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Hannah had a tooth break Sunday. It has a piece that is still attached but unstable. We keep a few dental repair kits in our home/auto/hiking/camping first aid supply kits, so we patched it with that until she can see our dentist. She was in some pain until we patched it. She has no pain currently, and we hope to keep it that way. We are home and trying to get her seen today but CoVid. Sigh. Please pray we can get her tooth fixed asap, and that we can keep it from causing her pain until then. 

Update: We have an appointment at 4:30 today.

Clint's and my time away was interrupted, but that's OK. Life happens, and when it does, we tend to roll with it. I honestly do not care where I am as long as I am with Clint. He says he feels the same about me. 

We had someone beg us to meet them for a farm sale on Friday. It was the only time they could come since they had to travel all the way from New York. They asked nicely, so we obliged them.

We are usually within an hour or two from home. It had to have been God's timing that we were home for the farm sale...

Thankfully we were present when Emily had a caustic chemical squirt in her eye from a malfunctioning pump dispenser causing instant and terrible pain and a lot of worry. I am afraid our first aid treatment looked a lot like waterboarding, but we got her eye rinsed out very well. We kept her laughing through it too. We had her lying in the tub so we could pour bottled water into her eye within 15 seconds of the accident. God gave me a fast reaction time, and it has certainly been a strong asset with our large Family and the events we've gone through. He designed me specifically to be a mother to this large, happy, fun loving, and crazy family of mine. 

Caleb went to the store and purchased Emily Visine to help soothe her injured eye. I love how our family is automatically "all hands on deck" during an emergency to help one another any way we can. Most of the time, I do not need to ask for a wet washcloth for a sick family member or a bag of ice for a bump or bruise or whatever...the family just goes into action while Clint and I assess the situation. Emily had some scary moments especially when the pain was great and she could not see. Praise the Lord, her eye is right as rain today. 

Emily said she knew we'd fix it if she could just figure out how to get to us. Since walking blind didn't work, she cried out to us until we heard her and went to her. That's was a good reminder to look to my Heavenly Father with that complete trust in His goodness and abilities. All I have to do is cry out to Him and He will respond. He is even better at helping the blind to see and taking our pain from us. Even better, He doesn't waterboard us like two crazy scared parents trying to save their child's sight. :-)

Amanda is asking for prayer for deep, restful sleep between the overtime she has been taking. She has three weeks to go before the employee returns. Her taking extra shifts is freeing an employee to help with CoVid relief. She is basically working and sleeping, and we can see the toll it is taking on her. Our family is trying to help her where we can.


Hurricane Isaias damaged our corn JUST before it would have been matured. We don't believe in crying over spilled milk around here. We find a way to make the best of whatever life throws at us. Our rabbits are munching on the undeveloped corn. The stalks have been pulled and will help fill in a new raised bed this fall. We have one stand that survived somewhat, and we will give it time to see what it will do. We have two more plantings in the early stages that did just fine through the storm. And, we are getting ready to replant again since we have time before our estimated first frost. Our gang is ready for cooler temps to make working outdoors more enjoyable.

Please keep praying:

Shonda is still on hospice. Her pain is intense at times. She says she is ready to go home when the Lord calls her name.

Katherine-The judge said he will not make a decision about custody until he hears more.

Timmy is going to have his kidney stones removed soon. He also has some bed sores that are not healing like they should.

Thank you to those who pray for our family. We are very grateful and covet those prayers. Please let us know how we can pray for you. Love to all from all of us!

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