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Just in case you think I don't understand...

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Virginia Map of Coronavirus Cases click for interactive map

This coronavirus map has a column for how many positive cases per million.

There are 23 positive cases immediately in the area where three in our Family work. Two patients died in the hospital we use. This area is one of the biggest clusters in the state and the biggest in our region of the state. There is one case confirmed where we live, and we expect other cases to follow. While our risk is relatively low, we are still mindful it is very close to home.

Brandon has been sent home to work unless there is a technical issue. He will have to go if he can't resolve it at home. Clint and Amanda are critical employees who oversee others and different parts of production. Both of them are working longer hours. They may end up having to stay on site to keep the equipment running. All of them have stopped going out for lunch, getting gas, and shopping in that area to reduce our family's risk.

Where our three work is critical infrastructure in the food supply chain. Their employer has been notified by the federal government that they are needed to keep the food chain going. Even if there is a mandatory shut down due to the infection rates rising, they will still have to go to work to keep food moving to citizens. If you have been to a grocery store lately, you realize how important that has become.

Our two youngest sons work in fast food where they are exposed to a lot of people. The dining area has been closed, but people are still coming inside for take out and catering orders. Even though the menu and hours have been reduced, they are still seeing a steady stream of drive thru customers. It's actually increased to the point they are experimenting with new ways to move the orders through. Both of them have keys to the restaurant and are important to keep things operating. 

While I use humor to help with the stress level, I do realize the risk and the seriousness of the situation. We have high risk individuals in our outer family and in our circle of dear friends. Nearly all of them are stuck at home, and some are alone. A few of them really struggle hard with depression, so we are trying to help them along even if it's from a distance.

My husband has something in his chest that he can't shake. I don't know what CoVid-19 might do on top of that. I have the same thing and also have EBV. Clint's been battling this respiratory for close to three weeks, me for two. Our children shook it off very easily. Whatever this is went straight to our chests. We are improving, but it's definitely taking its sweet time. 

I am concerned about many things, but I take them to the Lord. I talk to Him all day long as things come up, and He gives me peace. He had me prepare my family very early, and I was able to be two and three steps ahead of the masses all across the board. Reflecting on that reminds me He is looking after us which gives me great peace. I have gone above and beyond doing every practical thing I can do to prepare my family for this situation. I can't change the situation, but I can control my reaction to it. I can set the tone for my household and help alleviate their stress. 

It's my personality to be fun loving and playful. My friends and family will tell you (or warn you) that I can bring the laughter. If I am relaxed around you, a shopping trip with me at my best is one you will remember for years. I usually draw strangers into it and will have several of them laughing along. I am a joyful person and want everyone around me to be happy. It's who God made me to be, and in times like these, I am thankful to be able to minister to others in a way that lightens their load even if it's for just a few minutes. 

So yeah, I know it's serious. My family is working in a potential epicenter for our state. The God I trust to watch over them is all powerful, all knowing, and present everywhere. He is the God who parted the Red Seas, sheltered David from King Saul, spared Noah and his family from the flood, and gave Sarah a baby in her old age. My God can do anything! Why would I choose to live in a state of fear when I can choose live in His presence through prayer and worship? 

Dear Reader, we are praying God's protection and provision over you and your loved ones. My family is also asking the Lord to bless you with His peace. Coronavirus didn't come as a surprise to the Lord. He is bigger and has more power than this global pandemic. This is a great time to practice your faith and deepen your relationship with Him..or to begin one. If you are local, and there is a way we can help you at this time, please ask. We aren't wealthy, but we probably can spare a meal or a roll of TP. 

Psalm 91

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Just in case you think I don't understand...


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