments. So it shouldn't surprise anyone if Ethan Atwood goes through with starting a Gentleman's Club. For example, Doug Wilson writes: "The problem is not that we have too many Christians with a thorough-going Christian worldview watching godless movies. The problem is that we have too few." Gentleman's Club here we come! Shake that bootie, girls! (OK, so the Genlemen's Club is satire, but it's the only satire in this section. Everything else is completely factual; and considering all the other past and ongoing scandals out in Moscow, Idaho it's not at all far-fetched.)

Like his good buddie RC "We Drink" Sproul Jr, Doug "Own The Curse" Wilson sometimes says some good stuff, and often some really embarrassing stuff too. And just like RC "After You Figure Out How You're Being Stupid Just Repent" Sproul Jr, Doug Duplicitous Wilson doesn't practice what he preaches.

Here's something new from Doug Wilson's Blog and Mablog (note that Duplicitous Doug posted this on 1-30-06, but he makes no mention of the defrocking of RC Sproul Jr. which had occurred days before):
"A good example of this would be the recent flap surrounding R.C. Sproul, Jr. and the RPCGA. Everyone who is posting or running some variation of ought to withdraw their cyber-charges and privately offer any legitimate evidence they might have to the appropriate adjudicating bodies."
Doug, you're a genius! That's why you embezzle, er, get paid, the big bucks. What Doug Wilson is recommending is that if you know about any skeletons in his buddy RC Sproul Jr's closet you should rat him out to the RPCGA. Thanks Doug. With friends like you who needs enemies. Still, that's the most intelligent thing that's ever come out of your mouth. And while you're at it, if you know about any skeletons in Doug's closet (chortle, chortle) be sure you tell. . . umm, er, oh well. Never mind. Telling CREC Moderator Randy Booth about it would be a total waste of time (Randy Booth's son is one of the campus drug dealers). Like RC Jr says, "They're not Presbyterian. There's no real accountability." In Doug's case you probably oughta just call the cops.

RC's also referred to Doug Wilson as that guy who "wallows around in a pig sty," and "You don't have to wallow around in a pig sty to know that it stinks." At this point RC Jr's short-list is so short that the stench of Duplicitous Doug's pig sty is starting to smell pretty good.

CREC Convenes "Not Judicial In Nature" Commission

On March 14 CREC Moderator Randy Booth posted a statement on the CREC web site ( announcing the formation of a commission to provide "pastoral oversight" to Saint Peter Church. In his statement Mr. Booth says, "This Commission is not judicial in nature, but rather pastoral." When the CREC Moderator has to underline his statements, he's doing it for a very good reason, What he's trying to convey is, "Sure, we know our credibility is in the toilet. We know we've lied about a lot of stuff. We know we've exonerated other defrocked preachers by convening show trials and in the process we've trashed good denominations that had just cause for defrocking those men. But we've learned our lesson. This time you can really trust us. The serrated edge is in the sheath. This time we're going to do the honorable thing. This time when we call it a 'pastoral commission' it's because we're going to do something really unique for us. We're going to act like, well, pastors would act."
It takes as much gullibility to believe Doug Wilson as it does to believe the bureaucrat who shows up at your front door and says, "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." Taking the imagery a step further, "You can trust me. I work for the government." Anyone who's been on the receiving end of Doug Wilson's serrated edge knows that the man can't be trusted, so when he, or one of his faithful lackeys says, "The CREC respects the judicial bounds of the RPCGA and intends to operate within those boundaries," and especially when he has to underline it, we can be pretty confident that they intend to sucker-punch the RPCGA and trash the witnesses that produced the evidence and testimony that resulted in the defrocking of the Saint Peter Four. In fact, Doug Wilson has been telegraphing that very message for weeks in his blog series, "A Justice Primer." It doesn't take a serrated edge to cut through the subterfuge and anticipate his agenda.

Karaoke Fun and Satire With RC Sproul, Jr.

Karaoke to The Boor Who Wound Up Defrocked
Check out also Hypocrites Now Defrocked.
Hotel Sproul and Windham
Sounds Of Spinning
Just Bash And Lie
Searching For A Sucker

Smells Like Cult Leader

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Douglas Wilson Related Blogs and Web Sites:

Articles and Web Sites on Ecclesiastical Tyrants, Abusive Churches, and Help for Battered Sheep

"For you bear with anyone if he enslaves you, if he devours you, if he takes advantage of you, if he exalts himself, if he hits you in the face." (2 Cor. 11:20)

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Mothers Against Drunk Deacons
Because MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Deacons) keeps complaining to the ISP's (Inebriation Service Providers) about our site, sometimes they'll try and put a cork in our fun and kill the party. Not to worry. There's dozens and dozens of freebie hosting companies. It takes all of five minutes to set up a new one. How will you know where to find us? Simple. Just go to the Fun Drinking Site (be sure and bookmark that page) where we're pretty sure you'll always be able to find a link for this site. Those MADD crybabies might intimidate a lot of Inebriation Service Providers, but that doesn't mean they're about to keep us from having a good time! Party on!

Disclaimer: Some will cry, "Scandalous!" Some will cry, "Scurrilous!" And yet others will cry, "Slanderous!" But actually if this site can be labeled as anything at all, it's just "Satirical!" (and yet most of it is actually quite factual). So don't get your knickers all in a twist.
For the record the authors of this site aren't teetotalers nor do we have a problem with the moderate and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages by adults of legal drinking age who are considerate toward others by not abusing and flaunting their Christian liberties. R.C. Sproul Jr's personal definitions of "responsible" and "moderate" and "considerate" and even "legal drinking age" differ dramatically from the common usage of those terms.

A Note Of Thanks

We wish to express our personal thanks and gratitude to all those who have helped to make this web site possible. Without all that "insider information" coming our way this site wouldn't have been possible. We especially want to thank those current St. Peter members who have given us all the inside scoop. It's hard for us to understand how you can stay there (a lot of people must still be too afraid to leave), when things are as bad as you tell us they are. But as long as you're there keep those cards and letters coming!

If you've got any party pics with RC, or any fun stories to share, send them to:
r.c.sproul2.0 at gmail (dot) com

Disclaimer: This site is part satire, but mostly factual. As with all satire, the satire on this site originates from actual incidents and statements made by the individuals named. The burden is on the reader to sort the facts from what has been embellished by satire. "The purpose of satire has been rightly stated as to strip off the veneer of comforting illusion and cosy half truth." 
Michael Flanders 

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