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Bible commentary on Strange woman: My encounter with a ‘strange woman’

‘Strangers shall submit unto me’: My encounter with a strange woman

By Babatope Babalobi

And why wilt thou, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger’– Proverbs 5 vs 20


I never like hotels, unfortunately the nature of my job forces me to sleep in hotels often. Over the past years I have seen misdeeds and evils happening in several hotels- drinking spree, drunkenness, smoking, revelling, wild partying, and various forms of sexual perversion. I have come to regard hotels, largely as the hotbed and melting pot of sin. The class or rating of the hotel does not really matter, acts of unrighteousness do occur in almost all hotels.


As a man, it takes the grace of God to resist the sinful temptations that hotels exhibit, allow, and accommodate. My strategy has always been to stay in my hotel room as much as possible, and cut off from the worldliness that often take place within the premises.


I am presently domiciled in an hotel, and had an encounter with a lady that fits the Biblical description of a ‘strange woman’ See Proverbs chapter 5., few days ago. The hotel is not a brothel, and on a 1-5 rating qualifies as a three-star hotel.


Specifically, last Thursday evening, as I stepped out of my hotel room around 8pm, I was accosted less than 10 metres away by a scantily dressed lady who said she wanted to talk to me. I waited to hear what she had to say. She told me her story, saying she had come to the hotel to meet her boyfriend, but found another lady with him and he didn’t give her attention; as such she was stranded and needed some money to transport herself home.  She wanted me to help her with some money to transport herself.


As she narrated her story, I could see almost all her breasts, popping out of her loose dress. I guessed immediately that there is no truth in her fairy tale. From her enticing and sexy composure, I knew this was a lady of easy virtue looking for a sex partner, in return for a financial reward. My immediate reaction was to walk away.

However, it occurred to me that this lady was offering me with what she has, which is her body, I should also offer her what I have- which is Jesus of Nazareth. One of the principles of life is that if you don’t confess the word, the world will win you over. It occurred to me that this was an opportunity to evangelise and I ceased it by His grace.


I told her that I wish to talk to her, arguing that since I had allowed her to talk to me, she should also allow me to talk to her. She consented and suggested following me to my room which was metres away from where we stood. Of course, I declined knowing fully well – that was a trap and very risky. She them suggested we should go to the Bar, I declined and told her I didn’t mind talking to her, right there on the spot.


To cut a long story short, I told her about the love of Christ. Referring to her story in which she said her boyfriend disappointed her, I told her if she made Jesus Christ her boyfriend, she would never be disappointed. I informed her that I knew she was looking for a sex partner, and counselled her that going out to hotels looking for a sexual partner, in return for financial reward is sinful and an unsustainable source of livelihood. She should also be mindful of the medical risks and dangers involved.


She became crest fallen as I shared the gospel, and was almost crying. She never expected to hear a sermon. To the glory of God, the Holy Spirit arrested her.  She told me she is an orphan with financial challenges. I further told her the wages of sin is death, but Jesus came to carry her burdens, including financial burdens in exchange for abundant life. Finally, I encouraged her to surrender her life to Christ, and to the glory of God she agreed.


I led her through the confessional prayer, but she stopped at the point I asked her to say: ‘I accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour’.

She is most likely a Muslim, as she bears the name -Amirat. From experience, I know it takes the grace of God to convert a Muslim. I knew it was the devil that was at work, and explained to her this was the most important confession she had to say in her life.                                                                                 After persuading her to no avail, I warned her that the Holy Spirit was giving her what might be a last opportunity to decide where she would spend eternity, and she just needed to confess the Lord Jesus to be saved.

I told her what is written in Romans 10 vs 9: That if thou confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. To the glory of God, she finally said the most important words: I accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour.


The story did not end there. I thought I should pray with her. As I raised my voice and covered her with the blood of Jesus, she felled to the ground, and started shouting ‘Leave me alone, Leave me alone’. I knew it was the demon spirits inside her that were speaking.                                                                                               I stood on 2 Samuel 22 vs 45 that says: Strangers shall submit themselves unto me, as soon as they hear me they shall be obedient to me. Strangers shall fade away, they shall be afraid out of their closes places’ and commanded the demons’ spirits to shut up and be silenced in Jesus name.

Of course they did, for there is power in Jesus name and at the mention of his name every knee must bow- Philippians 2vs 10. Next the lady started throwing up as if she wanted to vomit. I cast out the evil spirits inside her in Jesus name. She stopped throwing up and slept off. I called the attention of an hotel staff to take her away. We discovered she was fast asleep on the ground, and had to be sprinkled with water before she woke up. She was later led away.


What lessons can we learn from this story?

  1. The devil is a roaring life looking for who to devour- 1 Peter 5 vs 8. Every Christian has a duty to resist the devil. I believe this lady who accosted me by my hotel room, was programmed from the pit of hell, but God turned it to a testimony.
  2. The Bible says when sinners entice thee, consent thee not- Proverbs 1 vs 10. Let no one say I committed sin by mistake. You have the mind and power to say No to sin.
  3. If you don’t have the word of God, the world will win you over. The Holy Spirit helped me to overcome this sexual temptation because He gave me the grace to preach the word.
  4. Most afflictions are self-inflicted. The lady was evidently demonised. I guessed if I had succumbed to her sexual advances, she would have passed demons into my life in the course of enjoying the pleasures of sin… I may not even be alive to tell the story. When I recounted the story to my wife, she said any lady that manifested in such a manner under prayer, could even turn to a snake on bed. Many people have put themselves into bondages through sins and misdeeds.
  5. Every opportunity is an opportunity to evangelise. She offered me her body, but I countered by offering her Christ. The Bible says the Light shinnneth in darkness, but darkness comprehended it not– John 1vs 4. Darkness will always bow to light.
  6. The harvest is real but the labourers are few. Who would have thought that a sex worker would surrender her life to Christ?
  7. Finally, women need to pray for your husbands not to fall into evil temptations that would not only destroy their lives but their households. Men need to beware. Strange women are on prowl. May God give us the grace to overcome temptations, and may God give us the heart to be soul winners in Jesus name.
  8. In your quiet time, remember to pray for Amirat, lady I met in the city of Yola, Nigeria on April 1, 2016. She must not go back to the world. Heaven is her portion in Jesus name. Our children, wives, and husbands shall be delivered from strange women and men in Jesus name.

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Bible commentary on Strange woman: My encounter with a ‘strange woman’


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