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March and April RoseLight Healing® Update

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Australia, Sydney, NSW
RoseLight Update from Sophia

Dear Lady Emanuella and Mark,

Please find our Sanctuary reports as follows: 

I was running a late and arrived only with time to sit and begin. I could feel that there was a little unbalance but felt excited. We got off to a good start, as Belinda and I started reading the instructional email out loud. Belinda took us through a grounding and opening exercise which I felt may have made me a little dizzy (taking the Energy of the crown chakra through the body and down through the base). Next time it may be better to go with what was written (Open Your Heart to God; Open your Crown Chakra to the Universe; And Then Anchor Your Feet to the Core of the Earth), however I applaud her interest in wanting to be a creative leader. It was a bit disjointed as we read through but by the end I finally felt that familiar heart feeling which makes me beam such a peaceful and happy smile even though I wasn't expecting it. Lucinda sat in the centre to absorb the healing light that was being created by the field Belinda and I were making. I sensed darkness in and around her and found it distracting, as I bounced between trying to pull her from it and focus on the bigger picture. At some point however I know we all came together for the greater good because I felt us all very connected with 'Human Hearts at one stage and the 'Elementals' (which gave such an inspirational vibration). Both Belinda and I mentioned that we felt the rejoice of the Human Hearts as we sent energy to them. I particularly felt my purpose when doing this - it was a 'ahh this is what I;m here for' feeling, as though this was a more natural state of being to me. When we closed the session I felt a little dizzy and feel like next time I may spend a little more time in silence after as I feel like chatting too soon takes away that soothing space I am in all too quickly. I am glad we have a new way of doing things - it felt clearer, stronger (though in a gentle way) and more available.

When sitting chatting we all found that we were 'finishing up with' our jobs and that our hearts were no longer in them, and that we had all turned to our mums for support in this the week prior (and it seemed Luci's deep feelings had needed some further support and nurturing here as she felt quite lost). I've noticed a soft feminine aspect come out of Belinda in her appearance and the other relevant updates are that we (Lucinda, Belinda and I) spoke about starting a publication (blog or magazine). One that is anchored in what is empowering and co-creating
With Love,


So beautiful Belinda!

April 2015 Sanctuary: I was feeling emotionally out of balance and struggled to honour the space by staying out of individual ego. As always it was a beautiful sanctuary and I felt the love created between the Sydney Sanctuary group and the healing it was doing for the greater good of humankind and this deserving world. 

With light and love,
Lucinda xxx


Hi ladies,

Before it slips my mind!

Sunday's Sanctuary account
This was a challenge for me. I felt very grounded, but as we got into it I became very stiff and sore in my body, which made it hard to stay in my heart space. I could feel Lucinda struggling at the same time as I could feel Sophia shining from her heart space. At one point I felt connected to all human hearts as one, global heart. It was lovely. After closing and talking with the girls, it became apparent that we'd all had emotionally difficult weeks. I am currently restoring an equilibrium and vitality in my being that I have not experienced in years, however since the Sanctuary I've had a huge shift in my throat chakra. I feel better able to express myself, listen to others, and feel connected. So whilst the sanctuary meditation process itself for me was difficult, it was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful to the Creator of All for my journey alongside my sisters. 
I love you both in every single infinite cell of your beings! MWAH!

Hello BB,
Yes, it is when we are “shifting” from one space in our lives to another one that we all seem to have the most physical symptoms. It is a confirmation that you are “moving “through something and reaching a better place. May your caring heart be recognized by others.

Abundant Light, Love and Life,

Australia, Coffs Harbour, NSW
RoseLight Update from Rhonda

Being Easter Sunday most people were away with family.
RHONDA:  When we were emanating the Rose Light through our community I a saw a crowd of people congregating out the front of my home to soak up the energy.  After some time the crown dispersed.  The whole area was immersed in pink.  We then moved on to our chosen second area which was Kenya and I saw the whole country turn pink.  During sanctuary I could see and feel myself filling with energy and felt tweaking on the top of my head and heard the work rewiring.  After sanctuary I must admit I could think clearer.

SIOBHAN:  (polarity partner for the day)  I could feel the group energy and I went quite deep.  I felt the love for my relatives back home in Ireland and felt warm inside and all over.  I saw a lot of pink.

CHERIE:  I saw a blanket of mauve light over our community and some of this entered into buildings, then we took this energy to Kenya.  The clouds by then were more pinkish in colour.  I saw my family and sent them love and hope.

Ireland, Limerick
Message from MaryG….

