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Trump’s still winning

President Donald Trump continues his winning streak, despite so many people’s concerted efforts to bring him down.


Last week at this time, the Senate was about to vote for a government shutdown.

No one suffered, outside of the media:

Trump’s base was supportive. Someone in Ohio bought advertising space:

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York) thought the shutdown was a great way to put Trump in his place and make him look like a failure. I do not quite understand the logic of that, but, then, I am not a Democrat.

On Monday, January 22, 2018, the government reopened.

Even Trump’s detractors saw it as a win for him:

Yes, even Trump’s arch media enemy:


The shutdown held an unexpected result for Schumer.

The Daca people — whom Obama called ‘dreamers’ — went to protest at his house in New York City. Remember that they were similarly angry with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) last year.

Quite a crowd showed up to chant, with musical accompaniment:

It will be interesting to see if DACA becomes legislation:

The Supreme Court is now involved. Trump rolled DACA back last year and declared a moratorium until March 5, 2018:

The Washington Times article says:

The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will speed up a case involving the Trump administration’s request to cancel the Obama-era DACA deportation amnesty, moving to grab a piece of the unfolding immigration debate.

In a brief order, the justices said they have granted the administration’s request to hear the case even before a ruling by a lower appeals court. Such requests are rarely granted.

A district judge issued a controversial ruling earlier this month that found the 2012 DACA program legal, and found the Homeland Security secretary’s decision to undo the program illegal …

The Justice Department, in asking the Supreme Court to hear the case, called the six-month phaseout a “humane choice” that was better than having the courts rule it illegal and cancel it immediately.

This is how one Twitter user analyses Trump’s position:

1. For a couple weeks now, I’ve been saying that DACA is not a bargaining chip, it’s a bait. In fact, you just saw who Trump used it to bait the Dems into a Banzai Charge on his most heavily fortified position.

2. Having been humiliated by Trump, the smarter Dems in congress, especially in the Senate are going to be hella wary of doing that again.

3. It’s not just that Trump humiliated them, it’s also that the thought DACA was a certain winner politically, because all of their slanted Big Media polls have been telling them that for years.

But when it came time to actually act, the public melted their phones with anger.

4. So, now what?

Now, DACA is not a bargaining chip, it’s a wedge.

5. Again, DACA is not a bargaining chip, it’s now a wedge.

And Dr. President Trump is going to put it on the fault line between sensible Congressional Dems and their bitter, idiotic, lunatic voters and hit it as many times as he can with a sledgehammer.

6. Trump is going to use DACA to split Dems from their hardest-of-hardcore base: the ethnic agitators, the SJWs, the cat ladies, and the whole rest of that ranting crew

7. Trump is going to do this by making the terms of any potential DACA deal so hard for Dems to swallow that they’re either be a) forced to abandon the Dreamers, or give Trump so much of what he wants that the Dem base will have an epic meltdown.

8. The Dems in Congress find themselves in yet another no win situation. They have to give Trump the moon or throw the Dreamers overboard.

There is no other viable option for Democrats. None …

15. Part of Trump’s strategy is to demoralize the Dem base early, with a series of giant defeats/humiliations of Dem leaders. He wants Dem voters to crash hard before the summer. He’s got to make it clear that #RedTideRising is inevitable, so as to keep the Dem base at home.

16. And the way you make it clear is by hitting the Dems with his strongest and most popular positions. Did you notice that on Friday, literally five minutes after the shut down, Trump released the details of his infrastructure plan? That’s the next stage after the crash.

17. Trump is orchestrating an emotional crash for the Dem voters and the humiliation of Dem congressmen before the summer because he wants to offer the sane ones a chance at emotional redemption through MAGA and the infrastructure plan.

18. Yes, #RedTideRising isn’t just about energizing the Trump base, they’re plenty energized. It’s really about peeling off the regular democratic voters who aren’t lunatics, or who’ve decided to stop being lunatics. This includes a sizable number of blacks and legal hispanics.

19. After the DACA thing is settled one way or another, either of which will be a big win for Trump, Trump is going to pivot to infrastructure and start hammering it hard. Remember, infrastructure is a HUGE bipartisan issue …

25. The bad news is that Trump may actually get a DACA deal. But if he does, what he’ll get in return will be astounding, & it won’t include a path to citizenship, more like a green card. Meaning, if you get a DUI, you’re sent back. The Sword of Damocles insures their behavior.

26. When I say Trump will get the moon, I mean the Wall, end of chain migration, no to DACA parents, more ICE agents, and probably a couple other things I haven’t thought about. Plus, no path to citizenship.

The Dems in Congress are just desperate enough to go for that.

29. In fact, if Trump pulls this off, ending birthright citizenship will be a piece of cake, because the smarter Dems will rush to readjust their platform to include more immigration restriction. Which will allow Trump and MAGA’ian GOP to move even more to the right.

30. So, once again, remember the Three Rules of the Trumpening.

1. Always trust Trump.
2. Never bet against Trump.
3. Don’t get tired of winning …


With the shutdown situation resolved, President Trump was able to leave Washington DC for Davos:

His anticipated attendance proved to be positive news …

… even to journalists who aren’t known for being Trump supporters:

This is a pretty big deal for the United States and for Davos:

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross fired the opening salvo before Trump arrived. The Conservative Treehouse reported:

Wilbur Ross Shreds Globalists at Davos: “We don’t intend to abrogate leadership, but leadership is different from being a sucker and being a patsy”…

Not surprisingly:

Believe me, the economic globalist attendees were/are entirely freaking out.  There’s a panel discussion video at the bottom which will highlight the tenuous position of the multinational corporations, banks and the economic interests of the globalists.  Prior to the panel Secretary Ross gave an interview to CNBC.


Tax cuts

Trump spoke with reporters before he left for Davos. He was upbeat about the American economy and the excellent reaction from corporations to the tax cut legislation signed before Christmas:

JP Morgan Chase is the latest in a long list of companies to raise minimum wages and increase investment:

This is true, no hyperbole:

That comment

Remember that comment Trump supposedly made about certain countries last week?

He got plaudits from one African president …

… possibly partly for this reason?

The Daily Caller recaps an interview President Yoweri Museveni gave to the Associated Press:

“America has got one of the best presidents ever,” Museveni said Tuesday, according to the Associated Press. “I don’t know whether he was misquoted or whatever. But he talks to Africans frankly. In the world, you cannot survive if you are weak” …

The comments sparked a backlash both domestically and abroad. A group of African ambassadors called Trump’s comments “outrageous, racist and xenophobic” and demanded an apology.

Museveni, however, remains a huge Trump fan.


In closing, I don’t know how Trump does it. But he does and wins brilliantly.

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Trump’s still winning


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