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Is this a good time now? Is this finally the right time to listen to what I have to say? My beloved children, I dare you to read this letter. I dare you to read it to the end, without skipping any part, and without prejudice (Luke 4:24) because, you should remember that although I am the one who gave you your body, the Lord our God is the One who gave you your immortal soul, and I have something to tell you on His behalf.

It's not as if I were from another world and don't know what life is all about on this planet. I know! I've lived a long life and I carried all my crosses, like everybody else. So I know what I'm talking about.

I know that you are suffering, each one of you, I understand. It's your turn to struggle now, to carry your crosses, but you can trust me, because I have done it before you, so I know how heavy those crosses can be. Believe, therefore, that my love and compassion for you are such that I only want what is good, true, healthy and beautiful for you.

If in the past I spoke the truth to you, you didn't want to hear it. It was always like "it's not the right time" or you'd find some other way to change the subject. That's why I'm asking now: Is this the right time, at last?

You might say, "Aw, Mom, I'm not in the mood for this stuff. Besides,  everybody needs to make their own experiences to really learn what God is all about.  Imparted wisdom simply won't cut it as it did when we were kids." 

I get it, believe me, I do, but all I ask is that just this once you listen to me.  

Haven't I always taught you that people are more important than things? That means you are more important than your opinions (things), don't you see? Opinions, and philosophies they are just things. By clinging to your precious ideas at the expense of your Faith you are wagering a mountain of gold against a bucket of sand. You are making yourself as devoid of value as a daydream, that one moment is and the next is forgotten.

There are infinite ideas in this world, all up for grabs, depending on the stages of human growth. Furthermore, old ideas become obsolete as we mature, so they are discarded and get picked up by younger generations to continue their endless cycle. So much for our cherished ideas! The only thing that is not recyclable is you!

Don't make your gold and silver inlaid ideas your life-guides. Rather, seek the Truth in all things, be ready to admit errors and be quick to mend your ways. In other words, be humble.

So, if you want to commit to something worthwhile in life, don't let it be your ideas or your opinions, but choose something real, choose the Source: Jesus Christ, the only true Superhero that ever existed. Accept Him as your Lord and Savior and ask Him to walk with you.

All superheroes are based on the idea of Jesus, you know: They enter great dangers in order to save others. That's what Jesus did for us, for YOU!  And while the comics superheroes never get a scratch, so it doesn't cost them anything to save people, it cost Jesus incredible pain to save us. 

Just think for a moment, He gave His Life in exchange for ours! What a wonderful superhero! Wouldn't you agree that He must have known more than we know, or He wouldn't have regarded doing such a thing worthwhile? But He did!! He gave His Life for us! So you know you can safely trust Him!

Oh I see, you even doubt His existence. But why? You don't doubt the existence of other historic personalities such as Alexander the Great, for example, Attila, Plato, Caesar, etc., why then doubt the many reputable scholars and archeologists that present us with the life and deeds of Jesus Christ?

No, He was not a looney. If you just read the Gospels you would see very clearly that Jesus was Wisdom personified. His words changed people's lives and still do!

Many people who oppose God, haven't even read the Gospels or the Psalms or the Prophets. They speak against God purely out of bitter hostility towards authority, towards hypocrisy, and from a place of personal pride. They place their trust in creatures rather than in the Creator. They worship the effect and neglect the Cause. Are you one of them?  If so, why?

I heard it said so many times! "I don't believe in what I can't see or touch." Really? That's so old it no longer applies to our Time and Age. Why? Well, here are a few good reasons why: Tell me, can you actually see and touch black holes?  No? Why then do you believe scientists when they say that black holes exist? Can you see and touch  dark matter?  No? Strange, because scientists say it exists! I could go on, but you get the idea.  

Today we know that many things exist because of various indirect observations, through the effects they produce, but we can't see them directly and we can't grasp them with your hands. Pay attention, because that's always been the case for God, throughout the ages. He has always been visible (indirectly, through observations) to those who have eyes to see and likewise heard by those who have ears to hear. 

When we think about it, we are all so blind and so ignorant that we really should do ourselves a favor and not box us up into the little world that we can grasp with our senses. 

What are the indirect observations that tell me that God exist?  

There are too many to list, but what comes to mind right now is that the existence of love reflects God's Love for us all.  Family love, for example, the way it's meant to be, reflects God's Love in a special way. Family is a place of nurturing and shelter, a safe place, a homey place, a place of learning and playing, a place of compassion and self-giving. God is present in a special way wherever His Love is generously given.

The love that parents give their children is the expression of God's own Love. So love your children and observe how much God loves them! 

However, not all love is the same: By the time God's Love is filtered through our sinfulness it becomes human love meaning that it doesn't shine in its original form and sometimes it's manifested imperfectly, so it becomes dim or even dark as in the case of parents who don't love, don't care or even, God forbid, hurt their kids, that's NOT how God intended it to be.

So when you find yourself loving your child very much, realize how much that child is loved by God, Who is giving you the love with which to love your child.

God is the Love of our love and the Life of our life.  Without God's love there can be no love, and If we say, "I Am," those words are a testament to the Truth that without God's Life in us we would not exist. The very fact that we exist means that God exists, without Whom there would be no "I Am", no existence at all, meaning no life. Without God there is nothing, perhaps something like the concept of dark energy, and that, I think, is a form of hell.

God is the Supreme Source and Cause of all that is. If Cause and effect exist, and they do, although we can neither see nor grasp them, it's only because God exists first. He is the One and Only, the Absolute, the Supreme Point, the First of firsts, so to speak.

Your response might be, "what if one has no Faith?" 

Faith is a gift, and God offers it to all, but accepting a gift implies a certain humility, and if you lack in humility you will not be able to accept a gift from anybody, much less from God. So strive to lose your haughtiness and don't think you have all the time in the world for a death-bed conversion. Many who are now in hell thought the same thing and now regret it. 

Talk to God, He will answer you even before you have finished your sentence! He knows every thought you have ever had, nothing is hidden from Him, He knows you better than you know yourself, and yet He still loves you. He is your true Father and Mother. Love Him, because He alone is good and the Source of all goodness. Respect Him and be reverent in His Presence and pray. 

Don't look to your right or to your left in your relationship with God, because each one of us is called in a different way, and we can't know what truly is in another person's mind and heart. Only God can. What clearly looks like hypocrisy to us may just be a stepping-stone in His sight.

We are not perfect, but we are not junk either, and we are redeemable in His eyes. Strive to love and please God by doing what He commands. Remember Our Blessed Lady, Jesus' Mother at the Wedding of Cana, in John 2:3 when she said to the helpers, "Do Whatever He (Jesus) tells you to do."  And the servants obedience was rewarded by the miracle of changing of water into wine. 

Love one another, be kind, always forgive from the heart, and please don't forget to pray! 

Prayer is communication, just talk to God, chat with Him, open your heart, make Him your best friend and confidant. That way you can be sure that you are praying to Him from the heart, and when you pray from the heart He responds immediately. But you have to be honest with Him and you must be present to him with your whole self, that is thought, focus, heart, emotions, you must be at one with yourself before God, because that's what it means to be true.

My children, I told you all these things because I love you and I want us to be reunited one day, and share in the same joy in Christ, our Savior.

May God's Love shine upon you and may Our Lord Jesus Christ increase your Faith.

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