How are you doing, hope life is good and you are well.
I just wanted to let you know of a lovely event that happened, I was telling Phil about it, and thought you might like to hear about it too.
One Friday afternoon in January, I treated myself to a lovely chai latte just beside where I do the grocery shopping.  I know that I was feeling tired, and had a lot of unresolved issues running through my head at the time, and as I sat down, I invited God to sit with me, so I could have a chat to him.
I tend to visualise
God as the powerful wizard with the long white beard , something similar to Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings,  I know he is neither male nor female, that God is spirit, and all love, but it helps me to talk to him when I put a form on him.
So, I chatted to God about what was going on in my life at that time, looked for guidance, and could visualise God just waiting patiently for me to finish my tales of woe,  I am sure my concerns are no different from any other family who have their issues,  and so God waited for me to finish.
Then, he said two words, “Claim Abundance”,
It was like he could not understand why I was not doing this, don’t I know its there already, just go and claim abundance.
I also noticed lovely beams of light around where I sat, and when I think about it, whenever I talk to God, often in the car, there will always be some form of beautiful light, the sky could be grey, but there will be silvery bursts of light in some corner of the sky.
Mark,  to me abundance is much more than having the bag of gold, but that does help, of course, but  its so much more, to be appreciative of good health, to see, hear, breath, walk, to have work, to notice the little things every day,  like the lovely warm fire  in the evenings, the frost glistening like diamonds on the road, little things, but I love that, to expect the small miracles every day, to have such beautiful  friends, the meditation evenings, company of two healthy children and one happy dog, and mother who is in good health and loves to laugh, yes, gratitude is a lot of it. I got a letter in yesterday from work to say they are refunding me about €500, God works in ways that I could not imagine.
Wishing you and Emanuella a happy and light filled week,
God bless ,

Hello Mary,
Thank you for your loving heart in service to this world. Hearing the voice of our Creator is always inspiring and can be perplexing at times. “Claim Abundance” sounds like authentic communication because as we learn to consciously expand the light that surrounds each of us, we can also learn how to condition it towards something we seek. It is the light fields around us that actually condition our physical experiences in life. Learning to put the right conditioning into our fields can speed up our ability to manifest goals in the physical.

Wonderful to share this miracle with others. Keeping our focus on lifting up the light in others expands our own frequency much faster and assists both the individual and the whole simultaneously.

Abundant Light, Love and Life,

Australia, Brisbane, QLD
RoseLight Update from Mary-Lou

Mary-Lou – Facilitator
The focus this sanctuary for the Rose Light was… Drinking Water in Africa, Cleansing of Water on the Planet, Antarctica, Australian Government, Australian and the Planet. The energy was very strong and intense and we hold and expressed this well. When I wasn’t doing that I saw the middle of Mother Earth and the little feminine energy that resides there, this concerned me and so I expanded out beyond the earth, which is where I feel more expansive and expressive and of service. It was a great group and powerful session with directed intent. Empowerment is in group facilitation!

Carleen – Polarity Partner
Today my experience was a good experience I felt that the group linked in really well to the bridge and I saw an incredible pink lake much like the one in Kalbarri Western Australia attached.

This extended into the federal parliament and all the fresh drinking water in the third world countries. Everything was raining pink which indicated a rose light healing presence. I found the sanctuary was well guided by yourself and I was very happy to be part of it. Thank you Mary-Lou.

I settled into a deeply peaceful and highly centred state and just radiated pink light out to the world for the entire time.

It was the first time where I felt the true vibrations of the "Invocation to the Rose Flame".  I think putting my hand on my heart really helped me to achieve this.  I felt my heart's resonance whilst reading. I felt every single word of the invocation in every cell of my being.  Physically, I felt the frequency all over my body particularly my heart and crown.  My body was hot, tingling and my heart was beating so hard. In my head I felt very dizzy.  Our hearts cohesiveness was very strong. It ebbed and flowed soft and rhythmically. Our group decided to heal the waters of Earth, the Australian government and Antarctica.  With every Holy Breath, the already intense frequency got stronger.  We then emanated our hearts energy into our community, state, country and planet.  At first I breathed out the Rose Ray from my heart and just waited to see where the energy needed to go.  The Rose Ray was vacuumed up by people from all walks of life.  I went from continent to continent and I could perceive that people already knew what the Rose energy was.  They were so thirsty for the Flame of Freedom. It was like as if liquid gold was raining on them.
The people's chest turned from dark colour to radiant pink. I perceived that not all the people were drawing in the Rose Ray. These people were not radiating as strongly as the rest.  Physically, I was so happy to see the effects on humanity even though I had an uncomfortable feeling in my solar plexus. I am not sure what that was.  However, overall it was such a beautiful and peaceful place to be - I did not want to come out of it! All my love, Maria

Hello Maria,
This sounds as if your group is working effectively with the Cosmic Rose Light. This is a beautiful account of success. Yes, you are correct that the Spirit of most people do know this as a powerful healing and transformative essence. Most souls are not that consciously aware of their Spirit at this time and while the individual does not yet see the value and opportunities in the Spirit Light, it will still vacuume up the Rose to strengthen itself. Generally, the Spirit Light of humanity remains too contracted and needs to expand in order to create more for all on the physical.

