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By David L.Miner

Last week, there was yet another headline about yet another teacher getting sexually involved with yet another student. I am getting a little tired of all the supposed moral outrage expressed by so many Americans when a teacher gets sexually involved with a student. There are several reasons why I believe this is a sham and a totally hypocritical objection on the part of most people, but I will try to keep this shorter than most of my rants and only address two issues.

First, there is very clearly a double standard involved with most cases of teacher-student sex. Most male teachers who are caught are criminally prosecuted for this “crime” and most female teachers who are caught are merely fired. World Net Daily has run many stories about this double standard over the years. All double-standards are born in hypocrisy and grow up in prejudice. This must stop. Both men and women should receive the same punishment, if any punishment is to be involved.

Second, America has decided it is important to take God, the Bible, prayer, and all Christian holidays out of the schools and out of the workplace and especially out of anything touched by government. We can no longer claim actions are “wrong;” we can only claim actions are against policy or rules. Society does not see sex between consenting people as wrong, but as a normal and expected part of a relationship. Men are expected to have many sexual relationships before marriage, and women are pressured to follow suit. Young adults who are not involved in a sexual relationship are often ridiculed, or at least ostracized in some way. Women, especially, are seen as less than whole if they are not in a relationship.

Sex is seen as having the moral implications of drinking a glass of water, and yet sexual involvement is encouraged and even enforced as if it is morally wrong to NOT be involved.

IT IS TIME AMERICA STOP BEING SO HYPOCRITICAL ABOUT SEX! If it is morally acceptable to have premarital sexual relationships at will, then let's man-up and apply that decision in every logical way.

High School proms are expected to result in the loss of virginity by most who attend. If you object to this, please Explain why without using Morality as a crutch.

Most college parties are attended with the expectation of sexual activities either during or after the party. If you object to this, please explain why without using morality as a crutch.

Pornography is available over the Internet to anyone with an interest in it. If you object to this, please explain why without using morality as a crutch.

Gay organizations are getting more and more vocal about accepting and even demanding man-boy relationships. If you object to this, please explain why without using morality as a crutch.

It seems more and more teachers are having sex with students. If you object to this, please explain why without using morality as a crutch.

Prostitution is out of control in most major cities. If you object to this, please explain why without using morality as a crutch.

America has declared that faith in God is no longer acceptable outside the home. America has decided that a Biblical morality is no longer acceptable at all. America has decided to abandon its Christian roots in favor of a new religion based on mankind being nothing more than a highly evolved ape. And this new religion has removed the concept of WRONG and especially the concept of SIN.

So America needs to accept the results of its decisions and shut up about the few things it still sees as moral or immoral.

Or else America needs to repent and accept once again the Bible and the God of the Bible as the foundation for moral judgment.

And this will NEVER happen unless and until Christians take a stand against government encroachment into issues of morality. Christians must get involved in politics and take the position that morality cannot be removed from schools and the workplace and especially from government without horrible but entirely predictable consequences.

Christians must take America back or lose it until Christ returns.

And electing Trump is only a small beginning...

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