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State of the Union reactions show Democrats in trouble

On January 31, I posted on President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address.

If you haven’t read that and haven’t followed the Sotu, especially the Democrats’ non-reaction, please do, as this post is a follow up looking at reactions from both sides of the aisle.

White House

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump sent out gracious tweets following the SOTU:

Democrats in trouble

During the SOTU, the Democrats — bar one or two — sat in silence. There was only one time when a number of them stood and applauded.

No one expects them to applaud Trump’s policies, but when a president praises Americans, the custom is to stand and applaud.

The Democrats did not do that. My aforementioned post has several photos of them, especially Representative Nancy Pelosi (California). She was unrepentant:

Not every Democrat sees it her way:

When you look at Trump’s address, note how many times he said ‘we’ and ‘together’.

He listed all of his administration’s huge achievements made in just one year.

Pelosi is laughable.

But there are others:

However, the next Democrat, from Chicago, had to have been the worst. After the North Korean defector lifted his crutches triumphantly, guests on the Republican side began chanting ‘USA! USA! USA!’ This was Luis Gutierrez’s reaction:

Watch the video and see that this was the one time a large number of Democrats stood and applauded. Ironically, that’s when Gutierrez made his exit.

He later issued this statement:

Words fail me, so I’ll move on.

Media reaction

The media’s reaction was just as unhinged as the Democrats’.

Some took issue with Trump for wanting to fully eradicate MS-13, saying we cannot even be sure if this horrific gang actually exists!

Immigration was another issue.

So were American values:

Unbelievable! Yet, people still tune in to this rubbish!

Mark Dice has a short, humorous — yet factual — take on the media’s reactions, complete with clips. You’ll also see more Democrats. Chuckles guaranteed:

At least Matt Drudge’s headline said the president has ‘shows heart’.

Public’s reaction to Democrats

Hey, Dems, take a look at yourselves.

Then take a look around you.

You showed your true colours and all of America could see it:

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee tweeted:

This couple were special guests at the SOTU:

The_Donald, which continues to increase its subscribers daily, had several posts about the SOTU. One thread covered that tweet. Representative comment (emphases mine):

I wish I could tell her how much good company she has in being red pilled. So many black Americans stay on the Dem plantation because they fear their community will abandon them. Alone and adrift in a world where they were taught that all are turned against them, especially whites. Once people like this lady figure out they’ve been lied to and used and want to leave, they end up going up against the “social enforcers” who use their power within the black communities to isolate those who think differently.

To repeat, I wish I could tell her what wonderful company she has here.


Trump’s black support has already doubled in a year. It’s my belief that a lot of blacks are actually open to him, and all they need is a reason to switch over. This image could be broadcast strategically for a few weeks during the election and probably win over tons of black voters.

I don’t doubt Trump’s increased MAGA support in the black community. This photo was taken before the SOTU. This chap is even wearing a GOP badge:

On another thread praising the fine — and highly moving — address Trump gave, someone wrote:

I’m doing a lot of laughing at the Dems these days. They are circling the toilet bowl and they know it. Bitter clingers to very bad ideas.

All of these Dem photos and film clips can be put together in a powerful campaign ad this year for mid-terms and again in 2020!

Another thread said that the SOTU has finished the Democrat Party. I refuse to say ‘Democratic’ — the proper name — because their members are too radical to live up to it.

Another thread said that Trump is snatching the rug from underneath the Dems:

For years the DNC has always communicated good intentions… the infrastructure programs, the social programs and other typical DNC related topics – Trump is dismantling and taking these topics from them. It is really clear

It is clear that the Democrats are on the wrong side right now:

best SOTU speech in my lifetime was awesome then awesome then better great g[rea]t great AMERICANS and FAMILIES and dems just sat like toads on a log headed down river

Not even rigged voting machines can save these desperate individuals now. For years, I have longed to write that sentence. Now I’ve finally been able to do so.

This image comes courtesy of The_Donald. Can’t you see this being used to great effect?

This is the background story to the image:

Trump touted the patriotism of a young boy named Preston who planted flags for veterans.

“Young patriots like Preston teach all of us about our civic duty as Americans. Preston’s reverence for those who have served our Nation reminds us why we salute our flag, why we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance, and why we proudly stand for the national anthem.”

Republican side stands and applauds. Dems do nothing. Nancy Pelosi looks round to make sure.

Official polling

Several days before the SOTU, this poll came out showing that most Americans are on Trump’s side of the issues:

Here are the results of the CBS poll taken after the SOTU:

Now Trump’s approval rating has gone up:

It is no doubt higher than that, but polling companies don’t care to get the correct weighting for Republicans and Independents.

One thing is certain: 2018 will be exciting, especially when the mid-term campaigning starts.

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State of the Union reactions show Democrats in trouble


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