Abundant Light, Love and Life,

My experience last Sunday was very powerful. I could feel at the middle of the room strong energy, very hot as we were connected, I felt the presence of Lady Emmanuella in my heart. I put my right hand in my heart as I was reading I felt my heart pounding and felt my arms and legs like electric shock. When Mary-Lou took us to Antartica I could imagine  sending all the Rose Light in that vast white area all holding hands And then I could see Africa to clean the water but I was more far away sending Rose Light from above to the whole universe.  Thank you very much for allowed me to be part of in the group.

Hello Marcia,
I can tell you are very good at moving energy throughout your body. When people use the Cosmic Rose Light to assist others and to assist the planet, they are also creating a different kind of neuropath in the brain. It does take time to do this and many changes happen along the way. Our brain expresses itself with electricity. Gentle vibrations are always welcome as we create the new and continue to expand the field of light around us. Try putting your left hand over your heart next time if you got a jolt of electricity with your right hand. See if this produces a different effect for you.

Abundant Light, Love and Life,

I chose clean water as my focus and it's very sensory. I hear and feel all sources of water and have images  the oceans, the rivers, the dams, waterfalls and the man mad structures plumbing, of drinking containers etc.

My images are particularly of Africa and other 3rd world countries.

During the session I focused on the heart breath experienced and sent images of clean water across the globe.

The colours were green changing to rose pink, raining it down across the globe.

I also got a strong connection that the people of the planet need to be cleansed. I sent out the light to people from my past present and future.

After the session I felt refreshed and so much calmer.

Hello Trish,
Yes, the people on Earth are holding a denser energy today as we have so many survival issues in different parts of the world. When we encounter dense energy, we can open ourselves and let it flow away from us but most people do not know how to do this.  So many souls do receive benefit from your love and compassion.

Abundant Light, Love, and Life,

Maipo Chile
RoseLight Update from Judit

Hello Honorable Lady Emanuella and Mark ....

Our Meditation was conducted with four people, and it as always was very profound.
A Deep Rose Light as energy waves was felt ....
The connection with Lady Emanuella was rather a deep Rose Light emerging from its image as lightning energy to all of us. Then this energy surrounds us in a circular shape to the whole group and then turns around to finally form a sphere of RoseLight that surrounds and protects us.
We visualize, the RoseLight in Ecuador land between the northern and southern hemispheres, as uniting. We were asked us to work in the line of Ecuador, with that energy. Subsequently, over the same issue, we visualize that from the center of the earth and pink disc in Ecuador, emerge two trees whose trunks reach both poles of the earth (north and south) from where they emerge branches that connect the stars and the galaxy. In the roots of both trees representing a structure that drains life was observed.
RoseLight climbed the trees ......
This album radiated RoseLight into Gaia.
This RoseLight wave becomes Rose liquid light ...... like a deep lake in which a Fairy and Gnome looked!

We also observed RoseLight entered the earth and from our place Maipo river flowed bristle which is our home.

Many affectionate greetings and hugs from deep pink light,

Judit and Heinz

Hello Judit and Heinz,
Thank you for all your help and dedication to the cosmic Rose Light Healing. You are correct is seeing that I am now using circular energy to surround groups. I was using a triangular flow pattern before but have now switched to continuous circular flow. You have very good inner “seeing” and “knowing!”

Abundant Light, Love and Life,

Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
RoseLight Update from Patricia 

Hello and Blessings of Cosmic RoseLight and Infinite Love to All at ONHI,

May the wonders and miracles of EASTER from the Divine Feminine Cosmic Light, our Emanuella, be felt ever stronger in our hearts day by day.

We welcomed a new member to our March meditation, Kay from Canada, a lovely Buddhist who thoroughly enjoyed the experience and shared that, "It was refreshing!!!" As we grounded and anchored the RoseLight, we opened the rose petals of our hearts, connecting to Emanuella's and Creator's Hearts, and to all Sanctuaries. Alan and I held the Unified Field of RoseLight and poured it forth to Gaia.

At our April meditation yesterday, Full Moon, I felt the higher energies of this time of the year. Interestingly, it was harder for me to meditate. After meditation Alan wanted to talk about some of the miracles happening around the world. He very seldom shares much about himself/his experiences...

Next month the Wesak Full Moon weekend comes forth during our RoseLight Global Healing Saturday May 2nd.  We look forward to the greatest Light, Love and Life possible at this peak time for spiritual Light. 

Light, Light, Light
Corpus Christi, TX

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March and April RoseLight Healing® Update


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